Written by MDW

28 Jul 2008

Some time ago, we lived not too far from a major military station and within my work remit, I had had many chats with a particular SNCO.

On A's desk under a clear plastic protector, were some very erotic, though not explicit, photo's of ladies legs in sheer hold-up stockings and very high heels - sufficient to distract anyone with a pulse!

I realised A may be interested in similar experiences to those of myself and S, my wife. After several visits, and deciding A was very much on the same wavelength, I engineered the conversation around to the images on his desk, and because you don't get to be one of Her Majesty's SNCO's without being quick off the mark, A picked up on my line of chat, explaining that he travelled around the UK a lot with his job, and images like that kept him entertained.

As it happened, in those days I kept a quite demure picture of S in my wallet - totally naked on a recliner in our garden, but "showing" nothing other than lots of sexy bare skin. I asked A if he would like to see another image, and it was clear he thought I meant from a magazine, or similar. When I pulled out the pic of S, he was totally overawed with it, as he had met S briefly a few weeks before, and knew nothing of our private interests, or even that we were naturists.

Since A was so impressed, I did in fairness point out that it had been taken about 7 years previously, and as he knew, S had gained a few additional pounds since then. In our conversation, I asked if he would like to take some pics of a similar nature to amuse himself. Hardly able to believe his luck, he said yes, PLEASE! I decided to take A with me to speak briefly with S who was waiting in the car for my return. I should point out that we had by this time had several MMF events, and whenever we met someone new, S was always ready to indicate "potential" or otherwise, and had previously said she rather fancied A.

So, having set the scene, I asked S if she would do a little more modelling for the two of us and to our delight, she said she would. As we lived out in the country, in an old farm, there was plenty of space in our garden for outdoor modelling, and we arranged for A to arrive about a week later, with good weather forecast.

On the day, S had showered and trimmed her pubes, put on Barely Black hold-up stockings, stilettos, a black basque and nothing else, so that although her tits were covered, her fanny was completely exposed when she stood up. Trust me on this - it took a will steel, about the same structural strength as my cock - to stop myself leaping on her immediately.

Although A expected to get some good pics, I knew that S had other plans for him that day!

When A arrived, I took him into the sitting room to meet S again, and his jaw would have hit the floor, had it not connected with his rising erection, he was so impressed with the vision before him! We sat and chatted for a little while, to get a feel for the images A wanted, and although he didn't say so directly, it was clear he was hoping for some nude shots as well. When we were ready, A and I had our cameras to hand, and with difficulty, kept our erections just under control. That blew apart the moment S stood up - and A realised for the first time her could see all of her naked, well trimmed fanny!

We had decided to do some outdoor shots first, and S led us out to the garden, her beautiful pert naked bum cheeks capturing our attention all the way. Once there, S posed for a while in the basque etc, then stopped to take it off, so clad then in only high heels and hold-ups - what a magnificent sight she was. The poses now got raunchier, with S leaning back on a shed door, fingers in her cunt and clearly making herself even more excited, then she did some bent over, with that superb cunt and tightly puckered anus on show to us both.

By now, we had lost all sense of control over our erections, so I suggested that we did some bedroom shots. Imagine walking up stairs behind an arse and legs that would keep you hard for years - and never having seen this in the flesh until an hour before! I had let A follow S up, with myself bringing up the rear, just to give him this treat.

On the bed, S proceeded to finger herself more, whilst at the same time fondling her tits. We took many pics in a really short space of time, all the while getting - if possible - harder than ever. Soon, S said that as we had seen all she had, it was only fair she saw all we had, so seconds later we were both naked, one on either side of our bed and cocks raised in salute to one truly horny, sexy beautiful woman who had teased us unmercifully that morning. S then reached out a hand either side, and took hold of both our cocks, gently touching, but not actually wanking us. She reached under, and cupped our balls which were already fit to burst. Saying that A should pay some attention to her clitoris, she opened her legs wider still, displaying the healthy pink of a ready and willing cunt in need of urgent attention.

A went down on her, licking, sucking and probing like a man possessed, while S rolled over slightly and took my aching cock into her eager mouth. Sucking me, being licked and sucked herself, was still not enough. She, completely in control, told A to stop, and put his dick into her. You could see straight away that this exceeded all his hopes and expectations. He moved quickly up over her body, playing with her nipples as he did so, and then halted, dick poised to enter her cunt for the first time.

Gently - though to be honest, the attention her cunt had had from her fingers and A's tongue, she could have accommodated the dick of a horse - he entered her hot wet and willing hole for the first time. This is something I have always especially enjoyed, since seeing S with anyone for the first time is mind-blowingly erotic. Repeats never offer that same level of thrill, but are still good!!

With A inside her, and speeding up like Eurostar out of Ashford, S continued to suck me, slipping the tip of her tongue into the end of my foreskin. A had no control left, he was pounding away for all he was worth. Within a few minutes of entering her, A came with a huge sigh and judder, then slowly slipped out. As he rolled to one side, I mounted S in the traditional missionary position, and realised that A must be a bit bigger than me, since S was well stretched, or exceptionally well lubricated!

I knew that I would not last long, the feeling of entering a warm and sticky love tunnel after witnessing a live sex show only inches from me, was too much. Like A, I too came inside her, leaving another load of cum to seep slowly from her cunt as we all lay together on the bed.

All too soon, it was time for A to return to work, and while the two of us dressed, S remained naked except for her stockings. She popped her stilettos on to come downstairs, and I thought she would slip her dressing gown on as we went outside to see A off. Not a bit of it.

Totally naked except for the stockings and shoes, with cum dribbling down her thighs, she came out onto the drive to wave him off. With several cars passing by, she cuddled up to A for a last lingering kiss, then walked out onto the road with me, heedless of anyone passing, as we watched him go. S later told me the show at the end was to keep A keen - and do you know, it worked a treat.

We still see A several times a year, though this event was 15 years ago. You may find other true descriptions of our adventures if you search under MDW. Should you write complimenting S on her history, I may write some more.