Written by Harry

29 Oct 2009

Earlier this year I returned to my home town after 22 years traveling the world. I'm 42,divorced from the wife I married in Germany, no kids, so no commitments. About 10 years ago I purchased a small semi detached bungalow, which was rented out until I needed it. It was in a quiet location, at the top of a cul de sac, with a very private back garden and a lane running behind. Next door live a couple of about my age, Heather and Jim. Heather's quite chatty and friendly when Jim is not about but I often hear them arguing, mainly about his drinking. She still has a good figure and wears tight jeans and tops which show off her bum and tits.

One morning in the late summer I was pottering in the garden, when she called over the fence. I looked up and saw her, wearing a dressing gown but with the sun behind it was see thro, I could see her tits and dark nipples. I couldn't help but stare and as I did a gust of wind parted the front revealing a little pair of white lacy panties with her pubes visible underneath.She coughed "Excuse me. I'm up here. Can you give me hand. I can't turn off the stop cock in the house, Lot of trouble these cock things" she said with a grin. "No problem" I was out the gate to the lane and in her kitchen in seconds. I got down under the sink and soon turned it off as she knelt beside me resting her hand on by back. I moved back, turned and saw that the front of her gown was open but she made no move to cover herself. She stood up and stepped back undoing the gown as she rested her bum on the table. Looking at me she said "Do you think I've got nice tits? as she cupped them and stroked her nipples. "Yes, they're lovely" I said. She then dropped the gown to the floor and said "suck my nipples". I crossed to her and lowered by lips and sucked and nibbled her now erect nipples. "That is good, don't stop. Jim hasn't touched me for months". She moved her hands from my head and pulled my t-shirt off and then undid my jeans pushing them down and stroking my cock. I stood up and got my shoes off and kicked my jeans and underwear away and kissed her moving down her body, sucking her nipples, across her stomach to her panties which I pulled off as she lay back on the table parting her legs. I then buried my face in her pussy and flicked my tongue over clit, licking her slit which opened as her juices flowed. She was pushing her cunt against my tongue and gyrating her hips as her orgasm built up and she came. She lay there panting with her I eyes closed and said "Wow, I haven't had one of those for a while. Make me cum again. I want you inside. Fuck me". I moved between her legs and held my cock against her slit sliding against her clit, then as her breathing quickened penetrated her. Slow, gentle strokes as I pulled right before pushing hard back in. Heather was moving in time with me and with a final thrust I came in her belly. We spent the rest of the day in the house and fucked again in her bed.

That evening there was football on the TV and she said Jim is sure to watch it. I invited her to go into to town for a drink she accepted and I met her at the pub. We walked home in the dark and at the bungalow she said I bet Jim will be slumped in front of the TV in the conservatory, lets und the back and see. We went down the lane and into the garden, there he was can in hand.

I felt Heathers finger on by belt, undoing my trousers "He can't see out with the lights on" she said as she took my prick in her mouth and started sucking. I was quickly hard and whispered to her "Bend over the garden seat I'm going to fuck you". She lifted her dress to her waist and I pulled down her panties. She was soaking and I slipped straight into her reaching in front and cupping her tits as we fucked. She was so aroused that she came in 5 or 6 strokes as I continued until I pulled and came on her back and dress. We tidied ourselves and made our way to the fronts of the bungalows and went to our respective homes she said "Go out the back in a minute and look in our conservatory. I nipped out the back in time to see her sitting on the arm of his chair, then stand up and take off her dress and bra and panties, and stand in front of him. From where I was I could see her cunt was wet and open and had just been fucked. He did'nt even notice, just waved her to get out of the way. I see Heather most days and give her what her husband can't be bothered to.