22 May 2016

So it's been about 18 months of regular sex with Salima and the various other ladies I'm seeing when I got terrible news, Salima and family were moving to New York. All I can say is a royal fuck me!! I'm gutted as Salima is one great fuck. So I planned to meet Salima for the last time at hers literally the night before they leave. As usual I get there she let's me in and we embrace with a hot kiss, my hands straight onto her arse and give it a good squeeze. We stop and go up stairs avoiding boxes as we go, into her bedroom and straight onto her bed. It's not long before we're both naked with my hand up her moist pussy and her hand on my cock. I love doing a 69er with Salima as she's a gorgeous pussy and she gives great head, it not long before my tongue is deep in her cunt licking away whilst she sucks on my cock and balls. I can hear her close to cumming so I lick that little bit harder just to make sure she cums nice and loud, and she does so I lick her cum off her pussy.

I ask her to turn around and literally sit on my face so I can carry on giving her pussy pleasure whilst looking up and seeing her nice tits, she moves straight on my face and off we go again. It's not long before she cums again with a big shudder. When she finished I shuffle under Neath her and get behind her and start rimming her lovely arse, whilst I'm doing this I'm finger fucking her cunt hoping to make her cum again but fail. I stop rimming her and try to stick my cock up her arse, as usual it's tight but soon losens off and I start fucking her nice and slow just the way she likes it. I'm so horny I start fucking her really hard and fast, it's not long before I'm nearly coming so I stop and ask her to turn around. I love sucking on her tits so I start sucking on her nipples whilst sticking 3 fingers up her cunt, it's not long before she cums again.

As she finishes her last bit I stick my cock up her pussy and start fucking her hard and fast just the way she likes it. It's not long before I shoot my load deep into her pussy with my last few thrusts. After we just stay there kissing and cuddling, until I have to go. It's an emotional goodbye but a great fuck to leave on.

All the best Salima you will be missed.....