17 Sep 2016

I am afraid I have been a bit of a dirty girl.

I am Wendy, 28, 5’8” 34D trim, not a page 3 but not podgy either, I think my thighs are big but Hubby says something to grab hold of.

So yes I am Married, 5 years now, been a bit turbulent, we tend to argue quite a bit, but the making up is good .

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby offered to buy me lunch, I work as a carer and had a day off, he was at work but arranged to meet me at a pub for lunch in his break, he works for a firm of Solicitors, anyway I thought I might make an effort, and Martin had bought me a pair of white wet look jeans a month or so back, knowing he likes them I wore those, and considering they are quite tight I wore no panties, I offset this with a white bra and pale blue blouse and open sandals, having got to the pub Martin was already there, with a soft drink, when he saw me he didn’t look best pleased, it turned out he thought the white wet look wholly inappropriate at lunch time, another row ensued and he eventually left with a cob on, leaving me with a glass of wine and no lunch, I went to order a second glass of wine, conscious of my attire, maybe because of the row because I wasn’t bothered before. Shortly a guy sauntered over mid thirties I guess, jeans tee shirt and working boots, turned out he was an engineer, working at a unit on the local industrial estate, he had called in for lunch, he started chatting and bought me another wine, after about an hour he said he had to be getting back, as he had two colleagues with him and they had to finish the re fit. me too I thought so we left together, as soon as I got outside I went all light headed and wobbly, and fell against one of them, they laughed and said we had better take you home.

The van had three seats in the front so I was jammed against the driver and passenger whilst the other scrambled in the back, the journey seemed to take forever, with the chat getting very innuendo like, I realised we were driving out of town, “where we going” the driver replied “somewhere quiet”, three strange men in a van going somewhere quiet? My thighs were suddenly very damp, we eventually pulled over in a country lane, the cheeky sod then said “fancy getting in the back with us?” my head was swimming, but I still nodded yes, I clambered in the back followed by the two from the front and the door was slid shut, it was very cramped but was soon being kissed by all three in turn, my blouse was removed followed by my bra, strangely I did nothing to stop them, one unbuttoned the jeans and they slid them down, whoah said one no panties, I looked through bleary eyes to see three stiff cocks, one started touching me, and effortlessly slipped his fingers in me, and started pushing them in and out, in no time at all I had soaked his fingers, next it was a cock that entered me, easing in at first then thrusting harder, I know I came and soon after he flooded me with warm cum, only to be replaced by a fresh one, three times this happened, and once we had all composed ourselves they drove me home.

Once inside I was shocked, my blouse had oil on it, my jeans were covered in grease, and there was oil and grease over my arse and back, I was in the shower for an hour trying to get it off, the blouse and jeans I had to bin. I slept for another hour after that.

Martin got home about 5pm full of apologies and asked if I would like to go slip my jeans on, i briefly panicked but said it didn’t feel right after our row earlier, apologising for upsetting him by wearing them, he bought that and we made up and had sex.

I can’t believe I got away with my behaviour, and had to replace the jeans.