Written by lucky hubby

15 Mar 2019

Rod and Dave returned to the country a earlier this month and came straight round to discuss Dave's party. They were still perfect gentlemen until let loose with my lovely wife. Liz had become attached to the dirty pair last year when Rod, our neighbour became besotted with her sensual ways and naughty habits. It was a promise that Dave's birthday was going to be special and Liz was to be the main attraction.

In their absence at a reunion plans had been made and it now depended whether she was going to be happy with arrangements. They wanted to know if she might be happy to attend a private function in the officers mess at a local barracks. A first class meal was guaranteed and the best wine too. From then on things became a bit more private so to speak. Rod admitted there were going to be eight other guests, all male. Liz wanted to know what they were thinking and despite their intimate knowledge of her body, the next proposition was altogether a bit of a shock. They wanted to know if she was up to entertaining their friends too. The room went quiet for almost too long, Liz said nothing but sipped her drink as she thought long and hard then she asked directly to Rod of how much of their time together had been spilled to their comrades. The answer was, quite a bit one night in Singapore after a long day's drinking and Rod and Dave had a slip of the tongue and finished up bragging about the gorgeous girl they had the pleasure to know.

Liz said they were very naughty for telling about their fun. Dave said they all lived away from this part of the country so nobody would know her or meet her in the street so really the risk of friends getting to know were remote. It was a long night but in the end she said it might be fun but she wanted the names and addresses of the men who were coming as a guarantee that any wrong doing could have consequences if anything got out. Reassurances were given by a solemn Rod and Dave and Liz said anyone refusing to give their details were not going to be included.

Rod did not come round for a couple of days, then came to our door one evening. We ushered him in and gave him a drink, Liz giving him a kiss and hug to reassure him. He said the Officers Mess was booked for Friday night (8th March) and I was the only non ex serviceman to be there. I thanked him for that, knowing I could help ensure things did not get out of hand if necessary. Rod said a taxi was booked for all four of us and the other gentlemen were meeting at the barracks.

We were told dinner jackets and black ties were the order of the day but Liz was to wear a long black evening dress which Dave was buying for her. When I saw her in it i knew she would be a very tempting target for any red blooded male. Thin shoulder straps and a very deep vee plunge allowing her breasts to taunt any guy who looked. A long slash from ankle to top of thigh made any movement provocative as well as flaunting her stockings for the public at large. I was almost disappointed that the journey there was going to be in a taxi.

On the day of the party she had the day off and went into town for a few pamper sessions at the spa and hairdressers, nail bar for fingers and toes and had a massage to relax completely. It did the trick famously, she looked sensational and so very beautiful, make up magnificent, skin softly glowing, her landing strip alluring and irresistible. A true work of art. Rod and Dave's jaws dropped when they saw her. A naughty smile on her face, she knew she looked and felt fabulous, the velvet black dress was straight from an Oscars presentation. The taxi arrived.

At the barracks we were ushered in and were the last ones in attendance. As we entered, all the guests were there in their finery, the room was silenced as we entered and then a hubbub of consent as we followed Dave and Liz into the room. Champagne to begin and the guests gathered round a large table for introductions. I am sure that most of them were stunned by my sultry eyed wife who sort of oozed sex without saying anything. We were ushered into the dining room a few minutes later. A menu card sat on the side of each place setting and inside was a short introduction penned by Dave, who thanked all for coming and announced the food would be taken followed by a short film then the games session would continue until midnight when celebrations would end.

It was a hark back to colonialism, but the banter and eyes were trained at the only woman there. A few bawdy jokes went round and all the group were laughing at the punch lines and staring as little as they saw her breasts jiggle in the dress, the absence of a bra had them more lively than usual. She was acutely aware of this but was putting a brave face on so as not to be embarrassed. When she got up to go to the ladies room, all eyes followed and the banter dipped a bit, picking up as she closed the door, a few asides to one another, I felt a bit of a wallflower in a way, but all the men were smiling at me, trying to weigh me up I expect. I played dumb and spoke to Dave and Rod who were close by.

The food part completed, the lights were dimmed and a porn film was put on, Dave said he had chosen it. It had plenty of cock and cunt in it and the woman got a face full at the end. I was wondering when things might get going, it was going on for ten and she was as yet untouched. There was another film which showed a gangbang and a murmur went round the table. Liz left the room temporarily at this point, returning less than two minutes later. The film was half way through and its star had been filled a few times, Liz casually tossed a black item onto the table, her thong was laid discarded for anyone to see. She turned to Dave and said she had unwrapped his birthday present for him. All eyes on the table or on my wife as she allowed the split in her dress to reveal the sexy secret between her legs. The film had less interest now as eight pairs of curious eyes homed in on her, eleven cocks all becoming roused. The barman was discretely wiping glasses but watching avidly.

The lights came up and the door to the games room was opened. We were all ushered in for snooker, darts and card games. I now took a back seat and Liz was led around the room to chat with the other guests. Rod and Dave kept in close proximity. A few ventured to touch her as they kissed as you might at a wedding but one or two took it slightly further with a stroke of her breast or touch of her bum through the velvet. The games progressed as if it was a working mens club and Liz was invited to play darts. Despite being out of touch, she won and each throw was greeted by a bit of extra flash of thigh. The best bit was when a dart flew off the wire and as she bent to pick it up her breasts dropped out of the plunging neckline, flipping a nipple out for four guys to appreciate. I just saw her replacing it, but felt sure it might happen again, which it did.

Her chance to excel at snooker was limited but she did manage to flash her thighs as she took her shot , her puss being against the table, was still elusive for most.

It was when she progressed to the card table where Dave and Rod were pitted against her with another guy,the room hushed a little. Liz was invited to pick a game from an envelope. Rod had told me that all five envelopes were for strip poker so I knew this was game on for everyone.

I am afraid that is where I must leave this story, I am off away for the weekend and am running late now. More on Monday unless I get some free time over the period.