Written by 4hours2cum

20 Mar 2008

prompted by the response of my first date Here is the last for now of the three with regard to Ann the previous date I eventually got an email from her saying that she had surgery and had a histerectomy which might explain why my cock hurt her I did not want to cause her distress just pleasure.

again Name changed Wendy I shall call her was found on a pay through the nose dating site the one advertised on radio and tv.we exchanged email addreses then latterly mobile numbers we chatted on and off from september to January then decided to meet just East of chester on the Whitchurch road we met at a pub and both had soft drinks she told me of her job as a ward manager and I told her about me at the end of the evening as we approached our cars I took Wendys hand and drew her towards me we kissed and hugged,I said is it possible to see you again not believing when she said yes,yes that would be nice it will have to be next weekend as it was cold and drizzling she invited me into her car where we just kissed and I stroked her neck then I said goodnight then gave her a longer kiss pulling her lips then I got out midweek I got a call to meet on sunday at the same pub for lunch Wendy was waiting by her car as I approached her she was all radient and smiling then kissed me.

She was wearing black figure hugging slacks and bright lime green pullover and a multicolored scarf with black shoes and matching bag I said wow thats bright.

we enjoyed lunch when we finished I said shall we go for a walk we walked for about a mile kissing every so often then walked back to the cars when we got to the pub I said shall we sit in my car I had the intention of having a kissing session like the first date but Wendy says better still shall we go back to my house for coffee I said Id love to but as I dont know the way I had better follow you she laughed when we arrived I parked on her drive and was invited in have a seat would you like a coffee I said yes please I followed her into the kitchen and as she prepared the coffee i kissed her mouth,fingers,nape of her neck then followed her through into the lounge we sat close to each other on her green brocade 3 seater setee the coffee was too hot I said sometimes I\'m a naughty boy she smiled,so we kissed I kissed Wendys collar bones her neck the dried my tongue and licked down into her cleavage working left and right catching her little nipples at this she gasped,then we drank some coffee and kissed some more I slipped my hand up her back and released her bra whilst kissing I pushed up her bra and caressed her beautiful perfectly shaped breasts the pert buds hardening with my touch we finished our coffee the she texted her daughter to see if she needed a lift back home ,then got up and went to the loo.

When Wendy returned her bra was fastened then the phone rang it was her daughter saying what time she wanted picking up,Wendy came back and sat beside me very close her legs across mine ,when she kissed me this time she was trying to almost climb on top of me I felt an urgency in her a desire for me.whilst exciting her nipples I had released a sexual demon demanding satisfaction.

I ran my fingers up her legs rubbing just gently the front of her trousers then she pulled my hand between her legs across her gusset I felt the heat and a dampness at this juncture I took off my jacket.

I said I can be naughty she murmurred oh can you!

So I slid my hand down the back of her slacks and gripped the cheeks of her beautiful rounded bottom pulling her towards me at the same time my other hand slipped down the side of her slacks working its way into her white panties feeling the crinkly slightly rough tangled pubic hair I pushed further into the dense foliage feeling for the valley then my fingers brushed her clit she shuddered snd moaned I slowly gently frigged her egged on by her writhing ond oohs snd ahs then she shuddered with a cum.

I opened the three buttons on her slacks and pushed my fingers into her virgina her lips were gaping wide by the feel of it and she was so wet it was as though she had pissed herself,Wendy then kissed me opening my shirt kissing my chest and belly eased down my zip fly and as she felt the size of my cock she smiled then released him in all his glory and gently wanked me then she threw the cushions from the sette onto the floor and pulled off her jumper and black bra then pushed her slacks down she said we had better go over there indicating the far end of the lounge by the tv as her curtains would not fully close ,she knelt on the floor I sat on the floor and stripped to my undies the continued kissing nibbling sucking her face,lips,shoulders fingers hands breasts nipples sucking the fullness of the bud into my mouth then down accross her hard flat belly pulling her white panties down sinking my tongue into the soft flesh below her clit she pushed my head down and also towards her I pulled down her panties the gusset sticking to her leaving a juice trail as they slipped down her legs,she kicked them off and laid back I put a cushion behind her head and gently lowered her head onto it avoiding the sharp edge of the tv.I licked down her belly through her brown pubic hair she instictively opened her thighs to allow me access to her bubbling love slot I licked her clit poked my tongue as far as it would go into her virgina I chewed on her clit pushing one finger then two into her sloppy gushing wet cunt she mewed and groaned as she had a cum then I slipped off my pants and socks and laid my cock along her thigh inches from the forest then I reached for a condom slipped on a sheath the kneeled between Wendys outstreached legs taking a long moment to savour the beautiful body before me truely she had the body of an eighteen year old she is two years younger than me at 54.with white alibastir skin soft smooth without a blemish or a wrinkle ,georgeous and there was me the evil one about to impail her on my monster dick I shuffled forward gently opening her up with the end of my cock her lips opened forming a tight O around me I gave her a quarter of an inch at a time so she could get used to my girth then when all but an inch remained I joked when do you want the other four inches,but as she could only feel and not see she did not know whether i was joking or not eventually I started gentle strokes giving Wendy about two inches of play on my cock gradually increasing the strokes till she was getting six inches in each thrust then the pain got to me carpet burns my knees were burnig I said could she go on top she murmurred yes I withdrew and lay flat on the carpet Wendy threw her leg across me I held my cock and she slid down my length to the hilt her eyes opened wide and a smile crossed her lovely face then she rode me till she came at some point she said i was a verty passionate man I thanked her we agreed to try 69 next time as she subside I started to undulate my hips causing my cock to vibrate inside her body at about this time the radio gave out a news report I stroked her body all over then the realisation sank in the news was at 5pm and Wendy had to pick up her daughter at 5,25 so we agreed that we had some unfinished business we dated a couple of times aftewr this time but then if fizzled out.