4 May 2016

Salima was one of my clients, I'm her tennis coach. She's married with 2 kids and owns her own business. I've always wanted to get in her knickers but she is a very faithfull lady. I must of been teaching her for about 5 years, always flirty but she'd always pull back, texts after lessons but again not really going to far. She's got a nice body, not bad looking but a frustrated lady as her husband is always away on work commitments.

So it was the clubs ballot night for Wimbledon tickets and there must of been about 400 members there, 1 being Salima. I went over and had a chat with her and as usual we had a laugh and a flirt. I had to go and help out running the night but kept an eye on Salima. She kept looking at me and smiling, so I'd smile back but I found this a little bit frustrating as all I wanted to do was rip her clothes off and fuck her brains out!!so after 2 hrs the last tickets were sorted and everyone started to leave, apart from Salima. I went over to her and asked what she was up to, she replied that her son has broken down and she needed to get a cab home.well of cause I offered her a lift and she accepted but was very nervous in her reply.

So we get to my car and I open the door for her and go around the other side, I have a quick look up her dress as I go around the front of the car and see a flash of her white knickers. On the journey we have small talk but it's very tense, she's really nervous so I ask her whats wrong? She replies that she's a bit nervous being in this situation. So I reply don't worry I'm not going to jump you. When we get to her house she thanks me for the lift and leans over and kisses me on the cheek,she smelt good and the closeness obviously got to her to as she's more or less jumped out of the car. I get home get naked and start wanking my cock with Salima in my thoughts. Not long after I start I get a call on my phone so I stop and go over to my phone, it's Salima. I answer it and we start talking. She apologises for not inviting me in for a cuppa and really wishes she had, so I suggest I come back and to my surprise she agrees. I've never dressed so quick in my life!! I'm out side hers in 20 minutes flat, knock on the door and she let's me in. She'd changed into a track suit and looked so hot I was finding it hard to to grab her, it seemed she was naked under her track suit as there were no pantie lines and her breasts we're moving around quite a bit, my cock naturally started growing. She's a clever girl and noticed and went into the other room and shouted how did I have my tea, I replied and waited for her to come in. A few minutes later she came in and sat down beside me on the sofa, I could see she's pulled her zip down a bit to show a little bit of cleavage, my cock was rock hard. All I could think about was how much I wanted to grab her and fuck her, and hoped she was thinking the same. So we were chatting for a few minutes when I heard a noise from upstairs, I ask Salima what it was and she said it must be the neighbours. Salima got up and said she'd be back in a minute, as I was waiting I tried to adjust my cock so it would be a bit more obvious for her to see how horny I was for her. She came back in and you guessed it the zip had got lower, that was my green light plus she sat even closer to me so I put my hand on her leg and started stoking it, Salima didn't move an inch. I looked at her and made my move to kiss her, she turned to me and kissed me right back. We were French kissing for quite a while, I'd pulled her zip right down and had my hand on her breast and was playing with her nipple. I pulled away and went for her nipple and started sucking on it and gently nibbling on it, her sighs and groans said to me she was enjoying it. As I was doing this I started rubbing her pussy thru her track suit bottoms, I dint take long before I tried to pull them down with the help of Salima lifting her arse off the sofa. I had them half way down her legs, I stopped pleasuring her breasts and went for the honeypot, it smelt great and was very moist. I started licking on her clit whilst I finger fucked her. I was loving every second and by the noises Salima was making so was she. She had a great pussy, I couldn't get enough of it, licking and fingering her for quite some time. It wasn't long before she came with a nice moan, I just carried on sucking on her clit until she came again. After her second orgasm I stood up and took my clothes off. Salima suggested we go to her spare room, I eagerly followed. As soon as we got there we were on the bed kissing each other and I was I between her legs. My cock was rubbing against her pussy lips, as we were kissing. I couldn't wait any more and slowly pushed my cock inside her and started fucking her nice and slow. As I was fucking her Salima was pulling my arse towards her trying to make me go faster but I wanted her to wait as I was close to cumming and I wanted this to last longer than 20 seconds. I got over the waves of me cumming so started fucking her faster and harder, we were both loving it. As I fucked her I wanted her legs over my shoulders so I could get every inch in her. It wasn't long before I was close to cumming and and she'd just finished her 3rd orgasm so I shot my load deep in her pussy. I let her legs down and started kissing her. It was very horny between us. We lay beside each other kissing and chatting about what had just happened.after a while I suggested I leave, she agreed and I left. We met the next week and she explained she'd planned the whole thing, getting her husband to stay away an extra night, daughter on a sleep over and her son to stay with his girlfriend, not give her a lift home at all. Any way we are now regular fuck buddies, and it's all getting a lot more kinky!!