Written by Yoshik

6 Mar 2009

In June 2007 I returned to UK from Russia for a weeks holiday, with my Russian wife(35 y.o). She is 5\'5\', great legs, little rotund,but tits that need no bra, although 36C. The weather was great and as we have no coast line around us in Russia she was very eager to enjoy the sea and sunbathe.

My suggestion was that we should go to Sandbanks where it would not be too crowded,and she could sunbathe topless which I knew she was comfortable with. We duly arrived at the beach and she was totally unperturbed by it being naturist. We soon a fairly secluded area, (or so we thought), and she immediately stripped stark naked. Totally depilated, lying in the sand dunes and becoming very excited.

I started stroking her tits while she began stroking her pussy. After about 10 mins I suddenly looked up and saw a man flat on his stomach peering over the edge of the mound we were in. My wife initially was edgy but within two or three minutes she said to me in Russian \"invite him to play\".

He started stroking her tits while I played with her pussy and she played with my cock. He was a very decent chap and as we explained this was her first time on a nudist beach she would only play so far. She wanked him and after some 15 minutes he shot his load over her tits and arms. He and she then ran off to the water to together to wash. He did not return but she did and wanted to continue playing. I obviously agreed so we moved a little further along where there was more activity. Indeed a couple who must have been 70 were at it like rabbits. My wife was not so impressed by this but at least it implanted in her mind that sex was possible.

We found another semi-secluded spot and started playing. She was masturbating, something she does so well, and as she lost herself in this a gentleman of about 50 stood over her and clearly was enjoying himself. My wife suddenly realised he was there and suggested he lie down. For some hour or so we talked, played and discussed life in general. Eventually it was obvious as he still rock hard, that he wanted more from my wife. Again in Russian I asked if she would go the whole way and she swiftly agreed. I told him it was not good to waste a good stiff and did he want to use it. He agreed and immediately stooped licking her pussy and entered. I remember his comment well:\"After an hour of playing she is till beautifully moist\". He fucked her for some 10 minutes, pulled out and she wanked him off.

By now time to stop and eat and drink.

Around 4 o\'oclock we were again playing when a young guy, about 22, appeared. He was well hung and I suggested to my wife that maybe she would like him. Again she agreed and he wasted no time in fucking her deep, and I mean deep. The smile on her face was saying how much she enjoyed it. Then it was my turn and boy was it good. She had been fucked twice in the day, played with men and enjoyed them and she was hungry. What a fuck!

Time to leave but she wanted to return the day after. No problem! But was that the end of the day. No!

We were staying in a very good hotel in London so travelled back there and spruced ourselves up and I suggested a trip to Rios Health Club. Now my wife had never been to such an establishment before but agreed.

We arrived at about 9:00 on a Sat which is couples night.She was a little nervous but once undressed and seeing the enormous mix of body shapes and sizes very soon dropped the towel and was naked. She was immediately drawing interest as not only is she beautiful with a good body but is shaven. We showered, and then noticed a black guy standing there wanking himself whilst viewing my wife. Now his wife was watching him from a distance and obviously was not interested in him. I quickly suggested to my wife that he needed help and she deftly wanked his 11\" off. By now she had an audience and was feeling embarrassed so time for the jacuzzi. We entered the smaller of the pools and before long she had a man alongside her with his wife opposite. He was showing interest in my wife so I told her to stroke his cock. Was she pleased! He must have been 10\" and one could see from his smile she knew how to wank. However as always someone had to destroy the fun. A guy saw what was happening and started stooping in the middle of the jacuzzi and fingering my wife\'s pussy. She was having none of that so we got up and went to sauna. He followed us so we decided to go upstairs. Why husbands behave like this with their wives there I do not know. Once upstairs we looked for a room to relax in and all that was free was the double room. By now my wife was really randy so I began licking her out when a young couple asked if they could share the bed. Of course we said yes. I noticed my wife had a glint in her eye and I soon understood why.The young guy was clearly about to fuck his girlfriend and all of a sudden my wife moved so she could see him enter her. She said later she had never seen this before and was very excited by it. Well the girl came loudly after about 30 seconds and he came out of her. By now I had a woman who I had not previously seen playing with me so I thought OK I am enjoying this and I told the young guy to sort out my wife. He soon was between her legs and licked, fingered and then fucked her. He was a good 8\" and my wife was well satisfied as all could hear. In that time I moved on to the guy\'s girlfriend and fucked her but she was not a patch on my wife.

Time to shower and jacuzzi. This time we took to the big jacuzzi and we spotted the man my wife was playing with before. He wasted no time coming to sit alongside of her and soon he was rock hard again. I told my wife to finish him off but clearly my Russian was not good enough! She smiled, looked at him, stood up and sat on him facing him. I think he thought Christmas had arrived as my wife sunk his cock deep in her. After some 6/7 minutes he came loudly with my wife kissing him deeply to kill the noise. Not quickly enough from the applause they got. She obviously was so randy after that that she mounted me and gave another good show.

On Monday we returned to Sandbanks and to Rios but that is a nother story.

Moral of the story. Russian wives are fucking superb