Written by lucky hubby

16 Mar 2019

Eureka. An unexpected bit of me time. Hope I can conclude the birthday party Liz was at as the sole lady among ten of the senior generation and me. Having eaten and drunk the games in the officers mess had begun. Snooker darts and cards. Liz, in a deep cut black velvet dress, backless and deep plunging front and naughty thigh split had only a pair of hold ups and shoes on, having tossed her thong onto the dining table some time earlier.

She had progressed onto the card table where she was to choose the game to be played from a choice of sealed envelopes. I had been told that all of the envelopes contained the same game, strip pontoon and so I was keen to see the development first hand. A cheer went up when the game was announced and she did not seem too surprised, probably an air of inevitability I conclude. The whole mess was much quieter now, no clack of snooker balls and the dart board received no thuds of arrows hitting the target. The dealer had stated the rules and that the loser must remove the outermost garment, jewellery did not count. Liz had a necklace on and inevitably when she lost she was only going to be clad in hold up stockings and her heels.

I looked at her from my position behind the dealer, the other guests were standing around the table at a respectable distance maybe three or four feet. The room was silenced now as the players revealed their hands. Not surprisingly Liz's cards were bust to the highest number and the men all cheered. Liz grinned as the real reason for this party had now come to a head and she was the absolute centre of attention. The dealer invited Dave to take her dress off and she stood and took his hand and was led to the bar.

A gleeful line of faces were awaiting the dress to come away, knowing she was going to be naked. Dave stood behind her and unzipped the dress then drew the straps down her shoulders. Her breasts appeared, I felt so very proud of this beautiful woman that I had enjoyed so many wonderful sexy times with and as the dress fell to the floor I knew she was growing more confident that this was gong to be a night she would remember for probably ten reasons all of which were probably straining to be released for her pleasure. She turned to Dave and kissed him and said happy birthday to him, squeezing his cock over his trousers. Bravely she looked at her audience and said 'Ok boys, I hope you will be gentlemen and if I say the safe word, I want you to stop' she told them the safe word and then went amid the group with Dave.

This was surreal, a naked woman and ten randy old goats in a room. She was taken to the table and Dave and Rod sat her on the edge as the others crowded round to take in the body of a very desirable woman at their disposal. 'Shall we begin' she said, kissing Dave and undoing his trousers to find his stiff erection. Rod looked across at me for approval, I smiled back and nodded. rod said that he hoped the viagra was kicking in and everyone began to loosen up and in their military way, started to strip together. I had to laugh as moans and groans ensued as they bent over and got undressed. Soon three or four were ready for fun and their heavy hairy balls hung low and full. Their comeraderie was evident and a useful ice breaker as she lined them up for a tasting session as she put it.

For ten men to get to feel her was impossible as a rugby style scrum so she arranged them to take turns in pairs so it became manageable as she lay back on the white tablecloth face up. A man to lick her cunt and one in her mouth and then a third for her to wank slowly as the rest looked on eagerly awaiting their turn to feel parts of her soft and shapely body. Her breasts were being gently kneaded and her nipples licked. Dave was busy licking her cunt as he was the guest of honour with Liz and she was soon getting his cock deep inside her which had everyone crowding closer to witness the penetration of her willing, beautifully trimmed cunt. He was in her quickly as she was suitably wet and ready. Word had got round that condoms were not required and dirty comments were beginning to up the atmosphere which had been quietly expectant but was now getting more suggestively raucous. Needless to say Dave did not last too long, the occasion was highly charged but what the hell, she had a nice reserve of various sized cocks and she was hoping to sample them all.

The room was getting a higher sense of excitement as gasps and murmurs of appreciation filled the air. As I suspected, some of the men were not quite up to the challenge and only lasted a few seconds, one or two suffered the ignominy of premature ejaculation and did not penetrate her willing body. She took two loads in her mouth and obligingly swallowed before cleaning up the respondent. the others were more fortunate and enjoyed more prolonged fucking of her sexy body. I was last to have her pleasure and she was thoroughly filled with come. I took my time and savoured the silky feeling round my cock. in the end the pleasure overtook me and I came in bucket loads before shrinking gratefully from her slick slit. The evening concluded with lots of weary yet happy men gathering their thoughts and their clothes before thanking Liz for the wonderful evening. We all knew we would sleep very well indeed. The taxi ride home was one of silent satisfaction. Dave and Rod thanked us for the fabulous birthday and I reckon we all slept with the images of an excellent fucking session re running through our minds.

Liz took a bath before settling immediately into a deep and well earned sleep. We woke next morning with a well satisfied wife grinning ear to ear at the memory. She said it was an experience and she was glad she had done it but would not want to make a habit of it. I agreed it was best as a one off and that Rod and Dave were plenty for her to supplement my offerings.