Written by sunlegion

5 Aug 2010

I work as a professional photographer and to some it might seem a bit of a glamorous job. In truth most of the work is quite routine, yes I do get to travel a lot and I meet some interesting people but usually a lot of it is hanging about for hours for five minutes work. I’m often asked, usually by women. which used to surprise me, if I ever get any risqué assignments. Well up until a few weeks ago the answer was no not really. I shoot the odd model portfolio here and there, boudoir shots for weddings, but nothing that I would describe as out of the ordinary. Don’t get me wrong here I have shot some very attractive women, some with bodies to die for and eyes that just reflect lust and seduction but I kept my cock in my pants and cracked on with the camera, work is work after all. Then, a few weeks ago, I was invited to a promotional lunch hosted by a client I had been working for . These are usually quite dull affairs where I am often lumbered with someone who has just purchased a new camera and needs to “pick my brains” about photography. This time it was different, I met Marion the company accountant. Marion was a tall, elegant woman in her early fifties. She was slim with a very engaging smile and a teasing cleavage. Her silver blonde hair was cut in a bob to her shoulder and highlighted her tanned face and blue eyes. “I saw your work the other day, I was impressed” was her opening line. She was easy to talk to and we chatted and made small talk for a while before she asked, “Do you ever do any private work?” When I said I did she asked for a card and said, “Are you discreet?” I smiled and her eyes sparkled. Somewhere in my body hormones started to flow from dark secret places.

A few days later she called and outlined what she wanted. Pictures of herself for her husband. Marion wanted something, “deeply erotic and horny” and “exclusively adult.” She asked me if I minded her husband being present, how could I refuse?

They had a nice home, a modern detached house with a large but secluded garden. Simon, Marion’s partner, opened the door and greeted me like an old friend. He was a fit looking man and explained he had recently taken early retirement. I was a little surprised to see Marion in a dark business suit and stockings. After a little polite chat she smiled, “I have put on my favourite outfit and lingerie for you; you will have to tell me what to do.” Simon poured me another glass of wine and we went through to a large conservatory with doors open to the garden. Soon I had collected the rest of my kit from the car and set up. I started with some portraits of Marion as she sat back in a large leather chair. I was close and her perfume was very sexy, a fragrance that stole my breath and made my heart rate pick up. I could hear the faint rasp of nylon on nylon as she crossed and uncrossed her legs, adopting the poses I suggested. Next she took off her jacket and I turned my attention to her patent black stilettos and the elegant line of her stockings. She stood before me and spread her legs to allow me to shoot upward. The room was bright and airy with a large white wall which made a perfect backdrop. The shutter clacked and the flash units whined briefly as they built up the next charge “Undo your blouse for me Marion.” I noticed her fingers tremble as she open the buttons and exposed those wonderful breasts cupped in a strapless designer bra of black lace which she unclipped and removed. In contrast to the white blouse her nipples were dark and slightly swollen, she let the tips of her fingers brush them, the red of her nails adding a different contrast in my view finder. Simon stood to one side and offered Marion encouragement as she warmed to the role. The blouse and her cleavage produced some very sexy images. One, with the silhouette of her nipple through the crisp material proved to be one of their favourites. She released her skirt and it fell to the floor, setting up another interesting shot of it encircling her shoes. I asked her to sit back in the chair and place one leg over the arm while I knelt in front of her. Her black satin panties stretched tight across her pussy, so sheer and revealing I had to give them some attention. I changed cameras and moving in close watched the auto focus dance across the tight glossy contours of the fabric. “I can feel your breath on my thighs,” she sighed and pushed her pussy towards the lens. “She loves warm breath on her,” added Simon. Almost unnoticed Marion slipped a finger under the elastic of her panties and pulled them to one side. They briefly caught her swollen lips , momentarily drawing them apart to reveal she was running with thick juice. I lowered the camera and blew gently across her smooth, shaven pussy, making her lips tighten and sending a shudder coursing through her body. I teased her more, placing my mouth as close as I could to the source of her wetness and continued to blow. I lightly licked her exposed thigh. She was moaning at first then her moans changed to the wet sound of a mouth sucking cock. I looked up and saw Simon was now naked and Marion was taking his hard erection deep into her mouth while she caressed her tits and pinched her nipples. I was as hard as Simon and struggled to release my pants. The odour from her pussy was intense, a strong earthy scent which aroused me even more. I placed my tongue just above her arse hole and traced a line upward between the now deep pink lips. Her wetness flooded into my mouth, causing my tongue to slip and slide against my teeth as her scent was replaced by taste. As I reached her clit she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my face into her. Her clit was as hard as a pearl and licking it triggered a series of short jerks in her hips accompanied by a number of brief gasps. I pushed my tongue deep into her hole and felt the soft wet flesh yield to my exploration. Her fingers moved from my head and started to rub her clit while I continued to push my tongue into her as deeply as I could. I paused and watched her fingers expertly massaging her clit while she circled her hips. Above me I could hear Simon describing the sensations in his cock and balls. I lifted her other leg over the opposite arm so she was spread before me and turned my attention to her arsehole, licking and rimming her as she continued to pleasure her clit with her fingers. Without any build up she came. It was an explosion, juice gushed from her pussy and a deep vibration thrashed through her body. “Fuck me Simon, let him watch, please fuck me, I want him to watch us” she begged. I moved to one side and removed my jeans and shirt. Simon knelt between her legs and slipped his cock deep into her. All she needed was a few short but deep thrusts and she had cum again. She looked at me, then at my cock which I was gently wanking, “I love to watch that, its so horny” she said “let me help you.” Her red lips and soft wet mouth sucked my cock all the way to heaven and back as Simon continued to fuck her. “Wank for me again, I want cum on my nipples, they’re burning.” I stood over her and wanked myself, my cock saturated with her saliva and my pre-cum. She watched intensely as I rubbed, making eye contact every now and then. Simon and I came almost at the same time and I covered her nipples with several strong white jets as he soaked her belly. This sparked her biggest orgasm yet and she cried out as if in pain. She scooped up our cum from her body and put it to her mouth, licking and sucking her fingers as small aftershocks rippled through her. We played for another couple of hours and ended up in the garden shooting some more close ups of Marion, this time covered in body oil and water droplets.

I’m pleased to say the images were stunning and very, very erotic. Marion and Simon were delighted. Since that day we have met up in a pub to have a chat and they have asked me if I fancy doing some outdoor shots for them before the end of summer. Of course if you are wondering about my discretion, Marion and Simon are not their real names and they know I’m posting the story and are looking forward to reading it.