Written by Joesoap2008

15 Dec 2008

After reading some of the stories of the sand dunes it brought memories flooding back to my courting couple days of yesteryear my girlfriend Yvonne now my wife would frequent Formby we would walk through the woods by the old Church till we reach the sand dunes to find secluded spot well not to secluded, fully prepared with blankets for picnicking Yvonne nature was normally conservative after years later during a hot summer spell, we reenacted our youthful expedience after reaching a secluded spot we had noticed the usual scattering of couples and single people scattered around it wasn't long before I was playing with her lovely tits she quickly removed here top she was fully exposed to the elements, she was only wearing lacy white knickers you could see here public hair clearly through them we were kissing oblivious to what was going on around us it must've been a combination of the heat and sheer lustfulness within minutes she was sucking my cock have never known it to be so attentive I was fucking here with my fingers deep inside a luscious fanny it was only then I noticed another couple clearly enjoying what they saw he a rampant hard on she was playing with her clitoris I positioned Yvonne into a kneeling position I entered here from behind it was only then she saw the other couple she didn't seem to flinch... suddenly the gentleman came forward is Dick was rock hard he brazenly walk towards us making a beeline for my wife I couldn't believe it when she took is Dick into her waiting mouth with gusto he started fucking here face while I was fucking here rear his girlfriend quickly followed I was later to find out that this was his wife I was totally dumbfounded when she started playing with my wife's tits she had their head beneath my wife and kissing and playing with her nipples her right-hand was playing with my wife's family in on my Dick totally erotic... it wasn't long before we collapsed in a heap Yvonne had cum running down her face and down her legs she simply licked every last drop from a face and rolled over onto the blanket well and truly fucked it wasn't long before Roger's wife Joyce was between my wife's legs which was totally mind blowing watching this as my wife was always been prim and proper my Dick began to harden again as I noticed my wife was paying the same attention as she was getting from Joyce licking each other Roger was by my side he placed his hand on my Dick and started wanking me what was happening today I was shocked but totally enjoying what was happening I reached out and started wanking is raging Dick it was twice as thick as mine and as big it was a pleasure to holding it-he rolled me over we were still wanking each other then he started putting his tongue in my mouth I couldn't help but respond I was taken back but at this stage I didn't give a fuck we will all enjoying the moment... to be continued