Written by Roberta

12 Sep 2009

This is my first ever posting on Swinging Heaven. Im Roberta,aged 44 and ive been married to Ricky, who is 46 for 25 years. It was Rickys birthday on 10th September and as a treat, I decided to book an evening meal at Jurys Hotel in Belfast and then go to Robinsons bar. They have a resident band on, which Ricky likes to listen to.

I spent all day getting ready. I had my hair done and had a session in the tanning salon, even had my pussy waxed as a special birthday treat for Ricky. I got my sexy leather split hem skirt, and see thru blouse out of the wardrobe and laid them on the bed along with a very sexy thong and half cup bra.

Ricky was due home from work at around 5 O\'clock, but he didnt appear. I had showered and was just sitting waiting. I tried his mobile, but it was turned off.

Finally at 7 pm there was a knock on the door. It was Gerry who is about 25 and works with my husband. he said \"Im sorry Roberta, but Ricky has got himself drunk and I brought him home in my car. Can you get someone to help carry him in\" I went to Gerrys car and there was Ricky, completely out for the count. I knocked next door and got Billy and his son Roger to help me carry Ricky in. We took him upstairs and left him in the spare room. I thanked Billy and Roger and they toddled off back next door.

Gerry and I stood talking on the landing and I could see Gerry glancing at the sexy clothes which I had set out on my bed. I blushed as I told him that I was going to put them on later for Ricky as a treat.

We went downstairs and I made Gerry a coffee. I told him that I had booked a meal and paid with my credit card, so i\'d wasted my money. Then a thought came into my head. I asked Gerry if he\'d like to go with me to Jurys. He seemed shocked and asked, \"What about Ricky\" I told him that this was a regular thing and he would just sleep it off.

Gerry said O.K and headed off home for a quick shower. I had another shower and got dressed. Gerry got back at 9 pm and after a quick check on Ricky to make sure that he was all right,we drove straight to Jurys.

Gerry was good ompany and as we had our meal, he laughed and told jokes. I found his company very entertaining. After the meal, we walked to Robinsons. I was drinking wine and was getting quite merry to say the least. Gerry complimented me on how sexy I looked and asked me to dance, which was something Ricky never did.

As the night went on, we danced closer, I could feel the hardness of his cock as he pressed against me. At closing time, we walked to Gerry\'s car. He took my arm as we walked. As Gerry opened the door for me to get in, I pulled him close to me and kissed him. He didnt resist and his tongue darted between my lips, as he put his arms around me.

From the City centre to my house is about 6 miles and as Gerry drove, I reached over and undid the zipper on his jeans. He didnt object, just glanced down for an instant and then looked away. I felt inside and found a very stiff cock of around 7 inches, wet and oozing precum. I gently freed it and massaged the slippery head between two fingers. Gerry breathed heavily. I licked my fingers for Gerry to see and then went down on him, taking his cock between my eager lips. I pulled his foreskin right back and ran my tongue up and down his exposed gland. Gerry moaned with sheer pleasure.

I carried on giving Gerry lip service as we drove home. About a mile from my house, there are a block of shops with a car park behind them. I told Gerry to park behind them. I got out of the car and got in the back seat, Gerry joined me and I removed my G-string. Gerry went down on me and ran his tongue over my exposed clit. He said that he loved my bare pussy. I was acting like a complete whore and didnt feel at all guilty. Gerry brought me to an orgasm and I told him that I wanted his cock inside me.

Gerry dropped his jeans and moved up and positioned himself between my eager thighs. I took his cock and guided it in between my wet and willing pussy lips. I urged him to fill me with his cum. He undid my blouse as he fucked me and bit my nipples. He inserted a finger in my ass and this set off another orgasm. I could feel my juices running down my thighs as I thrust against him in answer to his every stroke.

Then suddenly Gerrys whole body tensed and his cock spat hot cum deep into my womb. He groaned loudly as he pumped the goo into me. I milked his cock with my cunt muscles and told him to give me every last fucking drop.

We lay there, silent for ages and then Gerry withdrew from me. I licked his cock clean and wiped my pussy with my thong. Cum had dripped from my pussy and had fomed a sticky pool on the floor of the car.

We drove the short distance to my house and went in. I checked on Ricky, who was still fast asleep. We had a coffee and I thanked Gerry for the lovely evening. \"Any time\" said Gerry.