Written by tinkerbell6469

16 Mar 2012

I am a Mum who married at 18 and soon had a daughter who went on to be very attractive and intelligent and also went on to go to Uni and this is where this story starts. My daughter is into sports and likes to both watch and participate as i do, well she plays Netball at a good level, we both like to watch both Football and Rugby as often as possible either live or on the TV and also i play Rounders and some Netball

Now for a bit about me, i work in a office in the week with alot of Men and 1 colleague has described me as very attractive and his ideal woman now to introduce myself i am just over 5-7" tall, long blonde hair, slim with a good figure and legs, i have 36E boobs for those that want to know and i enjoy some naughty fun which i try to be discreet about so my husband doesnt find out and am helped as he works away alot and often goes abroad.

I do try to keep fit and go to the gym when i can, i have had some fun thru work, gym and elsewhere and quite often get chatted up and enjoy the attention i am quite confident about my body and looks and dont mind getting my clothes off for a Man. I went this particular weekend to see my daughter and stay at her flat as they have a spare room at the moment, her flatmates were having a party on the friday night and i was invited and have attended some previously and had met most of the people that were coming along so was sure of a good night.

My daughter had to go out fairly early on to a presentation night at a local club so i was on my own for a minute or 2 then some of the Rugby players came over to chat and dance with me and get some drinks down me. I knew as did my daughter that the Rugby players had described me as a Milf at the 1st party i attended and i have had some fun with some of them since and this night turned out no different as i ended up in my bed sandwiched between 2 Rugby players and my filling was meat and cream -mmmm -delicious!

I had a sleepless night with 2 very fit young men who pounded my pussy and had me swallow their very best!, not that i was complaining by the morning i had bites all over my boobs bum and legs my pussy was leaking spunk onto the sheets and my jaws ached from sucking their wonderful hard weapons of mass seduction.Then before they left after a quick shower they came back to the bedroom and decided to fill my pussy again with their young potent spunk and got me to lick their cocks clean and i had to promise to come along to the Rugby match that afternoon which i said i would go to.

I turned up just after kick off found 3 of the lads who had been at the party the previous night and we chatted as the game went on and they seized the chance to put a hand up my skirt every now and again as well as grope my boobs, the chat got on to sex of course and Streakers were mentioned and it was banded around the 4 of us would we have the nerve to Streak. The 3 lads said no chance unless they were built like a couple of the lads in the team who were very well endowed (i made a mental note of their names)and then the 3 lads looked at me and said well ! would you ?

I said i might !, well 1 lad Neil said i would pay £10 to see you Streak onto the pitch and as i was feeling naughty said you get these 2 to stump up £10 each and i will, so i was soon tucking £30 into my pocket. There was only about 10 mins left of the game and we were winning easily, so the 3 of them huddled around me as i took my jacket, blouse, bra and pulled my skirt down and as i had stocking and suspenders on they told me to just take my g-string and heels off.

Then i was off i ducked under the hand rail jumped over the advertising boards and ran out to the middle of the pitch about 1/2 way across i suddenly heard a cheer, the players all stopped to look at this mad woman run to the centre and then sprint down to the home team goal i heard some of the home team players shout thats Wendy !, then there were more shouts as they all recognised this woman with her boobs bouncing up and down and her bare pussy that most of them had at least fingered and some had fucked as well.

I ran back to the 3 lads who wrapped my coat around me and helped me get dressed as i now had a crowd of men around me making comments and cheering, i did get my clothes on but i think 1 of the lads had pinched my g-string - but i thought i could get a few pairs for £30 so i didnt mind, at the end of the match we met the players in the bar and the lads were joking and laughing about me and my tackle and the effect it had on theirs as well. The jokes came about me playing hooker in the team with them anytime, while we were all drinking and laughing some of the lads took their chance and slipped their hands under my skirt to feel my arse and finger me.

I did get pulled on to a couple of the lads laps for a good snog and finger session while i enjoyed myself squirming around on their bulging cocks we all ended up at a restaurant to celebrate the win and my streak.I ended up back at 1 of the lads flats naked and my wet pussy took a pounding from 5 meaty cocks and i sucked them all as well before i was driven back home in the morning thinking about when i could manage my next visit to see my daughter.

I hope you enjoy my 1st and true story of mine, please comment and maybe i will type some more if there is any interest ,thanks, x x