Written by Peter

27 Mar 2012

It was about the 29th December that we managed to swap presents with Rob, he had bout Sal a Fetish style outfit which she could wear on New Years Eve and we had bought him a double ended dong for him to use on Sal. The party on NYE was at a large house about 30 miles away and I drew the short straw this time for the driving. It was not a club as such but clearly most people knew each other. Sal had her new outfit on, a PVC Basque with suspenders, holding up fishnet stockings and her boobs. There was no material in the crotch and Sal had given in to my pleading not to spoil the look with knickers, she was therefore open for business and she looked the part. Some of the other costumes had to be seen to be believed, one guy was head to toe in a rubber suit which he inflated with a tyre inflator. Another was on a lead being led around by a very fit woman in her 30s and so on. There wasn’t much sex that we could see and when I mentioned this to a couple of women on the next table they indicated that the rooms upstairs were in play. At this stage Rob and Sal were dancing on the small dance floor and when the music stopped and they returned to the table I gave them the news and we left to find some action.

A couple of the rooms upstairs had been converted for the evening, one had a large bed with PVC sheets of some kind and the other had a cross and spanking bench, both in use with ladies being punished for some misdemeanour or simply not having their Masters tea ready on time. ( I could associate myself with that one). We went back to the room with the PVC covered bed still in use by 2 ladies and half a dozen guys, we stood for a while and was about to leave when one couple got up and Sal and Rob were invited to take their place. This was not the first time that Rob had been mistaken for Sal’s other half and I did feel a pang of the old green monster. Again Rob quickly corrected the error and I was told what a lovely wife I had and all that old tosh as the quickly dived between Sal’s legs before she had a chance to change her mind. Well, Sal, Rob and these two guys were going for it and I left them to it and went back to the other bedroom. One of the women from the next table that I had spoken to earlier was being tied to the Cross by the other and when she saw me she asked if I wanted to “play”. I soon found out that play in this context meant slapping this nice pert and firm arse rather than filling her pussy with cock. I “played” a bit but frankly could not see much point to it, although I was allowed to rub her arse between slaps. It was during one such soothing rub I noticed a glint of liquid between her legs, so assume she was getting something from it. For my sins I was also tied to the cross and had my arse slapped by the female I had just dealt with. It reminded me of school when I used to get the stick on a not infrequent basis for a period of teenage revolt, and confirmed my first impression that BDSM was not my cup of tea.

I made my excuses and returned to the PVC room followed by my tormentor and her shadow. Sal was now arse up being spit roasted and my cock was being gently wanked into life by these two women, one on my cock and the other probing my bum hole with her finger. One of the guys fucking the other couple on the bed pushed his cock towards Sal`s mouth and this together with attention of these two ladies had my 5 inches stretching my skin. “You like this better” asked the female stating the obvious I thought and soon we were pushing our way onto a corner of the bed as they continued to abuse my person. Sal looked up briefly, smiled and went back to the two rampant cocks in front of her. Being on the corner of the bed my bum hole was just about accessible and I found myself easing into the situation, pretty soon I was on my back being wanked and fingered. I also had a nice side on view of Sal being drilled which was a bonus I thought. My hand went out to find her clit and I realised that it was not her cunt that was full of cock but her arse. The other group on the bed were doing god knows what, I was now close to delivery time and feeling very very close to……ahh that was it and my tormentor squeezed every last drop from my cock before using the tissues on the dressing table to mop up. I was a little disappointed with the quantity until I got up and realised there was another puddle of cum still on the sheets.

I found myself in the cross room again with these two females and the tormentor had turned her attention to her partner who was standing legs astride being fingered, never being one to resist an open pussy I joined in the five finger exercise. We waited what seemed an age for the cross to become vacant again and the tied the lady to it before reminding her arse what it felt like to be slapped. I thought I ought to return to Sal and make sure she was OK and as I walked into the room I could see that she was riding someone’s cock while another was in her arse and two more either side of her face her tits being mauled. She was clearly enjoying herself and between sucking on the two cocks in front of her she was using language that a few short months ago she would have kicked me out of the bedroom for. I decided to leave her and return to the bar area but first I would have to get my clothes from the cross room and that meant running the gauntlet with the two ladies (perhaps slappers would have been a more precise description).

Downstairs Rob was deep into conversation with a couple and I became a wall flower for a while until Sal finally put in an appearance minus her stockings. The 3 of us spent the night together not that we did anything nor the next morning for one thing Sal was sore. So, that was 2010, there was one acquaintance I would be happy to forget. There were the usual round of family phone calls during the day, why do we do that? Oh well, 2011 was full of promise I thought.