Written by Marky321mark

30 May 2009

Hi let me tell you a lil bit about myself, I\\\'m 56 not the best looking guy in the world and a little over weight. I work as a mini cab driver in Romford Essex and drive a seven seater.

Now this job can be a pain in the arse sometimes and fucking great at other times, working on friday and sat nights you get to see plenty of flashes of knickers with drunk girls climbing over to the back seats and sometimes i have seen girls getting fingered and even giving bj\\\'s to the guys that they have just picked up! Either they are to drunk to think about me seeing in the rear view mirror or they just dont care if i watch i dont know?

Anyway one sat night I collect 5 drunk girls in there mid 20,s from a club in town and they are on a hen night and all dressed as school girls with the unlucky lady covered in L plates and condomns pinned to her viel etc. I drop of 4 of them all in differant directions and take the final young lady to her place, upon getting there I say to the girl that it will be £38 please! Now she hasnt taken any money off the other drops as she went and by the time she got to her house she found that she doesnt have enough money to cover it all! So I say you better go in and get some off your husband, \\\"I cant wake him up\\\" she says, he\\\'ll go mad! Well I\\\'ll take you to a card machine then I say! No she says I dont have any money in my account! Ok I say so what you gonna do? Can I pop it into you tommorow? No sorry love cant do that!

How about I give you a kiss she says and laughs, \\\"I\\\'d want more than a kiss for £38 I say\\\" Like what she says getting a little more seriuos like she now \\\"well I say I dont know, what do you have in mind?\\\" Ok I\\\'ll give you a blow job she says, will that do? No I say I want to fuck you! Ok then drive round to the back of my house and park behind my garage, on the way round I could see her slipping off her nix on the back seat getting ready for me, I climbed in the back and slipped off my jeans and pants and was rock hard dying to get my hands on this lovely 20 something little blonde girl (sorry didnt get her name) who was i\\\'d say a size 10-12 with gorgeous breast about a c or d cup now laying on the back seat of my galaxy legs open and undoing her white shirt and bra for me!! I first got on my knees and began to eat out her sweet bald cunt and then as i got on my knees to enter her she said \\\"you need to wear something as i\\\'m not on the pill\\\" I said I dont have any do you? She said no, ok but dont cum n me please! So I slipped into this beautiful young lady on my back seat and nearly fucking cum there and then it felt so nice, I squeezed the base of my dick and it subsided and i began to build up some speed fucking harder and harder till she was screaming so much i had to put my hand over her mouth in case her hubby or niebhours woke up! And then I felt again that I was gonna shoot so quickly pulled out of her and began to wank myself as she grabbed hold of my dick and pulled it towards her mouth and as soon as it got between her lips I felt my balls explode into her lovely pretty mouth and spunked my load deep down her throat for seemed like ages and the lovely little slut swallowed every drop and kept sucking till my cock went limp in her mouth then I pulled up my trousers and pants, thanked her and she got out and went through the back gate to her house.

Driving down the road I spotted she had left her white school girl panties on the floor so I pulled over had a sniff and put them in the glove box for a wank later and eventually hung them up on disply in the radio room of the cab office with all the rest of the knickers that we find left in the cabs.