Written by Peter

26 Mar 2012

We got to the club around 9pm, all of us with butterflies in our stomachs. We were shown around the venue by a woman in her 40s and the first thing we noticed was that the copulating orgy we had expected was missing. Instead most of the females were dressed as if for a night on the town and the blokes with some effort had managed to find a clean shirt and pair of trousers. Well if you have ever been to club yourself you don’t need me to tell you that as a newcomer you feel there is a big neon sign just above your head and we sat at a table close to one of the corners. By around 10pm there were about 40 couples and certainly as many single guys. We had been chatting to a guy in his 40s and another in his 30s on the table next to us, and as the place filled up they had vacated the table and simply moved their stools to ours. Yes, we all knew where this was going and sure enough the 5 of us found a room upstairs and Sal was treated to some attention. It was very strange watching your wife fucking with two guys she has just met when it had taken me 10 years of mental planning, cunning, and luck to get this far. It was only just over the month since Rob had first fucked her.

My cock was being grabbed and from the size alone I knew it wasn’t Sal’s hand guiding it towards Sal’s pussy. I know this sounds stupid but I didn’t look to see whose hand it was, talk about the English stiff upper lip, so long as I didn’t know who it was I was safe. Sal’s pussy was already wet and I slipped in easy enough, safe for now I thought. Don’t get me wrong if guys want to play with each other that’s fine…just not me. Sal rolled over to be on top of me and now I felt another cock in her bum hole, after a few strokes from this anal intruder I began to have my doubts, was it in her bum? Where ever it was it was certainly making Sal very vocal, in an effort to keep the noise down Rob’s cock appeared at her head and she duly sucked on it. From the side I could see the 40 year old guy cock in hand wanking close to her face and by a process of elimination it had to be the 30 year old guy at the back of Sal. As things warmed up there was a fair bit of dirty, no filthy talk…..and for once there was no objections about the language from Sal, indeed she was giving as good as she got whenever Rob’s cock was out of her mouth. I disgraced myself, letting my jets of cum flood her cunt. A change of position and the 40 year old had his cock buried in-between her legs, Sal still being urged to take it like slut. Having shot my load I knew it would be a while before I could get it up again, at first I stood there watching in the half light as these 3 men fucked Sal but I decided to take Percy to the porcelain and clean him up a bit. When I got back to the room there had been a further change around, the 30 year old was being sucked off, the 40 year old had gone, Rob was in the doorway and an unknown cock was doing it doggy with Sal.

Rob explained that as soon as I had left the room it had been suggested to Sal that as the new girl she should sample a few more cocks, chummy had gone to find some willing males and this new bloke had turned up a few moments before I returned, and was straight into her. The 40 year old returned with 2 younger males and spoke to Rob. “is she your Mrs then, Jesus she fucks well”. Rob put him right about my status as her husband and this guy said. “well you two have certainly trained her, she is really enjoying herself, when I suggested a gang bang she was all for it”. By now the two late arrivals had moved onto the mattress and Sal was now being serviced by 4 males, 3 of whom had just turned up as it were without any pre amble. It was another 45-60 minutes before Sal excused herself and slipped by Rob and I on the way to the loo. Totally naked and with cum visible front and back. The other slipped away, we never did exchange names and when Sal returned she said, “You can take me home now….I’m going to be sore tomorrow”.

Well, we got dressed and made our way downstairs, had another drink and picking up a leaflet about another club in the city we made our way home. The journey started with very little chat, I think we were all a bit taken aback by the events of the last couple of hours. Once on the dual carriageway Sal confided that she had a wadge of toilet paper between her legs and bum cheeks to stop the cum from seeping through, but it felt as if it wasn’t working. The conversation then moved to the events of the night. Rob played his hand well I’ll give him that. Initially I had not wanted to say how much I had enjoyed the evening….Sal could have fucked all the guys, twice and it would not have bothered me. Sal acknowledged what had happened but it was for our benefit and the Rob added that she could have said stop at any point, and why did she wait until I was out of the room until SHE had asked for more cock. Sal protested her innocence and to be honest to this day I don’t know if it was Sal or Rob that had raised the subject, each say it was the other, but Sal agreed that she had enjoyed herself and she was up for more fun.

It was another two weeks before sex was on the menu again although I suspect she may have used the gate once or twice as she had said she would, but certainly not to spend the night. I got home one evening and there was a note on the hall table “next door, come if you want”. If there was an Olympic medal for the fastest shower and clean clothes I am that man, 10 mins later I was in Rob’s bedroom, clearly Sal and he had been fucking some time as they lay on the bed together. They shifted positions and I lay with them a while just chatting and running hands over Sal’s tits and cunt, which was now the acceptable word to describe her genitals.

Not much happened over the rest of the summer and early autumn. Sal did spend nights with Rob sometimes twice a week but most weeks it was when I was away at meetings so it worked quite well. Sex between Sal and I was if anything better than when we first got together, we now spoke freely between ourselves and Rob moved the agenda forward with each meeting. It was just before last Xmas that Rob asked if were busy new years eve and would we like to try another party.