Written by MDW

25 Jul 2007

Some of you have read about our previous exploits, and kindly requested more of what we have been doing, so here goes....

For some time, we had talked about dogging, and had even visited one local car park location where I had stripped S in the car. This hadn't taken very long; all she wore was her fur coat - it was October - and some seriously sexy underwear, so then she lay back with my mouth on her left nipple and three fingers deep in her hot, wet and willing love tunnel, otherwise naked but for hold-up barely black stockings and black high heels.

There were three cars there when we arrived, all occupied by guys alone. We decided to see what would happen if we didn't flash the lights. Would they come over to look, or not? Yes, they did, and it hadn't taken long either!

As we played, there was a gentle knock on the window, I looked at S and she nodded agreement - the window was lowered. All three now had an uninterrupted view of S lying back with the seat fully reclined, her light brown pubes, kept well trimmed, in full view with ample moonlight to make out the glistening moisture between her legs as they were parted for access by my fingers. Her breasts had nipples standing to attention like two Coldstream Guards as the cool night air had it's effect, but maybe the sheer sexiness of the situation had something to do with it as well.

One of the guys asked if he could feel S's body, I told him to go ahead, that was what we were there for. Fondling her 34B tits, he moved slightly so one of the other guys could also touch her, runing his hand down her body to her pubes and rubbing her cunt and clittoris with some enthusiasm! S responded by bucking against his hand, forcing more pressure on her "go" button, until she suddenly said "I need a cock inside me - NOW".

The guys looked at each other, and I realised none had thought to bring a condom - luckily I had! The first guy, a youngish chap early 20's, was in like a shot, his cock up S faster than you could draw two breaths. S effectively fucked him, though he was on top, bucking away like there would never be another cock in her cunt. Needless to say, he didn't last too long, only about 5 minutes, though it seemed longer to those of us watching and waiting our turn.

The second guy, older, shorter, fatter but with a seriously good-sized cock, turned S over and had her kneel over the back of the seat as he mounted her and rode her doggy-style for only about two minutes, before he too came up her.

Clearly a bit frustrated, S got out of the car, standing there in hold-ups and high heels - nothing else - as the third guy kissed and fondled her body. At this point, the first two got into their cars and drove off after thanking S very nicely for their pleasures. Turning back to S, she lowered her head onto the cock of guy nunmber 3, taking most of his huge cock into her mouth and wrapping her hand around the remaining length she gently wanked him.

He obviously had good self-control, I know just how brilliantly S gives head, and he coped with her ministrations for about ten minutes before turning her around and bending her over the boot of the car, he entered her from behind, causing S to gasp with pleasure as she pushed back onto him. The long, slow strokes that allowed me to see her juices on his cock, started to get faster and faster, until he finally came with a groan. S came at the same time, as I had reached under her and had been flicking her clit with my fingers all the while she had been fucking this chap.

Taking a few minutes to recover, S held onto the guy, kissing and fondling each other as they got their breath back.

Watching all of this had made me monsterously randy. I led S away from the car to one of the picnic benches nearby, putting her fur coat down on it and laying S back down on top with her legs dangling over the end of the table. At that height, S was perfectly positioned for me to enter her, and I had this guy holding her legs up to permit a fantastic view of my cock entering and withdrawing from her now loose and very, very wet cunt. I pushed in harder and harder, faster and faster, until movement was almost a blur, and all the while our assistant held one leg up as he mauled her tits with his other hand, while I continued to ream in and out of her fanny, in the light of a nearly full moon with no hope of going undetected if anyone had pulled in to the car park.

It was just so erotic, I couldn't hold out for long, this time putting a load of spunk up her cunt, where only minutes before three other cocks had been. Fantastic, randy, sexy little wife of mine, an event I'll never forget!

She, still almost naked, kissed and thanked the guy who had stayed with us, and we got in the car to drive home.

Now, you clearly want to know where a lorry driver comes(?) into this.

We went back to this particular location about a week later. This time, there was only only one car, so we waited for a while; another did arrive, but the fools kept their headlights on and drove around spoiling things by sitting illuminating our cars, inhibiting the other guy.

We decided to drive off, and this chap followed us - NOT A GOOD THING TO DO - unless you have been invited! S was quite worried, so we quickly lost him, and settled into the ride back home. I asked S to take off her clothes; again she had on only hold-ups and high heels under her coat. As we neared the A5 at Pickmere Island, there is a good-sized lay-by on the right, I pulled over into this to see if any of the drivers were awake.

As we drove slowly down the line of parked lorries, it was clear only one was awake - it later transpired he had parked only a few minutes before we got there. Our interior light was on, and he was in his cab with a perfect view down into our car, getting a brilliant view of S as she lay back on her seat, legs apart and feet on the dash, juicy pink cunt lips in full view, together with hard and long nipples.

We cruised slowly past, and I saw in the mirror he was out of the cab in a flash, so I stopped the car and fingered S's cunt for a moment until he was alongside us. S had her window down, and we both heard him say "Bloody fuckin' fantastic!!!" as he got a real close up of S in all her glory. It was too exposed where we were, so I said I would go and turn around. Coming back, we parked in front of his lorry, about 10 metres away, and behind a group of others. The driver, from Dublin, was back at S's window as we stopped. He accepted the invitation to fondle S, and quickly extended this to leaning in and licking her clit and fanny. Since this was uncomfortable for S as well as him, S opened her door and swung her hips to put her feet out through the door, giving him much better access to her naked body.

After a while, with S saying she wanted to be fucked "NOW", he invited us to his sleeper cab. S stood up, and I thought she wanted her coat to walk the 10 metres to his cab. Not a bit - she took him by the hand and walked stark naked to his cab! Watching her naked arse and cunt on show as she climbed up into the cab was a seriously wonderful experience!!

When we were all in, the curtains drawn, he fingered S like a man possessed - clearly he didn't think he would actually get to fuck her. WRONG!! S simply unfastened his jeans, pulled them down, and practically dragged this chap on top of herself. He did well, lasting some time before unloading his balls into her cunt, making her wet and sticky for me to fuck as she got out of the cab, two feet on the first step, half her body inside the cab and her tits being fondled by us both. Absolute heaven!

Still totally unconcerned about the chance of any passing traffic seeing her, S wandered naked and slowly back to our car. She confessed later that he hadn't been much good, so she had been thinking of knocking on the door of another lorry, to see if she could get some more cock in that way!! Randy little minx!

S really is that rarest of rare creatures - an enthusiastic amateur!!

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