12 Feb 2018

Sub Ruth, 2nd meeting

in detail.

Well the night finally arrived. I heard the car stop and the car door close, then footsteps came up my path and onto the steps 3 mins early. But it went quiet and 3 mins later there was a gentle rap on the door window, so I opened the door and beckoned in my new sub Ruth.

It was a freezing cold night, and she wore a 3/4 length thick coat with fur collar, cuffs and hem, and a very attractive Russian style fur hat and a scarf, very tailored and coordinated, all finished off with nice knee length leather boots .

I repeated the rules we had agreed by email. She could use only the words "faster" ,"slower", "harder", "easier", "deeper", and the safe word was "banana". She nodded her head in agreement.

I told her to remove her outer clothing and the boots; which she did, all folded up neatly on a chair. This left her in a white silk blouse, and you could see her bra through it, but there were no straps and her nipples were visible and getting bigger by the minute.

I reached for her blouse and ripped it completely open with the front buttons flying everywhere. The black skirt had a vent each side so you could see a glimpse of stocking or hold up top. I grasped the vents and ripped upwards and the skirt parted and fell to the floor. (Good Job Velcro, lol) .

I handed her a pair of leather ankle cuffs to put on, and helped her into a pair of leather wrist cuffs. I attached dog clips which were on ropes dangling from ceiling hooks and hoisted her into position, so that her feet were still in contact with the floor (as it was her first time ), then fitted leg spreaders to her ankle cuffs.

I then walked around and around her, admiring her exposure, and occasionally squeezing a breast, feeling a muscle, stroking her back ,then to check her moisture I ran the back of my hand on her mound and knuckled into her lips.

As I walked away I back-handed her hard on the pussy, making her jump and gasp. Then I grasped her chin and squeezed, stepped in and kissed her on the mouth. She responded eagerly and we French kissed for a while, till I picked up a leather blindfold and fitted it tightly.

Then I inspected her bra. "Nice", she had made the effort to get a platform type bra which exposed the front of her breasts and nipples but held her up perkily. I undid it and threw it on her pile of clothes. Her panties were tie-sided as agreed, and I undid the ties and removed them, rolled them into a ball with damp bit outside and pushed them in her mouth .

I quietly left her on her own to stew a bit in anticipation, and went to the bedroom to select some paddles, floggers, and other bits and pieces, and crept back in the room .

I took my favourite heavy-ish articulated flogger and delivered a stinging blow across her tits and nipples. She jumped and squealed but couldn't back away the way as she was suspended.

Several dozen more blows were rained over chest, thighs, pussy, tits, and stomach till she was a nice glowing red colour. I noticed her thighs were very wet and then proceeded to give the same treatment to her back and buttocks, right down to her knees, till she matched the red colour of her front.

Now was the time for the small rubber fronded pussy whip. I used a flicking action which is very accurate and attacked her pussy and clit with relish. I could hear her guttural moans but when I looked her face was distorted and she had bared her teeth and was biting the panties as though she wanted to eat them, so I thought it time to give her a little respite as a first timer.

I made coffee and got myself a biscuit and turned on my laptop to watch some porn, so I slid the blindfold eye cups to one side and then slipped a remote controlled love egg into her pussy, and a vibrating butt plug into her ass. The love egg fell in, as she was so wet, but the plug took a bit of lube and some firmer pushing.

I worried she might lose the egg or squeeze out the plug so I ripped off a length of duct tape and passed it under her crotch and secured it to keep them in place; then I sat down to drink my coffee and watch a little porn.

Then flicking the remote I heard the egg start buzzing, then doing the same to the plug I watched in amusement as her eyes widened, and she squirmed as much as the ropes would allow. She could now see and hear the porn, and also see me adjusting my cock through my trainer bottoms, and every little once in a while you could see her stomach muscles rippling (she truly was a natural) but her arms must have been aching badly by now yet she was still having orgasms .

Coffee break over I got up and released her arms and she groaned, and started to try to rub life into them. Once released from the leg spreaders she moved about trying to get comfortable, but no rest for the wicked as I fitted a dog collar and lead and led her into the bedroom.

The bed had my PVC sheet on (for squirters and lube and a square leather foam ball filled pouffe. I told her to kneel over the pouffe and I reattached her wrist and ankles to restraints on the bed. This still makes my eyes water at the memory, but I ripped the duct tape off in one hard pull and could see the angry red outline, and she really winced at that.

The egg slid out easily and was replaced by my stiff thick cock. She sighed at that, and began to fuck back on to it. I removed the butt plug and replaced it with a couple of fingers which I shoved in and out and rotated, and rubbed my thumb on her clit. Sliding out of her pussy I positioned my helmet at the gaping hole that was her anus and pushed in.

She froze at first, but a pull of the hair and a couple of hard hand swipes on her cheeks relaxed her a bit. Then I was in her and very gently sliding forward a millimetre at a time till I was fully in, then I stopped to let it "soak" for a while till I felt her starting to move, testing herself, moving her hips side to side then in a circular motion. So I pulled back and started a gentle fucking motion till suddenly she spat out the panties and said "For God's sake fuck me hard", so I did, every so often lifting off the bed and dropping my entire weight onto her on a down stroke.

I noticed an unusual hissing sound and looking down saw she was squirting onto the side of the pouffe. That was enough for me, I got into the "vinegar " strokes until I exploded deep into her arse and slumped over her. I could feel the strong anal muscles milking and squeezing my cock and had to drop onto my back on the bed gasping for breath (I did think "fuck me, I'm getting too old for this" ).

I reached up and unclipped one of her wrists and she freed herself and went into the kitchen, coming back with a kitchen roll and wiped the squirt off the PVC (typical housewife lol) .

She lay down beside me and said "That was fantastic, thank you. I had no idea anal could be so nice, I had really strong orgasms" and with that she leaned over and slipped my cock into her mouth squeezing out any last drops of cum and cleaning me up ,

"It's alright" she said "I read all the links you sent me and had 2 warm water enemas, and just before we left I douched with rose water" ( definitely a natural ).

Once we had rested and regained strength we played some more but with non impact toys and just used sensation, toys, feathers, nylon brushes, pin wheel, cold chains etc .

We then got a phone call that her hubby was picking her up in about 3/4 of an hour so she asked "Can we do some more? I want you to fuck my arse again before he gets here, but I want it naked and missionary".

So we stripped off our remaining bits and settled into position. I lubed up in her pussy, eased her legs back and over my shoulders, and entered her arse again, a little tighter now and we started to fuck. She pulled me down and we kissed but it was a loving gentle French kiss until we came together ,

She jumped in to the shower and dressed in her ordinary clothes and I helped her with her overcoat and hat. She hugged me and said "This is your arse, he will never be allowed to touch it. Please please let me come again?"

So I agreed, but Really? Did she think I was going to give up on the best fuck and sub I had in years?