Written by Cockspur

22 Jul 2013

This was a couple of years ago now, my job ment I had to work late some nights and my wife Rachel said she got bored at home on her own and was looking at getting a part time evening job to fill the time.

Well she got some bar work at the local rugby club on their training nights.

It was soon obvious when she came home she fancied a couple of members, one being the club captain.

I got to call into the club bar some nights when not working and see her at work and flirting with the guys, must admit we never discussed this before but I was getting turned on by her firting.

One night a week or so later she came home later than normal with a big grin on her face and looking quite flushed, when I commented she just laughed and said having fun.

She started coming home regularly with big smiles and started to tell me she helped the captain with other jobs like cleaning the showers, I said tell me more, but she said maybe, well that night we were in bed, I leant over to cuddle her and that is when I felt her pussy all wet and full of spunk, she told me the captain fucked her in the showers and went into detail, instead of being upset I was rock hard and then we had the best fuck for ages.

A week later I went to the club to pick her up after work, I went to the bar just a couple of guys there and no Rachel at the bar.

They said she was downstairs with the captain and the vice captain helping them with some other jobs.

I went in search and heard noises coming from the changing room, I crept in only to find both the captain and vice captain stark naked in the showers with my wife naked as them. They were both taking turns to shampoo her down with soaping over her pert 36D tits and down to between her legs, they never saw or heard me. Both men had enormous cocks as hard as rock both at least 9", my wife had one in each hand rubbing them slowly as they all were under the showers.

Then she went down on her knees and started to suck each cock in turn going from one to the other, taking as much as she could into her mouth. Then Bob the captain stood Rachel up and they came out of the showers over to a bench covered with towels and laid her down. Bob opened her legs wide as I heard her say fuck sake fuck me hard now.

Bob got down and rammed his stiif cock straight up her cunt as Rachel kept saying Fuck Me, fuck me harder fill me with your spunk. I was hiding behind the racks where they hung there clothes so they still hadn't seen me.

As Bob fucked her harder she reached out for Dave's cock and took him in her mouth. I could see she was getting close to comimg knowing how she reacted when being fucked. They now both pulled out and turned her over into doggy position and Bob enetered from behing straight into her cunt as she gave a big gasp and Dave back into her mouth, all were pumping away when I heard Bob shout "I'm Coming" she said fill my cunt with your spunk, he started to squirt followed by Rachel having a biggest orgasm I've ever seen her have and then Dave shot his load into her mouth and over her face.

They all collapsed in a heap and she was gasping for breath as she said to Dave now your turn I want your spunk up my cunt too.

I was rock hard myself watching all this and couldn't contain myself any more, by now my cock was out and I had to come out of hiding and said to their surprise, go for it Dave fuck her really hard and shoot all your spunk up her cunt and Bob fill her mouth, then its my turn.

Rachel was totally shocked by my appearance but I soon assured her lets all carry on which we did.

After that night we all came regular friends and we started inviting Bob and Dave to our home and having a gang bang in more comfort of home, but this is another story.