Written by petewest00

12 Mar 2015

Following on from Part 1 (25/02/15), I had arrived back at the tent I had borrowed for a couple of days to see My wife Sara laid in our double sleeping bag on the side next to the cotton partition of the inner tent, which was unusual as she likes to lay on the other side of our bed normally.

I had been watching her earlier being fucked and sucking our 2 guests Frank and Rob, 2 Rugby players staying with us for a few days to help out our local Rugby club we belonged too, as they were here with that rest of their team to play a couple of matches and stay with members of the club. We were asked if we would put any of the visitors up, we said we would but I soon found Sara offering her sexy body to both of them as well, I undressed got in next to Sara cuddling up to her, she turned to kiss me ,an say good night as I ran a finger between her wet pussy lips she pushed back against me.

The next thing I remember was waking up and finding Sara was no longer laid next to me, I looked at my watch to see it was 5-40am and then heard some whispering from the other side of the cotton partition making the inner tent into 2 bedrooms. I turned around as quietly as I could so my head was at the bottom end of the sleeping bag and lifted the corner of the partition to see Sara's bum facing me as she was knelt between Franks black outstretched legs.

I could hear and see her head bobbing up and down, licking and sucking on Frank's huge black cock, he was whispering for her to suck harder and take him deeper, as she did as he told her she was getting noisier as well, his black fingers entwined in her blonde hair. I saw Sara's pussy was now leaking her juices and was very tempted to plunge my fingers inside her to feel how wet she was but had no wish to interrupt the action, my own cock was also growing but not to the size of these 2 lucky French men after seeing them both that night.

Then Sara moved up Frank's body kneeling over his erect wet an shiny black cock, Frank put his hands up to feel her big boobs as Sara gave a gasp of delight as she slowly lowered her wet pussy down onto Franks black cock pausing to gasp a couple of times as she took him deeper I could see her pussy lips being spread wide by the thickness of his cock .

Sara finally had all of his cock inside her as she wriggled around on it, Franks face smiling, before Sara began to lift up and down on that long and thick cock, Sara asked Frank to pull on her nipples making her groan as she began to bounce up and down on that pleasure pole. I could see a white ring forming around the base of his cock as Sara's cream formed on it, she was no longer whispering as she told Frank she was cumming , as he said cum for me baby !

Frank lifted onto his elbows to suck and bite on her boobs, Sara gasping out she was cumming again and again telling him to bite her boobs as she groaned above him, then Frank told Sara he was going to cum and get ready to feel another load in her white English pussy. He lifted his arse off the ground taking Sara with him as he strained to give Sara every drop of his black seed inside her then he fell back onto his sleeping bag crushing his lips against Sara's mouth hearing them kiss and moan into each others mouths.

I then noticed movement from the other side of them as Rob knelt up licking his fingers and rubbing them over the head of his hard black cock as well now, I guessed he had been woken up and had been watching and listening to Frank and Sara and had now decided it was his turn. I heard Frank say something to Sara, before giving her a long kiss and I watched Sara kneel up turn to Rob and kiss him taking over rubbing his cock , then I heard her say how do you want me as Rob said the doggy and she went onto all4's putting her head down to lick at Franks drooping cock.

I watched as Rob held Sara's bum open rubbing the dark head of his cock over and between her cheeks before pressing the swollen head into my wife's wet pussy as Rob told her she had a lurvelly bum , nice and tight going on to say how lucky they were having us as there hosts, telling her she is very beautiful with a fantastic body all the while sliding in and out of her pussy.

Frank joined in in agreement as Sara lifted her head smiling , saying well we are enjoying having you, well especially me! as she told them she loved their sexy French voices and knew she wanted them both after going into their bedrooms on the first night at our house and feeling and seeing their bodies.

Rob was into a steady rhythm now his glistening cock sliding in and out of Sara, as she swapped from licking Frank's cock to kissing him as Frank held her face in his dark hands, Sara kept pulling her face away from Frank's to groan as she began to cum several times before Rob told her he was about to fill her pussy with more of his black seed.

Sara groaned as Rob held her tight pumping into her pussy when he finished he grabbed Sara's hair pulled her round to lick his cock , he told her to poke her tongue out as I watched him place the head of his black cock on her tongue and squeeze his cock putting the last of his seed onto her tongue. I had a view of Sara's pussy now about 2 feet away leaking their creamy white deposit and decided I better get back into our sleeping bag before Sara did.

I lay there pretending to be asleep hearing Sara kissing them both and thanking them for the lovely wake up call till I heard and felt Sara get back into the sleeping bag and cuddle up against my back and reach over me to feel my hard cock and whisper and what do I have here , before climbing over me to put her wet pussy onto my hard cock.

It was not too long till I added my seed to the black seed that had been put inside her after me watching Sara being fucked by our 2 horny French rugby players , we kissed and as she sat up astride me I could see her boobs with several bite marks on from Frank's attentions.

I do have more to tell if you would like to hear , hope you enjoy our story Pete & Sara xx cock