Written by pinks

14 Jun 2011

I have written several stories about Julias exploits but our marraige had settled down with no events for some time. Julia has started working with another company and she hates it however the new owners decided to have a welcoming event to integrate the new people into their business. Partners were invited and i intended to go with her or that is, i would have gone if it hadn't been for us rowing on the way and me demanding the taxi stopped to let me out and she went on alone. I made my way to a pub and after a couple of pints realised i was wrong not to give her my support and decided to try and find her. I went to the place they had gone to but couldn't see Julia when i first went in so went and got a drink. While i was stood at the bar i skimmed the room and noted a group of around ten people up on the dance floor apparently having a good time. On closer inspection i noticed Julia was central to the group and was easily recognisable by her blue skirt and lacy top. I decided to wait until they had finished dancing and just observed. Julia was dancing mainly with two guys and would turn about every few beats to face the guys in turn. The guys looked to be around thirtyish (a good ten years younger than J) and would both occasionally put their hands on Julias waist and help her spin around. After a few minutes a slow tune started up and instead of coming off the floor the girls in the party (three of them) were enclosed by a couple of lads each and were squashed together. I focused on J and could see her smiling so knew she was having fun. I then noticed one the guys slip his hands around J's front and up onto her breasts and as soon as his hands landed on them his mate squeezed closer to J to hide what his friend was doing. J was enjoying it and she soon let her hands go behind her and down to the groin of the guy behind, this lasted for a few minutes and then the guys swapped round and the guy that was in front was now behind and with his hand firmly planted on J's tits and then as before having his cock felt up by J.

J is notoriously bad when she has had a drink and she can not temper her behaviour and it is normally all or nothing. I decided to remain discrete and see what was likely to pan out. For the next hour or so J was prodded and groped at every opportunity by these two guys and when J went to the loo they were straight together and obviously plotting where things would go or the plan of action for their new friend, J came back from the loo and one of the guys gave her a drink and whispered into her ear, J laughed at whatever was said and shortly afterwards they (J and the two guys) made for the exit.

I followed on straight after them and walked about fifty yards behind them while they made their way towards the park, J was holding the two guys hands and a very willing walk into the park gates told me they were going to be about to get it on. I ran around the side of the park and watched from over the fence while they made their way to the bowling club clubhouse doorway. When they got there one of the lads leant into J and kissed her full on, his hand went to her breats and i could see his hand slip inside her blouse. J was loving it and her hand went to his cock and rubbed him on the outside of his trousers. the other guy was acting as a very poor lookout because he couldn't keep his eyes off what his mate was doing. His mate moved J around so she was between them both and his mate then placed his hands on J's arse, he slowly lifted J's skirt and revealed her black thong and the opportunity to get his hands on her fleshy backside. With the guy kneeding her arse and her skirt mow up round her waist the other guy sliped his hand down her body and into the front of her underwear, i noticed J arch her back and new he had found her pussy, with his other hand he undid his flies and pulled his cock out for J to grab. She rubbed his cock for a few minutes whilst he was fingering her and his mate was behind pulling her thong down her legs and lifting her leg to pull them right off. the guys put the thong into his pocket and knelt behind J and appeared to lick her arse whilst spreading her cheeks.

The guys at the front started to undo J's blouse and pulled it open, i could see he had pulled her bra over her breasts and now able to suck her nipples, he pushed J down to her knees and they both stood in front of her offering thier cocks which she systematically took in turns to suck. J was then laid back and took both guys in turn and while they both fucked her the other was wanking himself furiously over her face whilst groping at her tits. Whe they had finished they walked out of the park and got into a taxi. I went home and J was already in when i got there. I apologised for the initial argument and asked if she had enjoyed the night and she just said thet she had been dancing with the girls but it was quite boring. I have never let on that i had been there and quite often get myself off on what i had seen and to this day do not know if she got her thong back. I cant wait fro the next time.