Written by I spy on you

10 Aug 2011

It's that time of year when you go away with the family and sleep in tents and caravans and get very little in the way of sex as the kids are sleeping too close by to even try it. We were on a site wuth a large group of freinds chilling by day drinking and laughing by night. Sarah and Paul liked to take and afternoon walk (as they called it) quite often on their own leaving there teenage boys with the rest of their mates on site.There was always something about Sarah that made me wonder about her always so quietly spoken yet a glint in her eye or a quiet comment in a joke would make you think you had misheard her. I would say she is about 5ft 8 tall andat a guess a size 16 bum with probably 36 d tits. When they went for their walks she would always wear a pair of leggings and a loose off the shoulder top and always carry a little picnic blanket with them.

I spoke to them on this day before they set off for their walk and the devil in me made me decide to follow them at a distance. The area we were all staying in had plenty of hidden coves that you would find yourself all alone in. They set off for their walk with me following and about 10 mins later they headed towards one of the hidden coves.There was some old ruins here as well and Sarah and Paul dissapeared in to one of them. I waited for a few mins to see if they would reappear but they didnt so I quietly got as close as possible to the ruins.I was able to find a hole in one wall where I could look through to see Sarah and Paul with the blanket spread out.

Sarah and got down on here knees and pulled Pauls shorts down and sliding her hand up and down his semi hard cock and ocasionly kissing it with her lips.He was soon hard and Sarah was alternating between wanking him and sucking his cock in to her mouth. His cock looked about 6inches but thin they seemed to carry on for a few mins they paul pulled at her top and then undid her bikini top underneath, her tits fell free although they had a slight droop to them they looked perfect from where I was hide. Pual then got her to stand up and indoing so he quickly pulled at her leggings revealing her bum (I could have just rimmed her ass).

Paul layed down on the blanket and Sarah sat astride him and guided his erect cock into her pussy after rubbing it across her lips a few times.She slowly rose up and down letting his cock get all wet and slippery with her pussy juice now and then she would just stop and lean forward letting her tits dangle in his face and Paul would take it in turns sucking on each nipple untill they were quite littraley like cahppel coat pegs they seemed to stand out a very long way. After a while Sarah got up and turned so her pussy and ass was in his face and she returned to sucking his cock. Paul then burried his tounge in to her ass crak and licked and kissed her bum till she was really moaning.It must have got too much for her as she stopped sucking his cock and just lay there will he rimmed her (lucky bastard).

Fianly he stopped riming her and they both just lay still for a few seconds then sarah climed off Paul and he then stood up and she retured to sucking his cock making slurping and moaning sounds her hand reached under his balls and she started to maasarge them and then he tensed up and shot his cum down her throat she pulled him out and let the rest shoot on to her face making her all messey. I thought that would be it and the wet wipes would be out to clean up but as his cock went limp he took it in his hand and aimed towards her face Sarah just looked up and closed her eyes as he started to piss over her face and on to her tits washing his cum off her. I thought it was best if I made my way back from their little secret while they cleaned and tidyed themselves up but with waht I had just seen I needed to have a wank first and went off towads a wooded area to relve myself of what I had seen. I will look forward to one of their walks again the next time we are all away together and maybe I could join in.