Written by Tony

19 Mar 2009

My wife, Sal, and I were on holiday in Turkey once again. We had holidayed in Turkey many times before and Sal had lovers in several resorts, with my agreement of course. Sal is fifteen years younger than I am, not that we don't have a good sex life, but Sal has always enjoyed a variety of lovers. Anyway, the first day on the beach there was a woman on her own sitting next to us and we got into conversation. She said her name was Kim and she was about Sal's age, she had an excellent figure well displayed in a minute bikini and she obviously did not mind me looking.

We ordered coffee from Hassan at the bar behind the beach and sat back enjoying the atmosphere and wonderful view. It turned out that this was the first visit for Kim and she made no bones about the fact that she'd come for sex as she'd heard so much about how easy it was to find a good lover in Turkey. Sal laughed, "I've been having lovers here for years!" she said. Kim, looking astonished, said to me, "Don't you mind?" "Well," I replied, "Sal likes a bit of variety and after ten years of marriage sex got a bit boring, so I said she could take a lover as long as I approved of him. That's what started it and when we came out here on holiday it seemed only natural for her to continue that here. She has a great time and I find it a terrific turn-on to have sex with her after she'd been with her lover."

"I see," said Kim, thoughtfully, "I've heard of that, you know husband's getting turned by their wife having a lover. But I take it, Sal, that you'd recommend that I take a Turkish lover?" "I certainly would," my wife replied, "Tell you what, we'll go out to dinner together tonight and I'll show you the form." "Sounds great," Kim said, and that's what she did.

After dinner we did a bit of window shopping, "You don't want to buy stuff as soon as you get here," Sal advised Kim, "just have a good look round and don't forget to bargain and maybe play one off against another!" Later we went to one of the bars where they have a small dance floor. The women were soon asked to dance by young Turks present and Kim soon found out that Turkish men always dance with a European woman with a hard-on. Obviously Sal told her that nearly all of the men would ask to have sex with them, "Obviously I don't now, because I have a regular lover and I don't want to complicate things, but you can take your pick." "Where would we do it?" Kim asked. "Oh, you needn't worry about that, he'll take you to his favourite hotel, he probably gets a cut, you pay, about ten quid, you get towels and everything and you go up and do what you want. Are you protected?" "Oh yes," said Kim, "I'm married and I use a diaphragm, no problem" "Husband no good?" Asked Sal. "No, I love him to bits but he's useless in bed, I've strayed once or twic at home when the pressure got too much, but I think this a much better idea.

By midnight Kim had chosen her lover and Sal went off to her lover, I went back to our apartment. Sal came home at about six in the morning and we had intense, incredible sex as usual, I can assure any man who enjoys sex to fuck his wife when she's full of her lover's cum, it really is the most erotic experience you'll ever have! However, this isn't the point of the story. We met Kim on the beach the following day, she positively glowed, "When I've cooled down a bit," she said, "I'll tell you all about it!" In the end we invited her back to our place for siesta, that's when it got really interesting!

Apparently everything went off just as Sal had told Kim and she was very pleased. "This lad's cock was about eight inches, I've never had one that size, it was thick too that made it even better. He fucked me five times! She described in detail what they'd done. How long each fuck lasted and how much spunk he'd shot up her cunt, she couldn't stop talking about it until in the end she thought to ask Sal how she'd got on. I think all this conversation about sex got us all feeling horny and when Kim looked at me and said, 'Did you fuck Sal when she got home?" "Of course, but it isn't just a fuck, I give her oral first. Tasting another man's spunk in my wife's cunt is an incredible turn-on and she loves it because she can taste it on my lips when I kiss her after and she comes like mad too!"

"Gosh!" Kim said, "I hadn't thought of that, having a man tongue my cunt after I'd had sex like I've had would be brilliant!" Sal looked at me, "I'm sure Tony would oblige, wouldn't you love?" "Certainly would," I was jack-hard and I was lustfully craving for sex action. Kim said, "I'm full of cum still, would you like to suck me?" "Strip off!" I grinned. Well after all she only had a bikini on under her sun-dress, she was naked in seconds, "How do you want me?" she asked. "I'll lie on my back and you can kneel over my face," I replied. Sal was smiling and I knew what she was about to see would turn her on too. I stripped and lay on my back, Kim knelt over me and lowered her cunt to my face. She had a neat little cunt with the biggest clit I had ever seen, it was just a big, fat, bulge so big it distorted her clitoral hood. She had minimal inner lips and was well juiced up.

I ran my tongue over the exposed bits she cried out as I touched her clit in the process, har cunt taste was pleasant and I then thrust my tongue into her love-canal. I immediately tasted spunk, so I sucked and a nice mixed mouthful of her juice and the spunk she had up there, it made her wriggle around. Then I went after her clit properly, she was howling from the start and began to convulse as my teasing and sucking of that delicate organ created a huge orgasm in her. I really went to town licking thrusting and sucking, drinking her spunky mixture, "Oh God,!" she howled, "You've got to fuck me!"

I slid out from under and dragging hher to the end of the bed, stood behind her and inserted my seven inch cock up her cunt and started fucking hard doggy-style. She really loved that, pushing her bum back at me at each thrust. I must have fucked her like that for about twenty minutes, then she gasped, "I can't stand any more, fill me with spunk again!" I was only too happy to oblige, I shot my load deep inside her then withdrew, I turned her on to her back and moved her up the bed.

I noticed that Sal had stripped and was masturbating, she knows that I like seeing her do that. She bent over me and sucked my now limp cock into her mouth and spent a few minutes cleaning all the spunk and juice off it, I was hard again by the time she finished. She looked at my erection, "No," she said, "not that, I'm going to drink your spunk from Kim!" She bent over our new friend who was laying, panting, on her back legs slightly parted. Sal bent over her, pushed her legs further apart and applied her mouth to the other woman's cunt. I could hear her slurping and swallowing, she lifted her head, "Do you want some?" she asked Kim. KIm, in a more or less continuous cum, gasped, "Oh, yes please!"

Sal filled her mouth, I was now watching closely, she moved up Kim's body and kissing her then deposited the contents of her mouth into the othere woman's. Kim swallowed and licked her lips, "More?" my wife asked. "Oh, yes please!" came the reply. Kim had her mouth filled half a dozen times with every appearance of enjoyment then gasped "Enough, I can't come any more, I'm exhausted!" Sal then turned her attention to me, "Come on then, tiger, give me a real hard fucking and I want you to spunk in my mouth!"

I turned her on her back, spread her legs, and entered her. I rammed my cock deep, waited until I was sure that Sal was wondering what I was doing, then withdrew and rammed in again. I fucked her for about half an hour, not all at that speed and force, until I had her begging for me to cum. I gave her another few hard thrusts then withdrew, grabbed my cock and wanked it to a finish. Sal had raised her head and I moved forward and with my cock almost in her mouth fired off. Spurt after spurt went straight into her waiting mouth, she was swallowing with her mouth open until the last couple or so when she let her mouth fill. I could see her savouring the taste, she looked at Kim then knelt over and kissed her. I could see them exchanging mouthfuls until they grew tired of it and swallowed some of the rest each.

We all sank back on the big double bed, knackered, after a while Kim said, "I have never, ever, ever, had sex like that in my life, what an experience! Will we be doing it again?" Sal smiled, "You bet, that's the first time I have ever tasted another woman's cunt, you can bet that I'll be back for more!" We did more or less the same thing the following night, then Sal had an idea, "Tell you what," she said, the next evening, "what if I ask Ali to join us? We'll both get fucked lots," she told Kim, "and I'm sure the men will enjoy it too." "Why not?" KIm replied.

THat's what happened too, but that's another story.