Written by Anonymous

13 Feb 2019

I was a bag of nerves as the clock spun round the dial and barged into the day of the meeting between my wife Liz and Rod, our neighbour and his workmate from a few years ago, Dave. Rod phoned Liz after breakfast. I saw his car was out from its coccoon in the garage, gleaming and immaculate. Rod was in chinos and a short sleeved shirt and was as spotlessly clean as ever. I noticed an extra spring in his step and put it down to his continuing liaison with Liz. I felt rather proud that she should produce this kind of youthful feeling in someone else and hoped that our increased sexual activity would give me a similar fillip.

He knocked on our door and I proudly let him in. He was now quite relaxed about what he and she were meeting for and he mentioned that Dave was being a bloody nuisance on the phone, making certain that the plans had not been called off at the last minute. Liz came down stairs a few minutes later and once more stunned us both with her tasteful yet very daring skirt and top. A rather naughty kilt which we usually used on special nights and a lovely red v necked pullover enhancing her breasts. The stockings and suspender belt were exposed beneath the hem and the white thong was almost visible when she stood so sitting was going to be a giveaway. 'Will I do?' she asked. Rod was speechless as he had never seen the kilt before but I had of course. I flicked it up as she passed me to give Rod a kiss and her bum looked divine.

Rod said they would aim to be home before dark, over six hours hence. I wished them fun and they left. The day dragged but I was spared total madness when a rep rang me about a project and I asked if he was free immediately and he was round within the hour keen to get a signature from me. I disappointed him but the day was already filled in for me, just a couple of hours to kill and a nice amount of literature to ruminate over. Of course my mind was firmly fixed on a certain house a few miles distant. I knew where it was but declined the temptation to cruise past just in case I was seen and it derailed any fun. You never can tell in this lifestyle when the slightest disruption can collapse an intimate moment and spoil a whole afternoon.

It was actually precisely on time that his car swept into the driveway and the engine cut out. I saw Rod kissing her and from the window I saw her laugh and after another kiss she adjusted her clothes and got out of the car and entered the house with a very happy grin and an 'I'm knackered'. I had got her a vodka and coke and guided her through to the lounge. She sat on the sofa and her pantieless cunt flashed openly to me. She looked at me and said 'I gave them to Dave as a souvenir' I felt my cock twitch and leaned across to kiss her. I noted a slightly salty taste and my attention sharpened. 'Are you going to tell me your story' I asked. She said she needed her drink and then we should go to the bedroom.

I now hand the storytelling to Liz who has a good memory.

I felt a bit nervous as we drove to Dave's but Rod was busy with my pussy, pulling my panties across and exposing me as we drove. We did not surprise anyone as the route was mainly down roads with no places to pass and all the traffic lights were single lane. We got to Dave's fairly quickly and I saw him standing in the window. His grin when he recognised me was almost face splitting and he was at the door in a flash. He too was dressed smartly with casual trousers and a white shirt. We entered and went through to the back garden where he had drinks ready for us. My Vodka and coke seemed to be refilled rather regularly as both men chatted nervously obviously uncertain how things might start. The sight of my short kilt was a topic of conversation and I decided to get things started by standing up and as their eyeline was at the same level as my hem, I reached my hands above my head and the skirt rose to show my panties, tiny as they were. I thought they would also detect a damp patch and I thought maybe I should have worn my blue ones which show the slightest moisture by darkening accusingly. I then said I did exercises almost daily and adopted a few poses so my bum could be seen and my boobs which nearly spilled out of the deep vee. Both Rod and Dave said I was very supple and had a lovely body.

Recognising they were completely turned on I said that really I should be doing the exercises with less clothing on. Dave and Rod both said they would not mind if I wanted to take something off. I felt my heart racing as their eyes stared at me as I slipped the pullover off and my nipples showed in the cups of my flimsy white bra which was more see through than not. I saw there were a couple of upstairs windows overlooking the garden but when I mentioned it Dave said they were all at work all day and nobody could see. I relaxed and thought that if I was seen, then a bloke would probably just wank and a woman would not know me, the odds were for no problem and I am certain that Dave was not the kind to leave things to chance. The kilt soon dropped onto the floor and Dave picked both items up and neatly folded them and put them on the table. I did a few more poses and Dave asked if I minded him taking some photos and I said as long as he did not show my face and also kept them for his eyes only, then it was ok. I asked him where his ironing was and he went red then stuttered that he had done it earlier. I said that was a shame as my kilt needed ironing. Rod was sitting nursing his cock through his shorts. Dave was tenting his trousers but attempting to look nonchalant and failing, they were both on tenterhooks. I decided to up the stakes and turned and showed them my back as I unclipped my bra. Dave gasped a bit and Rod rubbed harder as I turned round to face them and let the cups fall away from my breasts with those nipples aching to be touched. Taking my panties off was a quick yet defining moment as my cunt was really wet with my own excitement as I stood nude for two older men, knowing they were going to fuck me.

I went to them and picked up my drink and asked if we ought to go indoors and get more comfortable. We were inside like a shot. I said maybe we should have some music and Dave turned to the stack of CDs. Once on I told them they were overdressed for the dancing and they quickly stripped their clothes off. I reminded them that I thought totally naked was the only way as socks were a turn off for me. So very shortly I had two stiff erections pointing my way, both nice and clean and very hard. I stroked them both at the same time, feeling very greedy to have one in each hand. Both men had looked after themselves with no flab. Both had been in the Army and kept their fitness routines after leaving. I felt wicked and took turns in sucking these two prime though ageing cocks. They were gentlemen but by showing respect for me, I ignored their ages and relished being fucked by them both. I was taken to the bedroom and Dave licked me while I sucked Rod's rod. This brought back some lovely memories of being double penetrated several times by my husband and one of his mates. I loved his cock in me as he was a bit bigger than my man and size does make a difference I can tell you.

Dave was first to enter my cunt and he was desperate not to come too soon but sadly faIled. I was dripping come as he apologised. I told him that it was what I had come here for and gave him a kiss and said we could go again later. This cheered him up and he watched Rod take me from behind and give me a longer fuck which made me come before he unloaded in me. Then we went outside again as it was still warm enough. We stayed out until after four and then returned indoors. I was getting used to parading for them and drinking nude and talking sex with them. I told them some of my adventures with husband Tim and I am sure they pretty well thought I was making it up but then I described a sex club and they were astounded. I said that perhaps they should try it but not to expect wild adventures every time because it is not always that the feelings are mutual and some folk get a bit weird if you don't do what they want so beware.

We did fuck again and the lads admitted they had used viagra. I said I was glad that they had been able to come twice. I did not tell them that their second loads were not very strong but as I had been fucked four times in the day, I was more than satisfied. What was more important was that they were perfect gentlemen all day and I felt very safe. That was why I presented Dave with my panties and he said they would be on his pillow and would never be washed. That made me laugh.

Eventually Rod took me home but not before I had promised to see then both together again and maybe do a few risky things if they felt up to it. So here I am, the cat that got the cream from a pair of old toms. I have seen them since, at Christmas which was special and I am going over for a special birthday party at Dave's in early March. They are travelling for a reunion with their army unit at present and are in the Far East until the end of February. Be nice to see them again.