Written by 3inabed_1

4 Oct 2010

My wife, Sally and I have just had a week in the Sun in Ibiza. We stayed at a nice All inclusive resort in a quiet part of the island in the North.

With all the hot weather and free booze both of us were feeling horny all week long and had some fantastic hot sex.

I encouraged Sally to go without knickers in the evenings as it was a turn on for us both knowing how close to people we were and in such an erotic state.

We got talking to a few people while we were out during the evenings and whenever Sally fancied any of them she made sure they got a good view up her short skirts and dresses. It was real fun for me to see their faces when they had had their first flash of Sally's gorgeous shaven cunt.

First was one of the bar staff, he was a Spanish lad of about 18-20ish. He came to take the wine glasses and wipe the table. Sally moved for him to do his jobs and gave him a nice open legs flash and a brilliant smile. The poor lad almost dropped the glasses and his jaw dropped even further! After that he was very attentive to us and gaining in confidence as Sally repeated her little show a few more times for him. We invited hime to have a drink with us after his shift finished.

Pablo joined us at our table after he'd closed the bar. After a while and some chatting we were the only ones left out on the bar terrace. Pablo sat across from Sal and was almost licking his lips as she them opened her legs to him and stayed there so he could have a proper look at her by now very wet cunt. Sally dipped her finger right into her hole and offered it to Pablo to lick. He looked at me for permission and I said "Si go ahead". He did and obviously loved it.

We invited Pablo to our room and took our drinks with us. Pablo was sporting an obvious hard on by now and Sal started rubbing it for him as we walked. He had his arm around Sal and his hand down her vest top playing with her nipples.

As soon as we got to the room Sally got Pablo's cock out and was sucking it furiously. She laid him on the bed and carried on sucking as I went behind her and lifted her skirt. Within seconds Pablo was cumming and Sally swallowed the lot and lisked him clean. I fucked Sally hard from behind and filled her with my own cum. All this and we hadn't even had time to close the room door!

Later we went out on to the balcony for a drink, all by now naked. It's a shame Pablo didn't have a cindom wiht him or he could've fucked Sally, we don't use them so we couldn't help but Sally did suck us both off again outt there and then Pablo watched us fuck again.

Later in the holiday we met two English guys....but that's another story. If you want to hear it let us know!