Written by ali

11 May 2010

I have just read what happened to a cpl when sunbathing on the beach and made me want to tell what happened to us last year on holiday and were at the beach in France we had been going to this beach where you could sunbath naked at the far and of the beach we had ben there a few day and had smooched about a bit and the quick feel.

this day it was a bit winday so we found a sheltered place behind some dunes and was getting a bit excited while we were mucking about I don't know why but I stood up and started to wank the wife just looked at me and started to rub her self I came all over her tits and told her how sexy she looked with all that cum on her she said you dirty bugger and got up and said I need to go and wash this all off.

I watched her walk down to the water and she had to pass a few people And it made me wonder if anyone saw my cum on her.

That night we both had a good laugh about it and I told her how turned on I was seeing her like that she said you are getting kinky and laught

Next day we were not far from the same place and in the afternoon I said i want to go into the dunes and do it again we spoke for ages till I convinced her.

I said ok you go and lay down and i will come up and do it ok she agreed and off she went I waited a few minutes and went after her i looked down where she was laying and she looked up and when she saw me she opened her legs i walked down and i was dripping just looking at her like that and started wanking thats when i saw this other guy watching us and steped out of the bushes with a hardon I kept looking down and wanking wondering what to do he kept getting closer I looked down and the wife was rubbing herself like mad with her eyes closed and didnt see him he was standing just as close as me now and i new if he came it would go all over her i started to shoot my load and then he started to cum and the wife was moaning and rubbing like mad he must have cum buckets she was covered He then turned and walked away only then i spoke and asked how she liked that, she looked at her tits and body and said you must have been real horny I lay down beside her and rubbed some of the cum that was on her tits it was so horny I started to gather it and rub it into her pussy then got on top of her she said you are so horny today.

I could not help myself that night after dinner and a few drinks i told he what had happened she didn't believe me I swore it was true and wanted to do it again tomorrow she told me that she had enjoyed our romp after she was covered in cum and said it was so sexy being all slippy like that.

Tomorrow was our last day and could not wait to get to the beach She said we should wait till the afternoon just before we go it seemed to take for ever around 4pm I told her to do the same as before and go into the dunes and lay down and wait for me.

I waited a bit longer than the day before to see if anybody was there watching her sunbath when i went over I took my time looking around and could see one guy in the bushes and an other laying a bit further away I didnt go straight over to her I made it look like i didnt know her and was just looking at her the guy looked at me and smiled and nodded his head towards the wife I was as hard as anything and smiled back then i walked a bit closer and started to wank looking at the wife she had saw that i was looking into the bushes and started to masterbate when he saw that he came out not far from her and started to wank we both walked towards her and i saw him nod and realized that someone else was behind me i could not believe it here we were my wife laying there naked and me and two guys were wanking over her the first guy started to cum and it was all ove her tits the second guy stood at her feet and when he shot his load it went all over her pussy she was rubbing it into herself and i came over her tits and face she was covered again the two guys walked away I got down beside her and started rubbing her all over with all the cum she came like mad when i pushed it all down and into her.

we have talked about it lots now and want to do it again i now want to get more guys so she is covered from head to toe hope to go back this year to the same place we both loved it.