Written by Hugh

10 May 2012

Hi all, my name is Hugh, im married to Jenny, she's 50, size 10 and still very attractive. Apart from her wishing that her 32b boobs were bigger, i think even she would admit to being proud of her looks and body. We've never had children, for no other reason than we didnt feel the need.

Amongst our many hobbies and interests is sailing. We're both confident in our boat handling abilities but felt for our first venture out side of our normal cruising ground, baring in mind we were also taking delivery of our new yacht, well new to us, it was in fact a 1999 Contessa 32, we'd ask a friend of our's to accompany us. He was a professional seaman for many years, and having him aboard put our minds to rest.

All went well and the run from the Solent to Suffolk went without a hitch. It was during the passage that Paul tested our navigation skills, man overboard procedure and how to prepare both the boat and ourselves in case we ever called out the RNLI. 1 thing he said that stuck in my mind was to refrain from firing distress flares once a chopper is approaching for fear of hitting it, or even bringing it down , Jenny enjoyed practising all the various knots, said she felt a real affinity with the rope as he showed her some ornate knots as well as the basic ones.

Like any group of people stuck in a refined space, we soon chatted about all sorts and it was during one of these conversations that Jenny asked Paul about his skill of using rope. He surprised me by owning up to being a member of a Japanese erotic knotworking group. This information caused Jen to ask 100 and 1 further questions about the practice.

As he'd shared his secret with us, i told him about our love of naturist spa'a, and the fact that jenny sometimes enjoyed a little fiddle in the spa with strangers.

Nothing else much was said because we had to cross some sandbanks and Paul turned his attention to navigating.

It was when we were at home some days later, that jenny mentioned that having given the subject some thought, she wondered how i felt about asking Paul round to demonstrate some of this shabarmi knot work?

I had no objection, but insisted that she organise it and make sure she was happy with everything before he came. It wasn't because i was disinterested, but some years ago, we spoke about her posing for some slightly naughty photos with someone we'd often speak to at a spa we frequent. She was all for it until the evening before he was due to visit, then changed her mind and left it for me to contact him and cancel it. We had quite an argument about it, so since then, if she has said yes to anything, Not that we've done much, i insist that she organise it, to be sure she's happy with any arrangements.

She phoned Paul from the kitchen whilst preparing supper, so i kept out of it and watched tv.

The date was set and she confirmed she was happy with the arrangements she'd made.Ice road truckers distracted me from further questions so that was that.

Paul arrived, and after a drink and some boat talk, we agreed to make a start. Jenny said she'd thought about the various routines and felt happy to go with the flow? As it didn't involve me i didn't ask.

She confirmed the spare room was ready and she'd been pottering about in there most of the afternoon, i hadn't even noticed she'd been in there, as its a room we never use, so i was quite impressed when we walked in and saw how she'd done it up with candles a large tapestry of a Buddha and had a new age cd playing low in the back ground. She then slipped out of the room whilst Paul unpacked his various bundles of 6mm hemp.

On her return i was surprised to see she'd changed into a silk dressing-gown.

Paul confirmed a few details with her, and i made myself comfortable in the corner. After resting both his hands on her shoulders for a few minutes, he made a start.

It was bloody horny watching him run his hands over her body as the rope was fed this way and that about her body. I also noticed that she was naked beneath the gown as i caught a glimpse of boob every now and then, plus Paul would cup her breasts every now and then as he worked the rope across them.

Jenny had her eyes closed and seem to be having an a out of body experience, i without realising it had a hard on and found the whole thing so erotic.

He undid that set of knots and after telling Jenny to kneel, he knelt behind her, so her bum was in his lap. He then wrapped his arms around her, with one hand slipping inside her robe and cupping her breast. She murmured a sigh and after shuffling into him rested her hands on her thighs.

He then took hold of the gowns lapels and eased it from her shoulders until he drew it from her upper torso and exposed her breasts.

Bloody hell i thought, there was no mention of this, but it was great to watch for as long as she'd go along with it.

The knotwork began once more and he encased her breasts and torso with some beautiful ropework.

Having undone that he asked her to stand.

They embraced and he then stepped back. She undid the gowns silk belt and tossed the garment towards me.

Standing naked in front of paul she then placed her hands behind her back and closed her eyes. He began to rope her.

Unable to resist it any longer i made my pick more comfortable by adjusting my position. I can remember now how much i wanted to get it out and slowly wank my self as i watched my jenny being touched by a guy i knew she really fancied.

some 20 minutes later he undid the last of the rope and she stepped towards him where they embraced. The embrace turned into a snog and he began caressing her nipples as their kisses became more passionate.

I nearly died with excitement as i watched jenny kiss her way down his body until she was knelt before him, then taking hold of his dick she eased the forskin back and forth a few times, before taking him in her mouth. This was too much for me and as i rushed to release my dick i bloody came in my trousers.

They eventually manoeuvred themselves into a 69 position and i watched with absolute joy as he ate her. By the time he was knelt behind her and driving himself inside her doggy style i was hard again. Now for me this was heaven as it had been a while since i became hard again so soon after coming.

He then rolled her onto her back and with her legs pushed back towards her shoulders he continued to screw her until he said he was coming and would pull out.

Dont you bloody dare Jenny said, i want to feel you come inside me, now relax and fuck me.

My jen never swear so hearing her speak like that was so alien to her.

As he was pumping his seed inside her, i was stripping myself off and for the first time in our lives, i fucked her with another man's cum still running from her swollen fanny. I lasted a few minutes, but by that time my head had taken over and i was visulising my wife being fucked and asking for more by a stranger.

Jenny said she'd known for ages that i wanted her to go all the way with someone, and she wasn't being a spoil sport, but she could only do it, if she fancied the guy and couldn't just play with anyone.

Needless to say we have asked to join the group.

I've tried to hurry this as i know it was getting a bit too long and boring. Plus i hope the spelling is ok as i know that really annoys people.