27 May 2016

Picture a very arrogant indian lady walking around as if she's something special, looking down her nose at everybody. Beside that she's ok looking nothing special with an ok figure a husband and two kids. So it was the annual awards at my tennis club I play at in Wimbledon , and I was on a table with Anshu. As usual she was showing off about living on parkside the richest road in England and how wonderful her family is, boring boring boring!! She was drinking quite a bit thru out the night and getting more loud and irritating as she went.

It was about midnight and I'd had enough so got my coat said my goodbyes and left, as I got to my car I saw Anshu standing outside talking on her phone and it sounded like she was ordering a cab so I shouted to her if she wanted a lift, she replied ok. When she got to my car she got in and sat down in the back seat and said take me to parkside please, I nearly told her to fuck off and get out but thought you never know she may give me a tip:). So as I'm driving her she falls asleep, I stop at a set of lights and look around and see her dress has ridden up her legs showing off her black nickers, I've got an urge to touch her legs but obviously don't, hard not to thou. So I get to parkside and ask Anshu what number, 34 is the answer (different number). As I pull in she asks me to help her to the house so being a gent I do, on the walk she gets her keys out and opens the door. She's so pissed she asks me to help her up stairs to her bedroom, I'm thinking where's her husband and kids?? I ask her as we're going upstairs and she mumbles on holiday, as we get to her room she thanks me and walks in. She walks into the room and asks me to shut the front door on my way out, I was royally pissed off. As I was dying for a piss I find a toilet and have a pee then head towards the stars, but I look thru her bedroom door and see Anshu undoing her dress. I stand and watch as she pulls the zip down showing her black bra and the top of her knickers.as she pulls her dress down I've got a great view of her from behind. Next to come off was her bra then her knickers and as she took her knickers off I saw her shaved pussy, I was hard as a rock. She turned around and looked straight at me and asked if I was just going to watch or was I going to come over and service her, I more or less ran over and jumped on her. I started sucking on her tits, they were small but nice big nipples to suck on. I went down her body to her pussy, it was moist and very inviting to lick si I did just that. She smelt good so I kept licking until she came, it was heavy and she was loud. When she came she sat up and got on all fours and asked me to fuck her doggy style, I got my cock out and stuck it right in and started fucking her hard and fast, I was so horny I was close to cumming and more so when she leant back and started playing with my balls. I shot my load deep into her pussy and after a last few thrusts I got my cock out. Anshu then lay on the bed and started playing with her pussy whilst looking at herself in a mirror, as she did this the door the mirror was on opened and her husband came out naked with a hard on, I was in shock and said nothing. Her went in and started licking my cum out of her pussy. It wasnt long before she came, I was just sitting there watching in amazement. He then mounted her and started fucking her, I thought it was best I left so said bye and off I went. I got a text from Anshu the next day thanking me for the lift and the fuck. That was the first of many sessions with Anshu and husband,.