Written by Md

7 May 2012

So i got to the invited house by my friends i met and coffee it was.. The men asked me what if any, were my fantasies which shocked me a little but with excitement as to where these questions leading.. Ladies had disappeared for a few minutes... I being honest said i enjoyed mature women and was a little of an exhibistionist... Then i was asked if id b interested in joining the two couples for a 5 sum... I just cud not turn away the invite... Finishing coffee with my baileys we three men went up stairs to a pleasantly large room.. The ladies were present in beas and sexy knickers.. S came over and said welcome, though tipsy she was and kissed me on the cheek... I stood just in anazement and the men took over with each others ladies and realised these people were regulars wife swapping... I watched horny ladies kissing their men and naked and so hard, for a min i played with my hard cock.. Female bianca now having her pussy licked called me over lying down and opened her mouth with her finger moving in and out signalling for my cock.. Hovering my ck over her she sucked me deep.. It felt great... Female s sucking her mans cock winkwd at me and leavin my current pleasure i went down on her... Wet she was and i taste her... Ladies soon turned on each other with bi fun... The men taking a drink i invited myself to the ladies... The men watched!! I in between the ladies introduced my hard ck where they both gave me a mind blowing oral.. Whilst bianca began below to oral her f fk buddy, i took her from behind playing with her dds. A entered her hot pussy slowly pulling in and out...occasionally she turned around wanting to exchange tongues... The remainder of the night was explosive... Hot sex, ff fun, dp, sexually groaning ladies and plenty energy and hot sperm.. It was around 5.30 am we finished our sex session... At 8 i got up...s was in the shower anyway... Others asleep.. Come in with me she said telling me i was a v innocent lookin guy but hot in action... In the shower i entered my fingers in her we kissed v v sexily and took her v v hard... She held me in and whispered to cum in her... Water dripping and i came . She loved it... Her partner realised i was in shower with his mrs and he smiled at her tellin she was naughty... I gave my number took theirs and said to keep in touch... Hav been asked to join them again.. We wait to see... Great night surpriesed and v v fun