Written by Tim

2 Nov 2013

This story started a coupel of months ago, Sally and I had been married for 5 years, still in the Honey Moon period you might think, sex was good between us, some outdoor fun, you know, laybyes at night just the two of us, Sally would dress up occasionally, we were both in our mid thirties, Sally average build I guess, not like some of the models that are described, 5’10” size 14 34D, nice ass though, anyway, I digress, we both had fairly average jobs, but we needed to upgrade our car, we shopped around, but we were struggling to get the finance, eventually we found a little back street place, a couple of colleagues warned us to keep away, it was run by a guy in his mid forties, he seemed very pleasant, he had the right car at the right price, finance was a little higher than I would have liked, but he could deliver, I went through the agreement as best I could and we both signed, that was that, shortly afterwards Sally was made redundant, only been there a year, so no package, we were struggling, I missed a couple of payments, I rang the garage and he seemed to understand, we then got a visit from a couple of sinister looking guys, very large gentlemen one black one white, they wanted the money for the car or they would take the car, they also implied they whilst they would they weren’t interested in the car, they wanted the money, apparently they had bought the debt from the garage, (can you do that!, any they did appear very menacing, I was worried, I had managed to fob them off but shortly after they would be seen sitting outside the house, I contacted the police, they came round, but as we hadn’t been physically threatened, and we owed the money, and they hadn’t done anything particularly wrong, there wasn’t much they could do, one of the officers did cross the street to speak to them, but came back and said whilst he had warned them not to do anything illegal there wasn’t much they could do.

That night I sat Sally down and told her what was happening, I confessed I was scared.

Listen she said you go to work tomorrow and I will sort it, I will talk to them find out how much we owe and have a chat with Dad, but don’t worry, I will sort it.

When I got home she said they turned up again today, and you are right they are a bit menacing, but I have sorted it, we only owed a thousand and I spoke to Dad, I have sorted it!!!

And that was that, we heard nothing more.

About a month later I was at work, and felt poorly, sick and …. Well you know, so I decided to go home, when I got there the car was in the drive, no not ours the two guys we owed the money too! What did they want? I parked in the street, and walked up the path, round the back to the back door, as I passed the living room window, I froze, Oh! Yeah, she had sorted it alright, and they hadn’t even tried to conceal the fact either, because when I looked through the living room Window, there was Sally, dressed in a black cupless basque, skimpy black panties and hold up stockings, one of the guys was … well I could have said she was sucking him off, but it was more like he was face fucking her, he had a handful of her hair and was hammering away at her mouth, he wasn’t shy in the Gentleman department either, her bright red lipstick creating a very alluring sight stretched around the black skin of his cock, I was mortified, Sally my lovely wife being abused in this way? She appeared to gag a couple of times, but he wasn’t interested, he just kept thrusting away, I wanted to burst in and confront them, or walk away and pretend it wasn’t happening! Instead I shifted to a less conspicuous position, and carried on watching.

Eventually he stopped, pulled out and ejaculated into Sallys face, there did seem to be an awful lot of it, but then as she has never let me do this, I had nothing to compare it with, she wiped some of the cum from her eyes, and her mascara smudged, giving her , I have to say a very dirty appearance, some of the cum dripped onto the crutch of her black panties. The show was not yet over however, bloke number two stepped into view, and hey, the dirty bastard was filming it! He turned her round, pushed her over the back of the sofa, he probably wasn’t as long but just as thick, he litere her panties and ploughed straight in, her head flew back and she let out a squeal that the whole street must have heard, he started pounding away, and too grabbed a handful of hair, this wasn’t just sex, this was a woman letting two guys abuse her.

He gave her ass a couple of slaps, and started seriously banging into her, she was shouting and moaning, obviously enjoying it, but the noise was embarrassing, soon though he stopped grabbed her ass and with one final brutal thrust, emptied himself into my wife, that was it then, time to make myself scarce, but no! bloke number one came into view, handed the camera to his mate, and produced a tube of something, realisation dawned on me! Oh! God no, surely he is not going in her ass?, Yes that was exactly where he was going, and she was going to let him, he lubed himself, and lubed her ass, and started to feed himself in very slowly, Sally shouting and squealing with the pain induced pleasure, I had seen enough I left, got into my car and drove away, off my Estate and into Town I stopped for a coffee, and reflect on what I had seen, these two black guys were huge, they seemed to be able to take what they wanted, and Sally was quite happy to let them, how the hell could I compete with that?, why was I worried, just divorce the bitch! But no, then she would be free to continue to do things we had never done, we could just move? But our jobs were here,

What the hell do I do?

I called the house, no answer, I left it another half hour and called again, this time Sally answered, “Hi Hunni it’s me I don’t feel too good I am knocking off and coming home early” aww Babe, what’s wrong?” dunno, I just feel down and shit”

“Ok Babe, I will make a nice cup of tea” !!!! a nice cup of tea? A nice cup of fucking tea? One minute she is banging away in front of a camera and next she is on about a nice cup of tea!!!

I got home and obviously no sign of the guests1 she came down the stairs with her bathrobe on, obviously a quick shower had been in order, no sign of the mascara, or lipstick, she reached up to kiss me, had she cleaned her teeth? Would I taste another guys cum, I just mumbled sorry hunni, I feel crap, just wanna sit down, she came into the living room with a “nice cup of tea” I was sat in an arm chair, sure you wouldn’t be more comfy on the sofa Sally asked, what the same sofa you were so comfy on earlier I thought, no Hunni I will stay here, (with my thoughts, how the hell was I going to keep up with Sally now? And that was her idea of sorting it??? How long had it been going on, and how much longer was it going to take to pay off a thousand pounds.