Written by Matureman

22 Dec 2011

When I confronted them both at the back of the car park, Bob looked in shock and my wife started to cry. I said to her, 'do you want to fuck him' and she looked at me through tear streamed eyes and just nodded. 'OK' I said, 'then follow me home'. They followed me out of the car park and up our drive. I went into the house and when they came in, said to my wife, you go upstairs and get ready. I then turned to Bob and said 'No means no'. Ok he replied looking a bit sheepish. Right, lets go and have fun. When we entered the bedroom, she had removed her dress but stood in her underwear and stockings. Christ, you look fabulous said Bob and took her into his arms. They kissed and he released her bra which she dropped to the floor. She then lay on the bed and I got down beside her. Took her in my arms and said I hope this is what you want as it is really doing things to me. She nodded and Bob leant over her. He slowly pulled down her panties and proceeded to kiss her lovely pussy. I laid there holding her, fondling her breasts while Bob began to suck on her clit. I could feel her tensing up and then, whoa, the orgasm made her back arch and her legs closed on his head like a vice. This was too much for Bob, he stood up, dropped his trousers and pants and pressed his very erect cock against her pussy. It wasn't much longer than mine but certainly thicker. It went straight in to the hilt. He braced his arms on the bed and started to seriously fuck. However, he must have been seriously excited as after about five thrusts he came with the usual groaning and grunting. I coud see that my wife was very aroused but hadn't come again so pushed Bob off, got my dick out and plunged into that furnace. It was enough to push her over the edge and made me cum as well. Bob was sitting on the floor beside the bed and I lay spreadeagled over my old lady. We were all spent. As we started to recover, I pushed myself up and said, we all need a drink. Bob, there's a spare dressing gown behind the bathroom door. We all retired to the lounge and I fixed g and T's for all. My good lady looked very sheepish as she sipped her drink. Well, I said. She looked at me and said 'could we do that again some time'.