Written by bravedck

20 Aug 2009

Well what can I say about the sand dunes in Gran Canaria HORNY. It all started a few years ago we first came across the dunes in our innocent days while walking back across the dunes to our hotel after a day in the sun which always makes me horny.

We stopped to take in the view and got more than we bargained for at first I thought my there is a lot of people going about down there and then notice a crowd of mostly men gathered. I then realised that they were watching a threesome of MMF I was surprised how much this stirred me I stared to feel my pussy tingle I then rubbed myself up against my hubby as I felt him put his hands down my shorts and feel my very wet pussy.

We watched for a bit then walked back to our hotel and well had a really hot steamy fuck wow!!! The next day was our last day and we made our way back to the dunes as we got closer I was staring to feel very horny thinking about the day before. We found a good spot and set up camp and stared to fill in the white bits we had from the beginning of the holiday. As we lay there hubby must have stared to feel as horny as me because I felt his hand come over and start fingering my pussy I put down my book and lay there enjoying him fingering me I was gone just I was coming close to orgasm I heard a rustle and felt different fingers in my pussy which turned me on even more. Unknown to me as he was bringing me off with his fingers someone was watch and he had invited him in. At that point all I wanted was his very big cock inside me. He went down on my pussy and started to tongue mt clit then into my pussy as I came in his mouth. I then handed him a condom and as he slipped it on I rubbed my pussy he the rubbed his very hard helmet on my clit as I slipped his large cock into my very wet pussy and fucked him so hard.What can I say wow there is nothing hornier than getting fucked outside in the sunshine.

We made our way back to the hotel and had the best sex ever all I can say the next year well it was WOW !!!!!!!