Written by Rosieandjim

17 Sep 2011

The room was quite busy but not full enough so that you couldn’t see everyone who was in the pub. The pub itself was quite large and seemed to have lots of screens around the floor so that people could be private, if they wanted to be. We had arrived as a port of call to escape the rain, which was absolutely pouring down, rosie had had one or two doubles already and wasn’t drunk but quite merry. She was wearing a low cut top with her favourite bra on, which pushed her tits up over the top of her top. She was wearing a skirt, at my request, and underneath that she had a new silky thong on, which had quite thin material; I was hoping that during the course of the night this material would become wet, with the attention I was paying to rosie.

We sat down, on a seat where we looked down at quite a large group of people, who were in party mood. Normally we would have had one drink and then left to move onto somewhere different, however because of the rain we stayed for another drink, and as it turned out we were glad that we did.

The people below us had started to dance to the music which was playing, and we sat and watched them all. We noticed that no one seemed to have a second dance with the person they had just danced with, but they had kissed quite passionately at the end of each dance. As we sat and watched the kissing became longer and more passionate and then we saw a huge black man sucking on a snowy white breast of the lady he was dancing with. Her skin looked lilywhite against his jet black skin. As if by magic other people started to do the same to the person they were dancing with. We both looked at each other and then looked at the door to see that it was now lock and the shutters had come down over the windows.

The throng below were still engaged in the kissing and sucking of each other and a couple of people were now almost naked. I gave rosie a long lingering kiss and said I will have to pay a call to the loo, but carry on watching and inform me of anything I may miss.

When I came out of the toilet the sight before me made my heart skip a beat and my breathing become shallower. Rosie was turned around and was talking to the big black guy that we had seen earlier. His hand was resting on the handrail behind rosie but he was very close to rosie, much closer than he needed to be for polite conversation, and what’s more rosie seemed to be enjoying the attention.

I decided to stay and watch from afar, with all sorts going through my mind, like would we finally get to complete our fantasy of rosie having another cock; she had only ever had mine!! And now it seemed like she may get another one and a black man’s cock at that. We might see if the stories of their massive endowment is myth or fact. As I watched I noticed rosie was laughing a lot and he was leaning into her neck and whispering into her ear. I watched for ten minutes and made my way back to rosie. She introduced to her friend, joe, and he shook my hand. He said that when I had left he had noticed rosie stood by herself and the sight of her peering over the balcony and the view of her swollen tits and really turned him on and that I was really lucky. I gulped and thought at least he is honest. We talked abit and then joe went to the loo but said he would be right back.

When he had gone rosie told me what he had said to her whilst I was away. He told her he had a massive cock and that because she was in this pub he guessed that’s what she was after tonight. I asked rosie if he had turned here on and slipped my hand under her dress to feel her pussy. I could tell from the wetness of her pussy that she wasn’t just turned on by this but she was gagging for it. I turned to her and said well do you fancy it tonight with a different cock, and she said she did but only if I was sure and only if I didn’t leave him alone with her. I said that could be awkward but I would do. I asked how she would let joe know that she was up for it, but rosie said just watch.

Joe came back but he wasn’t alone, he had another black man with him who he introduced as kev. Rosie said hi and then to my surprise just turned to joe and said im yours if you still want to suck on my tits and show me your big black cock.

Joe bent down to rosie and kissed her, and in a flash rosie had one of her tits out of her top and I could see the nipple was rock hard. Kev didn’t waste any time either because he was quickly taking rosies other tit out of her top and was tweaking her nipple, as though it needed it because it was massive already.

Joe was a sloppy kisser, I could see his tongue thrusting backwards and forwards into rosies mouth, and rosie was responding back and pushing her tongue into joes mouth. Kev was busily sucking rosies enormous erect nipples while at the same time lifting her skirt up to show her long white legs. Kev started to bite at rosies tits and call her a white slut, and she was going to be screwed all night long by their big black cocks and in the morning she would still want more of their cock. Rosies breathing was fast and heavy and I think that she forgot I was even there.

Then they both broke off and rosies face looked to say you cant stop now, they saw this and quickly reassured her and said come with us. We went to the back of the pub and they opened a door which we entered and suddenly we had a bed and just the four of us. Joe and kev stripped rosie, with her help, I may add, and then she grabbed at joes trousers, reaching for his zip to unfasten. His cock was soon out and bouncing up and down in front of rosies mouth which she quickly opened and stared to suck on this rapidly expanding cock. It was long and very very thick. I could see the veins on it sticking out and rosie put both of her hands around it and there was still room for another hand if she had one.

When it was rock hard in her mouth rosie pulled him over to the bed, by his cock, and just said to him now fuck before I go crazy. I sat down and watched. Joe sensed that rosie didn’t want a nice smooth fuck she wanted his cock and more importantly his spunk in her hot pussy. Jow must have been turned on to because in what seemed like a couple of minutes I saw him stiffen up and thrust forward again and again. His spunk was oozing out of rosies cunt and his cock was rammed in up to his balls, all twelve inches of it. When he did pull out of rosies cunt, with a wet plop, it was followed by a raging torrent of spunk. I wondered how much spunk he actually had!!.

Rosie lay there on the bed and smiled at me and just said thank you for that it was fantastic. Out of my eye corner I then saw kev slowly wanking his cock into a hard erection, and I had to look twice at the size of his cock; it seemed it really is true what they say about black men and their cocks. His must have been fourteen inches long and much thicker than joes!!

He place himself between rosies legs and thrust into her gaping pussy, at which point another load of joes thick white spunk shot out of her cunt and onto the bed. Rosie wrapped her legs around kevs back and begged him to fill her up with his cock, it felt so good and she wanted his spunk. Kev started to pump his cock in and out of rosies wet pussy, making squelching noises as he did. His huge cock glistened with rosies juices as he rode her like a tart they had just picked up. When kev did shoot his spunk into rosie she purred with satisfaction and wrapped her legs around even tighter around kevs back, and then lay back breathing heavily and smiling at me.

Joe came back and lay on the bed next to rosie, with kev on the other side of her they both started to stroke rosies body; over her tits and belly then down to her wet, juicy cunt, which was still dribbling thick white blobs of both joe and kevs creamy white spunk.

Their fingers found rosies swollen pussy and they both inserted a finger into her and started to wank her, then they would stop and then start again. They did this for a few minutes until rosie arched her back and for the first time I saw her cum and squirt at the same time. A flood of her juices came out of her onto the bed, mixed in with the cream she had taken. Their cocks were rock hard again and kev knelt between rosies legs whilst joe lay at the side. Kev fucked rosie for a while and then he was replaced by kev they took it in turns to fuck rosies gaping hole, while all the time she wanted more and more. Rosie kept on having one orgasm after another and screamed for them both to fill her again with their cream, which they both did.

They made rosie tell them exactly what she wanted them to do to her, and I was left opened mouthed when she asked them to spank her arse while she knelt down in front of them and them give her arsehole a fucking as well, while the other one was inside her wet pussy. Although they found it hard to do as rosie wanted because she couldn’t get enough of their cocks. She wanked them both, and sucked them and filled her mouth with each cock in turn. She sucked on them and licked each one like a lollipop.

Rosie was fucked again time after time until she left the two men in the morning. She now loves black cock and can’t get enough