Written by Sara

10 Jun 2016

My husband and I play a game where we guess which stories on this site are true. We have a very open marriage so we have some experience with what couple get up to.

Hubby is 39 and I am 38. We have a very high sex drive, but he says mine is even higher than his. I like to be sexually dominant with others but not my husband.

I don’t consider my husband to be a cuckold. We’ve selectively played with couples (including hot wife / cuck couples), single girls, and single guys over the last 10+ years. We switch with each other, but he’s generally the dominant one in our relationship. I will say that he is much more comfortable sharing me than I am sharing him, so that’s why it’s been single males lately. But I am fair and do let him have other ladies sometimes.

In the beginning we met mostly single females and cuckold couples. My husband loved those, and I enjoyed the cuckold couples. We have also tried single guys, and that’s my preference now if we are being naughty. I’m bi-comfortable, but I’m much more attracted to men.

We were slow to start but thanks to my husband who convinced me to expand my sexual boundaries. We talked about it and got close a few time before actually taking the plunge. The first time was 8 years after we first got together as a couple.

For years we would just talk dirty and act out. My hubby still loves lots of dirty talk especially from me.

We have threesomes with single guys and he lets me have them on their own.

When we have threesomes I don’t DP. I don’t enjoy that at all. I love to play with both men together then have them one after the other. The guy must wear protection so my husband is the only one allowed to cum inside of me. Incidentally I am the only woman he is allowed to cum in as he wears protection with anyone else.

A favourite of mine which we have done many times is me on my knees between two the men going back and forth sucking their cocks.

We have met and yes, I have had different sized cocks and never regretted any. I consider 5 inches and under to be small and 8 inches and over to be big. My husband is 7 inches, and I crave his cock more than any other.

My preference is much more on how the guy handles himself and how he pleases me.

A very recent guy who I’ve had a couple of times was probably around 9 inches, and he was the biggest. I would not want any bigger and he was ok but wasn’t as good as many of the others.

My hubby the kinky bastard likes it when the other man has a larger cock than him but he doesn’t feel threatened and I wouldn’t want him to be. It’s more a visual thing for him.

Just writing this makes me extremely horny. My pussy is literally dripping wet. It’s amazing how wet my pussy makes juice in anticipation of what’s to come. Like when I am meeting a guy or it’s going to be a threeway party. Also going home to hubby after a date and knowing he will want me, usually twice if we can manage it.

I have to tell you I really needed some cock right now.

I just stopped typing and took a photo of my pussy with my phone and sent it to my husband. He will be still at work for a few hours and that will drive him mad until he gets home. I will give myself some relief but he can’t at work.

Now thinking straight again about what I really like. I love kissing and sucking cock or cocks. That’s delicious. I crave sex often, daily at least if possible.

I hate it when hubby has to travel for business. I don’t like to have sex with someone else when he is away as it is something we do together or so I go straight to him after a sex date with someone.

I love being pleasured orally.

My favourite positions are missionary or doggy for sure. Missionary because of the closeness, the eye contact, the kissing and I love to be ridden.

Doggy because it’s very animal, wilder and direct. This position is good with 2 men as one, usually my husband can lie on his back and we can kiss and his hand can stretch under me and finger my clit while the guy fucks me from behind. We do it with my hubby behind fucking me and the guy kissing but hubby knows how best. That’s amazing sex.

I just got a text back from hubby at work after he got my photo saying how he liked it and it made his day.

I have just texted back and told him that I need to feel his cock in my juicy pussy. I think he enjoyed the interruption. We will have a good time when he gets home for sure.