Written by Melanie

29 Feb 2016

My mother was eighteen when I was born, the first of four children, by two or possibly three different fathers. The youngest, Andy my step-brother, was born when I was twenty four years old. By then I was married to my first husband. Andy's thirtieth birthday was last summer, which of course makes me almost fifty four. I only visited the town infrequently, less than once a year and didn't really keep in touch, but felt I had to go. I'm glad I did,

It was quite a large birthday gathering, family and all his mates. I was unaccompanied, living alone after leaving the guy I'd been living with in Spain for about 7 years. Curiously 7 to 8 years is how long I stay with a man before I get fed up with them. I was at the bar. “Hi Mel” the male voice said from behind me. I recognised Gary's voice immediately, even though it was ten years since I'd last seen him. An involuntary shiver of excitement went down my spine when his hand touched my bare shoulder as I turned speak to him. I couldn't stop myself from glancing at his crotch, instantly recalling his magnificent cock and the great sex we'd had several years previously, before looking into his sexy blue eyes and replying. He was one of Andy's mates. We spoke briefly, agreeing to catch up later.

Gary is a year younger than my step brother. I rejoined the group I was with but my thoughts drifted to 10 years previously. I'd separated from my second husband. No money, nowhere to live I'd gone to stay with my mother in the two bedroomed house she shared with Andy until things were sorted out. The only place for me to sleep was downstairs on the sofa.

Most Saturdays my mother would go to her sisters and stay the night, Andy would go out with his mates and often bring them home, usually late, to carry on drinking. I obviously wasn't going to get any sleep and joined them. Forty four years old I was flattered by a four or five 19 or 20 year olds, chatting me up, inviting me out, attempting to persuade me to unbutton my PJ's and flash my tits. Confident and persistent, without a doubt good looking with a fit body, Gary always sat on the sofa. Several times his hand had wandered under the quilt. At first I pushed his hand away but after a few weeks gave up and let him stroke my leg. He took that as an invitation to try it on, moving his hand higher, rubbing my pussy through my PJ's. I didn't really want him to stop, I hadn't had sex for months. My pussy was decidedly wet. I was getting aroused, hardly able to stop myself squirming but I stopped him before any of the others noticed. After Andy went to bed and the others left, I lay on the sofa, masturbating until I came, imagining young Gary fucking me.

I bumped into him in town during the week and we went for a quick drink. Just chit chat, during which he mentioned that he was looking forward to Saturday evening and I should leave my PJ bottoms off so he could finger me properly. He came out with it, just like that, with a cheeky grin. I told him he was a dirty young man, but being hit on, remembering his fingers rubbing my pussy excited me. By the Saturday evening I'd played with myself several more times and decided to surprise him. The house to myself I showered, washed my hair and shaved my pussy which I'd allowed to grow since leaving my husband. I slipped on a long T-shirt and snuggled under the duvet, watching TV waiting for them to return.

They came in before midnight, passed cans of beer around. As Gary sat on the sofa next to me, I surreptitiously raised the duvet and put his hand on my bare thigh. I kept my legs together. Over the next minute or two he stroked my leg, moved his hand higher. He discovered that my knickers were missing when he touched the smooth “V” between my legs. Teasingly I opened my legs, moving slowly into a better position. Without any of the others noticing he fingered me on and off for the next hour and a half. Each time I was close to cumming I squeezed my legs together. By the time they started to leave I was horny as hell and whispered in his ear telling him to return quickly, to fuck me.

About 20 minutes later he tapped on the window. I pulled the T-shirt over my head and opened the door to him naked. We were on the sofa in seconds, kissing, his hands on my tits, then between my legs. For my part my hand was on his thigh, inching closer to his cock. I think I gasped when my fingers felt his bulge. I rubbed it for a minute or so, felt it stiffening. I managed to undo his belt, unzip him and release his prick. It was a good 9 inches, pulsing in my hand as I slowly wanked him. I hadn't been fucked for months, was eager to get him fully erect and feel him inside me and pushed him away while I undressed him.

His cock was beautiful, rock hard. I pushed him back on the sofa took him in my mouth and sucked him for only a minute or two before he warned me he was in danger of cumming. I climbed on top of him and holding his cock steady lowered my pussy onto his prick and rode him. It lasted less than five minutes before I felt his cock twitching inside me and ejaculated. I'd been close to cumming and finish by bringing myself to climax with my fingers before I climbed off.

After cleaning the spunk running down my legs legs, dabbing and wiping the cum leaking from my cunt, I lay with my head on his stomach, playing with his cock, kissing and giving it the occasional suck. After about 30 minutes it responded as only a virile young guys cock can by stiffening. A few minutes sucking and wanking and he was ready to fuck me again. By the time I was woken by the sound of toilet upstairs being flushed at about 9.30 the next morning Gary had fucked me five times. I ushered him out and climbed back under the duvet, just before Andy appeared.

Of course he didn't keep quiet about having fucked me. Andy knew before the end of the day as did the other guys and numerous others. I was a bit annoyed, but despite that I couldn't resist his cock and he fucked me again a couple of days later. A day or two later he was fucking me doggy when he asked if I “Took it up the arse” because none of his girlfriends had let him. Although it was several years since I'd last had Anal Sex I said I did. I'd quite enjoyed anal, and told him he could fuck my arse if he wanted to give it a try. After finding some KY, lubricating his cock and kneeling holding my cheeks apart while he lubed my bum hole I let him arse fuck me. Naturally he boasted he fucked my arse. My notoriety as being something of a slut grew and to be honest I revelled in it, flashing my tits at them and one night, giving Gary a blow job in the beer garden of a pub while four of his mates watched.

Several of guys hinted they wanted to fuck me, one or two asked me outright if they could. There were plenty I found attractive. Forty four years old, being lusted after by guys less than half my age was to good an opportunity to miss. Within three weeks of Gary first fucking me I was dropping my knickers and spreading my legs for them too. Often I'd go out drinking with them, going off with one or more often two, three or four for a fuck session, while Andy went home with his other mates. Sometimes if one had a flat or house, we'd go there. More frequently we'd end up fucking in a car or outdoors usually in a nearby country park. It was summer, the weather warm and it was the outdoor group sex which I enjoyed the most.

By the time I left and moved to another town where I'd found a job and somewhere to live, five months later, about a dozen had been fucking me regularly. I'd had sex less frequently with another seven or eight and had a well earned reputation for being a Slut, willing to allow all her holes to be used, sometimes all three simultaneously. Happy memories. A couple of years later, I was living with the guy in Spain . Sun, Sea and Sex. The problem was Sex. I was getting plenty but not always with him. That relationship, ended when he found out. As usual it had lasted for about seven years.

I recalled all this, getting wet between the legs, at the memory of all that hard young cock. Through the door to the bar I could see Gary, with several guys, who though now older, I recognised as some of the ones who'd fucked me. I needed the loo, and slipped away from the group I was with. Walking through the bar I could feel my damp knickers sticking to my pussy. I saw Gary watching me and smiled. I went for a wee, sat thinking about the Gary and his cock. I finished peeing, dabbed the drips then unable to stop myself began stroking my clit. The little button stiffened, and I slid my fingers in and out of my slippery pussy. I sat on the loo, masturbating until I came. I pulled my knickers up but they felt uncomfortably wet and I took them off and put them in my bag.

In the mirror outside I freshened up my make up. I didn't think I looked bad for my age, a few lines and wrinkles, skin a bit looser around the neck, but I knew woman my age who looked much older. I could see my reflection in a full length mirror by the door. My legs looked long and shapely in my 5” heels. The biased cut halter neck dress rising diagonally from knee length one side to five or six inches above the knee the other showed an expanse of stockinged thigh. Smoothing my dress, I turned side on, a bit of a tum, but not that noticeable. I've always had small boobs. When I was younger I yearned for them to be larger, now I'm older I glad they're not because they've remained quite firm and pert. On a whim I unfastened my strapless bra, pulled it from under my dress, releasing my 32B tits, and it joined my knickers in my bag. Thinking about Gary and sex had excited my nipples as well as my pussy. They were quite hard, I gave them a tweak, getting them erect, poking through the thin material before I opened the door. Feeling horny I returned to the bar.

Very obviously braless, nipples aroused, naked under my dress, I felt very naughty and excited. Gary saw me and waved for me to join them. I could see them watching me cross the bar, eyes on my tits, probably mentally undressing me. Having said that most of them had seen me naked and I hoped were remembering the times they'd fucked me. I was trying to put names to cocks, and remember who had the biggest and who were the best fucks, not necessarily the same guys.

One of them offered me his bar stool. I hitched myself up onto it, perched with my legs crossed, displaying my thigh and a hint of the lace band on my hold up stockings. I remembered most of the names of the guys who'd fucked me and was introduced to others. We began reminiscing about the past. The conversation became more sexual, things we'd done mentioned, the group sex and the time Gary and two of the others had triple penetrated me. Several of the guys, now married or in relationships looked embarrassed. They made excuses and left me with Gary, Steve and Mark and another guy called Ben, the 20 year old younger brother of one of the guys who'd since married. Gary, Steve and Mark all reckoned that I was still “Hot” making it obvious that if I was up for it they wanted to fuck me.

The conversation becoming ruder and more explicit as they told Ben what I Slut I was. Gary started telling the story of the first time he fucked me, how I put his hand on my thigh and he discovered I wasn't wearing knickers. “Like now” I immediately responded, winking at Ben. They challenged me to prove it, moving to shield me. The bar staff were serving at the other end of the bar, no one was paying us any attention. I uncrossed my legs then slowly opened them, at the same time pulling my dress up, exposing my pussy. I ran a finger along my slit, slipped it in to my hole. Commenting how wet I was from playing with myself in the loo I invited Ben to have a feel.

I don't think he could believe his luck. He hardly hesitated, running his hand up my stockinged thigh. Moving my hand out of the way he groped my cunt, pushing a couple of fingers inside me for good measure. His confidence bode well. Certain they wouldn't refuse I asked if they all wanted to go somewhere for a fuck. Gary remembered my liking for outdoor group sex and suggested a car park reputedly used as a dogging site. Steve was the nights designated driver, his car large enough for five. Transport resolved we slipped out to the car.

I sat in the back, between Ben and Mark, playing with their cocks. By the time we pulled into the car park, they'd removed my dress. Naked except for my stockings and shoes I was sucking Ben's cock while Mark finger fucked my pussy.

This seems like a good place to pause my story, see how it's received and continue another day if anyone wants more.

Melanie xxx