Written by Samantha

6 Sep 2016

Jess and I were hysterical as we collapsed onto the bed after the seeing the look on the faces of the young chamber aids .I realised i still had the vibrator up my bum and Jess then started to move it in and out again and I was soon screaming as an orgasm soon built up and I realised i was fingering Jess. We both soon finished having our orgasm and Jess removed the vibrator and got a packet of biological wipes and cleaned it before replacing it in her drawer. We both showered and put on a bikini and sarong before going to the pool to meet the others by this time the guilt of what had happened was beginning to sink in and I was getting upset inside but trying not to show it. Over breakfast Dawn suggested we all go to the Water park for the day but I said I just wanted to relax by the pool in quiet and did not fancy the noise of the water park but told them to go and enjoy and I would see them when they returned before we were going out. I was agreed and as they stood up Gemma said that they would need to get new bikinis as they would not be allowed in in what they were wearing as everything would be revealed as they came down the slides. I told them that we were all virtually similar sizes so the could all use one of the bikinis I had brought from home so it was agreed they all chose one and of they went. I also changed into one of the 2 left and returned to the pool and sat there remembering what had happened.

I tried to ring Greg 5 times but his phone was turned off. I was sat at one of the pool side tables and I felt guilt start to come over me and could feel my eyes start to water a gentleman at a near by table came over and asked if i was ok I just nodded and he asked if i was sure before leaving. The more I sat contemplating what had happened the more the tears we flowing and I soon had my head in my hands on the table really crying. Then I sensed somebody at my side looked up and the same gentleman was stood there with a tray in his hand and said

'' Look I know you said you were ok but it is obvious you are not so I have brought you a pot of tea and a brandy so you can have either or both and if there is anything i can do please tell me i am sat over there '' He pointed to a table with a towel and pint on it I thanked him and dried my eyes I poured my self a cup of tea and sipped the brandy. I looked over to where the gentleman was sitting and saw that he was late fifties with a slim body and salt and pepper type hair reminding me of my Uncle James back home. I motioned for him to join me and as he did I apologised and said that I was missing my husband. He sat down and introduced himself a s Brian and told me he had been to Valencia for a special family birthday and had decided to spend a few days in Ibiza so had sailed across to Ibiza and was staying for 4 days and this was his second.

I found it so easy to talk to him and before long I had told him about our holiday and how our husbands were in Magaluf. He then said out of the blue

'' And last night you cheated on your husband and now bitterly regret it ?''

'' Well yes but how did you know?''

'' The large love bite on your neck and the bites around your breast were a big clue ''

I just blushed .

He soon reassured me and said '' You should not worry too much as Gregg would almost certainly have confessions to make and even if he doesn't you had both agreed that you could stray. You should just enjoy the rest of your stay. Anyway i am going to be leaving you now as i have hired a Peugeot cabriolet and am going to look around the island for the remainder of the day. You are welcome to join me if you wish. ''

He stood up gathered his towel and man bag and as he was was saying his goodbyes I stood up and said

'' I have never done this before but yes I would like to join you it sounds fantastic''

We went outside and I got into the car and he put my bag and towel along with his in the boot and we set off we chatted on the way and I told him all about myself and he told me then that he had been a widower for 21 years and was even more surprised when he told me he was 69 and it was his grandaughter's 21 st birthday they had been celebrating . I couldn't believe he was older than my grandfather. we stopped at Portinax at the north of the island and had a beautiful lunch over looking the sea . I told him I thought he was late fifties and had been shocked by his age. I felt really comfortable with him and had a really nice glass of Sangria before continuing our journey . we arrived at the resort of Santa Eulalia and were walking along the seafront and his hand brushed against mine and instinctively I just held it and we continued walking just then my mobile pinged and I looked and saw there were 3 missed texts from Jessica so I rang her and she said they had been back about 30 mins and she was anxious where I was I told her I was out and about and would be back about 7.00 pm about 2 hours from now. She told me they had a great day and were meeting in the bar at 8.30 pm before going for a meal then into the west end for the night.

As we lay on the beach I was laughing and joking with Brian I asked him him if he had had any relationships since his wife died and he confessed that he hadn't but for the last 5 years he had visited an escort every 8 or 9 weeks to relieve his frustrations. I told him that I hoped that I had not led him on and he quickly informed me that I had not and he saw me as a friend who needed consoling and hopefully was better for the day out. I told him I was dreading the night out as it would almost certainly lead to meeting up with men who only wanted sex and i f drunk I could give way again. he told me that if I was concerned or worried he was in room 317 and had a spare bed if I needed it and no strings attached.

We got back to the hotel and as I got out i leaned over and thanked Brian for a great day and would see him around. I got to the room and Jess was in the shower as she got out I told her about the gentleman taking me off for the day and she was intrigued that he had not even tried to kiss me. I got a shower and put my make up on and decided to wear my tight fitting red dress which was about 4'' above the knee no matter what knickers I put on there was a VPL even a thong and string showed up so Jess suggested we both go commando I often did this at home with Greg so the only thing I was wearing was my red dress no bra and no knickers. We had a meal and it transpired that Alison and Jess were the only 2 who had not been picked up at the pool and the other three had all been back to the rooms of three blokes they met and were to renew their aquaintancies tonight and they were bringing 3 more mates with them. I asked Alison if she was concerned as she had not been with anybody yet and she just said no she was looking forward to getting a good fucking.

We all met up and soon were dancing i had been paired with a bloke called Clive who was quite good looking and as we danced I could feel a large bulge in his trousers. As we danced close he started to kiss my neck and nibble my ear and i could feel I was getting aroused and my nipples were starting to protrude and were quite visible in my tight dress. We visited several bars and soon there was only Gemma and a bloke called Ross and myself and Clive. i was soon being taken to another part of the resort and finished up at Clive's hotel. We went up to his room and once inside he started to kiss me and fondle my nipples I took his shit off and soon was sucking on his nipples and biting his neck as he pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders he gently pulled it down revealing my nakedness. He fumbled with his jeans before they fell to the floor followed by his boxers he pushed me onto the balcony and pinned me against the wall before lifting me up while he was between my legs and guided me onto his very large prick it took some effort but eventually he was deep inside me and as he pumped away I was biting his neck for all i was worth as my first orgasm started quickly followed by another as I continued to bite both sides of his neck to avoid screaming I sensed my self tense as another orgasm came and could feel my muscles clamp around his dick as I came again I felt his bum tighten and stream after stream of his hot come was pumped deep inside me as soon as he finished he went back into his room threw me my dress and told me to go as I caught my dress i saw his neck and was shocked to see that I must have given him at least 4 love bites either side of his neck I put my dress on and he told me to go as they were up early for their flight home I put my shoes on and as I was getting into the lit opposite his room I heard the shout '' What the fuck have you done'' as the lift door closed as i left the hotel a taxi was dropping a couple off so i jumped in back to my own hotel.

I went upstairs and could just hear the noise of sex taking place in all our 3 rooms and was going to go and sit in the lounge when I remembered Brian's offer. I went up to the third floor and found his room knocked on the door but there was no answer i was stood by the lift when his door opened he saw me and told me to come in as I walked past him he said i think you need a shower looking at the state of your dress as i looked in the mirror i saw the stains where I had been sat in the taxi as the come had dripped out of me . I had a shower and washed my dress and as i came out wrapped in a towel he had a cup of tea waiting and told me he always brought a travel kettle as he loved a cuppa first thing in the morning. we sat on the balcony over looking the sea drinking the tea as i told him what I had been up to. he just smiled as we went in bed he prepared my bed before getting in his own and turning the light out as i took my towel off and got into bed naked. he woke me up at 10.00 am with a cup of tea and as i woke i realised that the bedclothes were not covering very much and he told me he had picked the up off the floor and covered me the best he could but I had kept kicking them off. I joined him on the balcony completely naked and said you have already seen everything any way. As we sat down we were talking and he asked I I would like to go out again to day and then if I wanted he could take me for an evening meal in Santa Eulalia . After a few seconds I thanked him for the offer and said i would be really pleased to join him and arranged to meet him in reception at 12.00. I put my dress back on and returned to my room opened the door very quietly to find Jessica and Alison both being taken doggy style by each others blokes from last night. As I closed the door I heard Gemma whisper you can wait in here if you wish my bloke had an early flight but those 2 go back late afternoon I told her Clive was on an early flight so after he fucked me he virtually threw me out but he was not happy as his neck was covered in love bites which I don't normally do but he fucked me on the balcony and i was not going to scream as i orgasmed so I kept biting him . we both just laughed .

She asked where I had spent the night so I told her about Brian and how kind he had been and was the perfect gent yesterday so i am taking him up on his offer of spending today with him and she said she didn't blame me as she was having a quiet day today to recover as she was very sore having had anal for only the second time and he had been quite large and he had really hurt her as he forced himself in even though she had agreed to it.

I finally got into my room at 11.30 and got together a couple of outfits to wear and some knickers as I checked in the bathroom I saw my packet of pills and went to take one but realised I had not even started this months supply and had already missed 5 days I was not too worried as my ovulation normally took place around the 15th day of my cycle as we had tried for a baby last year and I had worked everything out . I went to pick up the condoms but then thought that i would not need them today.

I was about 10 mins late meeting Brian but he understood the reasons why and we set off with the wind blowing in my hair we stopped at a secluded beach and went down I was wearing a very short pair of denim shorts so I sat on the towels a Brian changed into his swim shorts behind a large towel before running into the sea while he was there I took my blouse and bra off before taking my bikini top out of my bag and putting it on. As he came back from the sea I was sat with my legs apart but my knees up he noticed my green bra on the top of my bag and said

'' I like ladies that wear matching underwear '' I blushed and said

'' How did you know i was wearing matching underwear''

'' I can see your green knickers up the legs of your shorts'' my legs just automatically closed as i blushed. I picked up the towel and was soon wearing my very brief bikini bottoms I lay on my front and asked him to apply sun lotion he slowly worked int up my legs and my inner thighs as I opened my legs for him and then all over my bottom and his finger was rubbing up my bottom crease as he reached up to the cord of my bikini top he asked if I wanted it untying so I nodded as he did so and oiled my back as he finished i turned over leaving my bikini top on the towel he handed me the lotion and said I could probably manage the rest myself . But I told him he had done such a good job on my back he should continue he started at my shoulders and soon covered my tits in oils as he massaged it in spending a fair time around my nipples as the became erect. He apologised but I told him not to worry and to carry on as he got to the material that was supposed to be bikini he rubbed the oil in and as he rubbed it in my groin my vagina lips were clearly visible after he eventually finished I could see that he was a having a little problem in his groin area so I jumped up and pulled him up and ran to the sea as we entered he told me that had been wicked making him run down the beach with an obvious bulge we spent about 4 hours on the beach and as we came off there was a small changing area so i went in and changed into my short orange dress with matching undies as i came out Brian was wearing a white cotton top and immaculate beige shorts and looked really good and nowhere near his age . we drove off and arrived at Santa Eulalia and the restaurant that he had previously booked. I had a fantastic meal with sangria and at the end a fantastic meal we set off back to San Antonia as we approached Ibiza town we stopped on a cliff top over looking the bay and Ibiza town and it was beautiful I turned to him and thanked him for a wonderful day and kissed him on the lips with my tongue pushing against his lisps till they parted.

As he started to respond to my kis I placed my hand on his thigh and worked down to the hem of his shorts before start to go inside I reached to my side and lowered my seat as far as it was and guided his hand onto my boob and carried on on exploring his thigh finally I felt his hand start to raise my dress slightly and his hand begin to find its way up my leg and he was soon rubbing my vagina over my satin knickers as my hand started to reach for the zip he suddenly sat up and reached for his wallet and took out a sheet containing 3 tablets and took one I asked what he was on and he told me not to worry it was a ciallis tablet to help his erection last longer . We resumed our position and i soon had his penis in my hand and it certainly looked impresive when slack what would it be like when erect as I played with it i felt his hand gently go down the front of my knickers and start to play with my clitoris and he certainly knew how to please a woman and I soon felt the start of an orgasm before he stopped and told me not yet. we straightened ourselves up and he set of again toward the centre of Ibiza town and we pulled up outside a large hotel and went inside as we got to the reception desk they seemed to know Brian got a key and gave it to him . we went upstairs to the top floor he opened the door and it was fantastic with champagne in a bucket of ice and fresh fruit and chocolates. and in an adjoining room a massive circular bed. He poured us both a drink before going into a side room he returned took my hand and slowly led me in and asked me to trust him and to close my eyes. I heard some movement then felt him behind me as he slowly unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor and he commented on matching underwear.

I felt his hands cup my breast and gently massage them over my bra before removing it and as he kissed my neck I could feel him caressing my nipples between his finger. His right hand the started its journey down my body till reaching the top of my satin knickers and slowly disappearing inside before coming into contact with my clitoris and was soon starting to rub it before reaching my vagina as his left hand soon had my knickers slowly dropping down my legs slowly opened my legs as his right hand parted my vaginal lips before entering me and almost immediately I started to orgasm I heard him whisper to open my eyes and I saw a large double jacuzzi bath bubbling away my orgasm reached its peak as i screamed out in total pleasure and slowly we both climbed into the jacuzzi and for the first time saw his immense penis as i sat in the bath he was still getting in and I took his penis and placed my lips around it and took as much as I could before gagging but still managed to take more and realised I was deep throating him and after a few minutes of this and me massaging his balls he shot spurt after spurt down my throat.we spent 1 hour in the jacuzzi exploring each others bodies and eventually we got out and onto the large bed and he slowly licked and sucked my clit till I had a massive orgasm and for the first time ever squirted into a mans mouth such was the ferocity of my orgasm he then entered me and slowy at first he gradually increased the speed till he was really thrusting and I was joining him and we both came at the same time and spurt after spurt of his come came deep inside me we had sex another three times over the next 4 hours before he started to move his finger up and down my bum before sticking it into my cunt and getting me to orgasm again this time he rubbed all my juices over my bum hole and slowly but surely inserted a finger into my bum i was so exhilarated that I felt no pain and then he had 3 fingers in my bum and was slowly moving them in and out before increasing the speed and i was asking for more he pulled them out and slowly pressed his prick against my bum and gradually pushed till it entered and he slowly started to fuck my arse before increasing the speed till I felt the hot sperm shooting in. I fell asleep and woke to find a maid serving a breakfast for us I got of the bed naked and went to the bathroom were Brian was having a shower .

we had a breakfast together before he told me that he had to leave as he had a time to sail back to Valencia and that the doorman would drive me back to San Antonio we said our goodbyes and he was gone 2 hours later a knock at the door and The porter entered to see i f I was ready on the way he explained that Brian was in fact a multi millionaire and had arrived in his own yacht as we arrived at my hotel I got out collected my bag out of the boot and went into the hotel to my room it was empty but after looking over the balcony I could see all the girls around the pool so I waved and said I would be down in 10 mins

I got changed into one of my new bikinis and emptied my bag and an envelope dropped out I opened it to find a letter and another envelope. I read the letter it was from Brian and he thanked me for one of the best days of his life spent with a beautiful woman young enough to be his grandaughter who wanted nothing more than to spend her time with him. It continued that normally he would have to spend over £1000 for a lady to spend the night with him but I had done it as I liked him so please accept this . I opened the 2nd envelope and inside were 5 x 500 euro notes and a note saying thank you and if you want to be really devlish you could always tell Greg you were a highly paid escort for the one night or even a prostitute but we both know that neither is true you were just a loving young woman. I smiled put the money away and went to join the others with a big smile on my face.

The rest of the holiday and Gregs letter and reaction to my letter to follow if you would like