Written by Samantha

3 Sep 2016

Hi hope you like this true story of what happened to me and Greg my husband in June I am 5'7'' size 8 with 32 c boobs and Black hair and green eyes an athletic build as i like to keep fit Greg is more of a fitness freak than me and at 5'3'' has a great 6 pack his 6'' manhood has always satisfied me . We have been married for 5 years but together since we were both 14 10 years ago and we have never strayed even though I admit there have been numerous opportunities for both of us to do so. We have a great sex life having sex at least 4 times most weeks . I have always kept my pubes trimmed since I was 16 at least but lat year we had booked a holiday to Maspolonas and as we knew there would be a good opportunity to sunbathe nude i had all my pubes waxed of and have remained so ever since having a wax every 6 weeks. We have mixed with the same group of couples for 7 years and often go on city breaks with them. We were all spending Easter in York and one evening Josh and Rachel put an idea forward that we all go on holiday for a week. All the men go together and all the women do the same we had a few more drinks and by the end of the evening we had all agreed to go. The men would be going to Magaluf and the women to Ibiza As we were all going to our rooms Rachel added and whatever happens in Magaluf or Ibiza stays there and we all nodded and headed off to bed.

Greg seemed very excited as we got to the room as his hands were up my skirt as I opened the door and I heard Jess shout like your pink knickers Sam as the door closed Greg had his trousers down and pulled my pink shorts to one side and was soon fucking me against the wall I soon had a gigantic orgasm as he shot his spunk deep inside me and as he withdrew I dropped to my knees and sucked him clean tasting my juices mixed with his. We had a shower and got into bed and Greg out of the blue asked if i was likely to have sex with somebody else on the holiday I told him i had never given it a thought and asked if he would and he gave the same answer. Over the next few weeks our sex life was in overdrive and we both talked about what may happen with the others and who we thought would stray. As the week approached we agreed that if anything did happen we would tell each other and agreed the only fair way was to write down what we did and place in an envelope till we arrived home and open each others at the same time.

Greg packed for the airport and I gave him a pack of 6 condoms and when I went to close my suitcase there was a pack of 6 condoms on the top with a note enjoy yourself. I got picked up 7 hours later and just before the minibus arrived I received a text from Greg who said they had arrived and as the went to explore it was wall to wall topless girls on the beach and around the hotel pool.

We arrived at our hotel and we had three rooms and I was sharing with Jessica since we had known each other for 10 years. We unpacked and out of the blue she asked if I would be shagging around as she didn't want me cramping her style. I was shocked then she told me that she sex with other men on a pretty regular basis at home as did her husband. I explained i had only ever been with Gary but we had both not ruled out the possiblity on this holiday and i assure her that if she had somebody in the room I would make myself scarce. We had not arrived till 4.00 am so we all agreed to meet at the pool at 9.00 am As we all met up on the sun loungers it was obvious that my bikini looked the odd one out and probably had more material in than all the other 5 put together. So after finding a bar for breakfast the next stop was for me to get 4 new bikinis which left very little to the imagination but I had sunbathed naked last year so was not to bothered.

That night we all went out and had a great time we met several groups of men and i was groped on more than one occasion and on bloke actually fingered me while we had a slow dance and at the same time was biting my neck. I stopped him but he moved his head and said it was too late. Jess had gone missing with a bloke about 3,00 am so we all made our way back Rachel and Dawn who were sharing each had a bloke with them and were last seen entering their room together. Gemma and Alison said I could share with them if Jess had brought her bloke back but as I checked the room was empty.

I got undressed and just put a thin cotton t shirt on as it was still warm and got into bed and as i settled down i wondered what Greg would say if he saw my love bite or knew i had been fingered I must have fallen asleep as I woke up as i heard a man obviously about to come as he was saying'' I am there '' Then heard Jess Shout ''so am I fill me up harder harder'' and hen I heard them both having a wild orgasm and i realised i was fingering myself. I could hear a little shuffling then heard Jess go to the loo before coming back and felt her look over my shoulder so pretended to be asleep. I heard her get back in bed and the bloke asked if I was asleep and Jess said i was. he then added '' Shame i would love a threesome with both of you do you think she would if we woke her up'' Jess said she doubted it but that I did have a love bite so something has gone on. I realised that I was getting very wet and excited and I heard him go tot the loo and took the opportunity to turn slightly but kept tight old of the sheets so that my bum was exposed I felt a hand on my buttock and realised it must be jess then heard the toilet flush and the door open as Jess reached my smooth cunt and could feel the wetness and I heard her whisper '' Do you want to join us'' and without thinking I climbed int the bed with Jess as the bloke got in on the other side of her and I felt hands everywhere on my tits fingering me hand one in the crack of my bum but nobody as ever been there so I moved it Jess suddenly moved so that he cunt was right over my face and i could feel the spunk start to drip on my lips and for the first time i started to suck on another woman and as i was enjoying this i realised my legs had been pulled apart and a bloke was kneeling between with his dick rubbing on my lips before parting them and begin to enter me he appeared to be large as it was really stretching me before he was completely inside me and was beginning to pump away as i thought that I was now being fucked by only the second man in my life. I soon felt an orgasm start to rise and was bucking in rhythm with him as I felt my muscles tense and grip his dick as i reached a crescendo and felt him pumping his sperm into me he seemed to go on for ever before pulling out and as soon as he did Jess moved and started to suck me out so i grabbed the bloke and sucked his dick clean of my juices and his cum . i looked at the clock t was 4.30 am and was not yet light by 8.30 he had fucked me again and had fucked Jess up the bum he tried it with me but I stopped him he got dressed and left just before 9 and Jess and i were lying in bed and she asked if i had ever had anal and I told her no she reached to her drawers and pulled out a vibrator and coaxed me onto my knees and rubbed some of the come dripping from me over my bum hole and slowly started to insert the vibrator and slowly and painfully after a lot more come being rubbed on and gentle movement she turned the vibrator on as it was no well inside me as she was slowly moving it in and out i heard a noise turned to see 2 chambermaids stood in the doorway watching before excusing themselves and leaving. So after only the first night of our holiday I had already cheated on Greg and had sex with a woman and been caught with a woman fucking my arse with a vibrator. Let me know if you would like me to post the remainder of the holiday and what Greg had got upto