Written by Mark

18 Jul 2018

Friday 13th July.

A rather unexpected turn of events over the past few weeks. Sally missed her period in June and we found out for sure at the beginning of July that she is pregnant. As of Friday 13th July that would make her 7 weeks pregnant. Of course that does beg the obvious question of whether I am the father. The probability is very high, but we have tracked back to the week where she was shared with Steve, Grant and Lee. None of them wore condoms and all are candidates unfortunately. You understand our dilemma.

Our doctor suggested that it is likely that the pill failed to digest properly. The pill takes around 2 to 3 hours to digest properly. It is very likely that this happened on more than one occasion that week/month and I think we have probably been lucky that it had not happened sooner to be honest. Sally does suffer with her nerves and has a very unreliable stomach which means being sick is common for her. Sometimes she is sick for no other reason than she smelt something bad or even had seen something gross like a dead animal, for example.

Having only a probability that the baby is mine is quite frankly not great odds. We have not decided yet what to do yet and instead are going to use the rest of the month to let the dust settle and get our heads straight and emotions in check. Watch this space...