Written by guy next door

21 Jan 2011

I have been seeing sandra my neighbour for some time now. She is retired and bless her, she does not seemed to be serviced by her hubby any longer! This is now my job!Life and stuff has moved on and i have often said i am tempted to tell her hubby about us. I knew she would panic about this and thought here is my chance to control her and maybe see if i could extend our fun together! As my horny neighbour sucked my cock one day, I happened to say, " andy would love to know about what you are doing! She nearly choked and begged me to keep our liasions hush hush!This was my chance! I said only if you promise to do as I say! The answer i expected came back. She said she wanted to carry on our naughty meetings and begged me to not tell her hubby or her grown up daughter!Her daughter, now there was a thought. Trying my luck i mentioned maybe trying to chat up her daughter who is divorced and might be in need of some fun!!! She was furious with me! and then when she had finally finished telling me off, she said, how about her friend June who lives only round the corner! June??? i said, she would never entertain wild sex. June is also retired but lives alone and I thought her only love was that bloody piano she plays as I try to sleep! Aparently, sandra and June are good friends and they often chat over a cuppa! June knew about us and was very envious at our fun! What started off as a tease turned into heaven!!! Bring june round one day i said. I never expected it to happen but about three weeks later both ladies showed up at my door without any warning! I only expected sandra! A cuppa was poured and I have to admit i thought nothing would happen, when suddenly sandra said, come on then lets get to bed! I watched them both walk to up to my room, and still in shock followed them up. Both started to undress and then got into bed as I stood in the doorway!!! Then to my surprise they both stated to touch each other and gently peck each other on the lips and over their naked bodies! I just stood and watched! Sandra stopped and looked up at me and said, come on, now you dont need my daughter!!! I stripped in milli seconds and got in between them both! Sandra kissed me deeply and said, frome now on you can have us both, but me alone or the three of us together! Who was i to argue,,,,, what a few hours we had!!!! More to come!