7 Aug 2018

This is a short story about my wife Stella who was my fiancée at the time this happened. We had been going out for about two and a half years and had moved in together, wed got engaged the year before I’m talking 1992.

Since meeting her she was fun and sexy and I had always harboured thoughts of her fucking another man, either in front of me or behind my back but telling me later.

She knew my fantasy as we had talked about it, she seemed a bit reluctant although she had a sexy past, interracial, anal,MMF threesomes.

She worked in a dead end job for a right prick he was short, out of shape, arrogant but a real confident cocky fucker, I didn’t like him one bit neither did Stella or so I thought. Richard was a bit of a bully in work and sexist everything you wouldn’t want he was it, Stella had told me he had slapped her arse a couple of times in work and touched her bum in the office.

I asked why didn’t she complain, she said he was the same with the other 2 girls In the office and was protected in the company.

Anyway back to my story, one day I had the day off and was going out that afternoon and evening to see some old college friends, Stella was being picked up by Richard as they had to go to a joint meeting to see a client. She always dressed to impress even at work and wore lacy black and white underwear and nearly black stockings.

This was before mobile phones and late morning I had a call from my mate to say he would have to cancel as he had an exam the following week, I rang my other friend and we decided it best we all meet up another time.

To drown my sorrows I had some lager in the fridge and downed a few cans, it was early evening and because of the alcohol and boredom I thought fuck it and went to bed. At around 8-30 I could hear the door going ever so quietly then lock. I pretended to be fast asleep and I could hear someone creeping up the stairs. In the dark one eye was slightly open and could make out Stella by our bedroom doorway, she peered in then made her way back downstairs.

“It’s ok he’s fast asleep” she said.

“Good” it was Richard her boss.

I didn’t want to disturb anyone but thought why had she brought her boss home? She didn’t even like or fancy him.

Had she simply asked him in for a coffee.

No she hadn’t, as I could make out the sound of two people kissing.

All in all this encounter didn’t last long as the next thing I could hear was Richard groaning and could hear him say “Suck my cock yeah”. The groaning went on another few minutes and I knew my pretty fiancée was sucking her horrible boss’s dick and he was ten years older than her.

I was now up in in bed my cock hard and slowly wanking to the two lovers downstairs while they were engaging in foreplay. I think they started to become oblivious of the fact I was upstairs or they didn’t give a shit because Richard then told Stella that he wanted to lick her out and her told her to sit back on our settee and raise her legs.

This went on for a couple of minutes the he said to my fiancée “Right it’s time you were fucked, put your legs over my shoulders”.

I could hear the two gasp and could also hear his body slapping against my girlfriend as he fucked her, his balls no doubt slapping against her arse.

After a few minutes Richard said to Stella

“Bend over the sofa I want to fuck you doggy and cum up you”.

“Ok boss” she said.

I think the pair were now in a state of eroticism as they obviously didn’t give a toss for me as my fiancées boss assaulted her pussy from behind with the noise that was coming from downstairs.

“I’m gonna cum” he said.

“Cum in me cum in my pussy Richard” she said.

Just then 2 loud grunts from him and a long groan from my girlfriend confirmed that her boss had just spunked in her vagina.

They were there a while later and I could get the kettle going. I made my way downstairs and Richard was sat on our sofa with Stella next to him drinking coffee.

I said hello Richard had a sly smug smile on his face, Stella also had a wry grin.

“Richard just dropped me off from our meeting” she said.

It’s not all he dropped off too a load of cum in my girlfriends pussy.

I went into the kitchen and made myself a coffee, Richard said he’d better be off, he came over to me smiled smugly and said to me “Shes great” then left. Stella was on the settee I made my way to her and tried it on, she said she was tired and needed to take a quick shower.

She showered and as I waited on the sofa, she said she was going to bed much to my disappointment as I wanted to hear what she had done and why had she let her boss fuck her that she didn’t even like?

She went upstairs I went into the bathroom and looked in the laundry bin and pulled out Stella’s black/white lacy knickers. I opened them up and looked inside the gusset, it was smeared with semen and quite a bit of it, I held it to my nose and smelled the unmistaking

smell of sex. I licked the gusset then went upstairs to fuck the arse off Stella. She knew I was awake earlier and later told me she fucked him as it was nasty and naughty and wasn’t the 1st time that they’d fucked and Richard knew of my fantasy.