31 Jul 2015

When I first starting seeing Paul (now my husband) we talked about our previous sexual experiences and boundaries. He absolutely loved my baby sitting exploits and would always bring it up during pillow talk and get me to retell it giving as much detail as possible. All this talk always got both of us really horny and we'd shag for hours, with him talking dirty to me and saying he wished he'd been there to see it.

So a few months in to our relationship we'd gone out for the day to Lechlade for a picnic and sit by the river. We'd walked a fair way along the river when Paul suggested we stopped and just sat for a bit to chill out. It was a really hot day so Paul took his t shirt off to sunbathe for a bit and suggested that I took my summer dress off too, saying that we were well off the beaten track. We started kissing and Paul undid the buttons down the front of my dress and opened me right up, slipping it off my shoulders and taking it away from under me. We'd layed there for a bit, just dozing, with me now in just my undies, when Paul said he'd run back to the car for the picnic. I was soaking up the sun and not really with it and just said okay. What I hadn't noticed was that when he left he'd taken my dress with him!

Ten minutes later I became aware that I was no longer alone and opened my eyes to see two lads stood in front of me, one holding my dress. They said that some random bloke had given it to them saying he'd found it along the river and joked there must of been a half naked girl up there somewhere. I said thanks for bringing it back but before they'd given it to me Paul reappears, giving me a sly wink and saying to the lads he thought there must be a girl somewhere for that dress. Pretending that he didn't know me he asked if there was a reward for them for finding it. I was like, well as you can see I literally have nothing on me. He said in that case I could at least stand up and give them a twirl. Now cottoning on to what he was playing at, I stood up and did a twirl, letting them have a good view of my balcony bra and French knicker set that I had on. Paul had now taken my dress from the lad holding it and asked if I could do it again but with my shoes on (I had healed sandles), grinning and winking at the lads who were now nervously grinning back.

So I put my sandles on and gave another twirl, holding my hand out for my dress, but Paul then cheekily asked if he could have a picture with me and handed his phone and my dress to one of the lads. He stood next to me and put his arm around me and the lad took a picture. He walked back to see the picture and then said to the lads "go on, your turn". One handed him his phone and came and stood next to me. Paul took the picture and then the other lad handed his phone to him and came and stood next to me for his turn. Both lads were now staring at their phones looking at their souvenirs when Paul said "how about one with all three of you?" , holding his own mobile up again.

Flanked by the two lads I asked Paul if then I was going to get my dress back. He said "just a couple more shots" and that "this was a bargain for saving me having to walk home in my undies". I signed a "come on then" and Paul aimed his mobile at us. Holding his mobile lengthways he said to the lads to get a bit closer and for us to put our arms around each other. Click. He then said for me to turn around and for the lads to put a hand each on my bum. Click. I started to laugh saying this was hilarious, Paul shot back "ah she's enjoying it" followed by "how about giving them a kiss on the check each?" . I kissed each on the cheek in turn and Paul took the picture. "Anymore?" I enquired. That was it then, Paul was away, first he had them cupping a breast each , then he suggested that I remove my bra and that they took turns and stood behind me holding my tits.

Next it was a shot of them both sucking a nipple each followed by a shot of them crouched either side of me posing as if they were about to take down my knickers. The Next shot was of my knickers now removed and each with their tounges close up to my pussy. "Right is that it?" I said. Paul approached and asked if I was wet whilst reaching for my pussy. "Hmmm she is" he exclaimed, followed by "how about a shag then?". I laughed. It off saying that I didn't bareback strangers. Paul said "not a problem" and produced a handful of condoms from his pocket! The lads were rapidly exchanging glances and staring at me waiting for me to answer.

I was dumbstruck, but very horny at the same time and heard myself saying "come on then, who's first?". Paul quickly handed his mobile to one of the lads saying "film this!" Whilst dropping his shorts and tearing open a condom. He laid me down and quickly entered me, pounding me furiously only briefly pausing to say to the lad not filming "your not going to let these tits go to waste are ya?" . The second lad needed no further invitation and started groping and sucking on my tits whilst Paul fucked me hard. He came quickly , before I reached a climax, and stood up handing out the condoms. The lad who was sucking my tits was next, dropping his jeans and getting his condom on. "How about you going on top" Paul said, so with that the lad laid down and I straddled him whilst his friend continued to film. I started riding him , with him pawing at my tits . Paul moved round and offered his drenched cock to my face for me to suck. Paul then took his mobile of the lad filming and said for him to "get in there". With me still riding his mate the lad offered his cock to my mouth which I took, tasting his pre cum. Paul was now filming the action of me being double fucked by two strangers. I felt the lad I was riding shoot his load into the condom, the sensation bring me to orgasm at the same time. I rolled over and off him but was instantly entered by his friend. The first knelt by my head, removed his condom and put his cock to my lips for me to suck, groping my spare tit whilst his friend was pounding me and sucking on the other.

Again I felt him shooting his load into the condom which again triggers a shuddering orgasm in me. Collapsing on me, he laid with his face on my tit for a minute, when Paul said in a shouted whisper "people are coming!" .

The two lads shot up pulling their jeans on lighting fast, Paul too grabbed his t shirt and hoisted his shorts up. "My dress! " I pointed and one of the lads threw it over to me. Paul grabbed my bra and knickers and said "I'm keeping these" and promptly run off with the two lads close behind. I rapidly put my dress back on fumbling at the buttons and straightening myself as best I could, but in fact no one was coming, Paul had just said that to end it. I waited for a few minutes then started back to the car. On the way I walked into the two now very sheepish looking lads sat at the riverside with their fishing gear all laid out, exchanging an "afternoon" as I walked past.

Paul was waiting for me back at the car and gave a slightly nervous "alright babe?" . Smiling I just said "you sod, how long have you been planning that?" He replied only when he saw the lads setting up their fishing gear in the distance........