Written by Tina

28 May 2016

I have been with my partner for three years.But just recently he has been going on about swinging,T was not something I had any interest in getting into.But he was relentless and in the end it was getting me down.So I agreed to go to a club, My honest thought were if you love me why would you want to let another man fuck me, And last night we went to a club,

I actually thought if that's what you want I am going to let another man fuck me.It was not really what I wanted, but it was more of a case of as the title says.Revenge.I did not go as he wanted,But settled for a crop top,No Bra and jeans.I can't explain how angry I really felt,But thought right do it and let's put this old thing to bed once and for all.I can honestly say my mindset was just get on with it. Then you will be sorry..we went in and my honest thought was I don't care who lets just get it over and done with.I don't want to offend but I just blanked all that was going on in my mind,My thought was you want me to be a slut you have got it,Now you can live with it.The club was actually quite cool not what I expected.And strangely I was enjoying it.But I felt I was only here as a your going to regret this.

Looking round there was a couple of blokes I would readily jumped in bed with.But I was angry,Then suddenly and as bad as this soundsI noticed a Black guy looking at me,And in my crazed mind I thought him.AsI say it sounds bad but I thought watch this,I have never really been attracted to black guys.But this will be my payback if you like,suddenly some slow music came on and he motioned me to dance,I walked over and I am sure he must have thought wow slow down.As we began to dance I looked up and kissed him full tongues so my partner could see

I fully expected my partner to jump in and say enough.But that never happened.We snogged for a while. And I just said can we go to a room. I honestly think even he thought is this really happening.

As soon as we got into the room I removed my top and we fell on the bed, I don't really do oral but my Minster was,If this is happensing I may as well do it,Then suddenly all thoughts of revenge went from my mind I was enjoying sucking a black dick,He quickly removed my jeans and I soon felt his black dick,Pushing into me.I opened my eyes to see his blackness and as soon as he began to fuck me all thoughts of revenge,went from me this was pure pleasure. He was giving me pure pleasure.like I had never known,I was being fucked by a black guy,and I was in heaven,

I was actually loving it,in fact I was begging him to fuck me harder,suddenly I felt him tense as he came deep in me, We both collapsed in total pleasure.I honestly wanted it again but the situation never warranted that, As we dressed I clearly remember him saying your ours now,,To be honest I thought yes I am,,we dressed and left the room

I looked around and I saw him with a couple of other black guys and got the feeling they were thinking me next,Then strangely I felt not scared but wary,so went to my partner and said we are going.

When we got home like after all sex I would bath,But I did not want to,I had his cum inside me and wanted it to stay there,This morning as I sat in bath I thought I would feel guilty,But those feelings Just never happened.I have and I have tried not but know I am about to become a black mans plaything