Written by tactilelover

27 Dec 2010

I have put my exploits on here over the years I've been a member here is my latest tale.

For once I ventured onto that dating site that matches you as advertised on tv from the site I achieved two meetings the first was I will call her J was in liverpool we met at a restaurant I thought for a drink but it turns out it was for lunch pretty tough for me as i had a sandwich earlier anyway the meals arrived and they were the worst food we have ever eaten in fact we got our money returned. we got into J's car and she said do you want to kiss me so I obliged then she said hold my breasts so I did then she said one was false guess which one I guessed wrong so I kissed her on the cheek and left.

The next date same day was with K we met in a hotel on the edge of Chester I was wearing black trousers ,shirt and leather jacket, K was wearing blouse and jeans we had some coffee and sat on a soft settee together K said I have a dog and a cat I said can I stroke your cat?

I kissed her hand we kind of drifted together our lips met we kissed a few times lingering kisses but as this was in a posh hotel bar we were getting curious looks from the other patrons we decided to retire to my car in the carpark .we carried on kissing and I stroked K's shoulders she was stroking my leg getting closer and closer to my cock,so I caressed her legs then I moved her hand onto my hard straining cock she gripped my cock and started rubbing it.

I stroked her crutch she moaned I started feeling her nipple through her clothes I squeezed the left nipple she opened her blouse and pulled her tit out for me to suck, at the same time I eased down her zip on her jeans and stroked her pussy through her silk panties, I could feel the wetness seeping through.

Then I pulled aside her gusset and fingered her hairy slit pushing a finger into the moist tight opening I moved it in and out pulling a little to allow another finger ,then instead I rotated my hand and inserted my thumb into her tight wet,no not just wet dripping soaking wet hairy pussy then I thunb fucked her her till she came kissing her all the time ,I'm suprised that the hotel staff did not come to investigate the lady screaming in my car as she came.

K then pulled down my zip and undid my trousers with a bit of help from me,pulled out my hard cock and licked down my length,then licked my glans sucking my bell end then deep-throating my cock, a nice blow job then she said I want you to fuck me I said not tonight I'm a bit long in the tooth for doing that in cars (my thoughts were actually If I fuck her now it will be a one night-stand and I wanted her in my bed)

then I said we should move somewhere more descreet,i drove up to an industrial estate and parked in a little lane,seat back K took off her jeans I pulled her wet flimsy panties to one side leant over and pushed my tongue into her hairy soaking wet slit and whilst frigging her clit and finger fucking her she came in my mouth then she tugged down my trousers and sucked my cock she said don't cum in my mouth I don't want to gag,I said I won't cum for at least two hours she said wow I want you to fuck me I need your cock.I said whats your favourite position she said on top.

I frigged her to orgasm again and said we both have work in the morning we should be getting back so we redressed and I drove her back to the hotel.

I sent three emails each one more desparate than the last imploring her to reply then Friday night a reply Horray saying she was not sure she wanted a sexual kind of relationship from where I am looking she is desperate for a fuck,lets see if I can seduce her again.. :)