Written by gibbonej

20 Aug 2009

After some positive comments about my last story "My New Travel Companion", I was also asked to provide something in relation to the vists we have made to each other's houses.

This one relates to when Sarah came over to my place at the weekend. I had picked her up in the car to go for a drink, just a quiet Sunday afternoon drink because we were both bored and had nothing to do. The weather wasn't great but she still wore a short skirt and vest top - obviosly, no bra, which I liked :) When we got the pub, Sarah asked could we sit outside on one of the picnic benches near to the door. I agreed and went in to get the drinks.

When I came out, I sat on the same side of the bench as Sarah so we were both straddling the seat - it was then that I noticed her glistening pussy for the first that day - no bra but also no knickers. I immediately put my hand onher leg, leaned forward and said in her ear "You sexy bitch!" She didnt say anything back but just rubbed her hand across my cock which was getting harder by the minute. I slid along the seat to get closer to her and while we were talking and drinking, I was managing to stroke her soft lips with my free hand. Every now and then her eyes would close when I hitthe spot.

We didnt stay at the pub long, both gettingmore horny so we headed back to my place.

The weather had warmed up so I poured a couple of glasses of wine and we sat in the back on my decking. The back of my house is only overlooked by my immediate neightbour and there looked little sign of life in the house. Knowing this, I started to kiss Sarah hard hoping to get a reaction. It worked and she moved her chair closer to mine and placed her feet either side of my hips, facing me. She was started to rub my cock with her foot, feeling how hard it was getting. The more she rubbed, the harder we kissed and the closer she movedto me.

Eventually, she sat on my legs, her shaely tits inches from my mouth and grinding her pussy into my legs. I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans. Anticipating the kind of day it was going to be, I too had gone commando so my cock just sprang out.

She seized on this by lifting herself straight on to me, sliding down ont to my cock and with very little movement in her body, gently moved her pelvic bone back and forth. Her pussy is tight, so this was an amazing sensation for me. It was difficult to hold back from lifting her up and fucking her hard for all she was worth. But this feeling was worth savouring.

As she swayed, we heard the back door of next door's house open. It startled us both, so we just sat there mitionless, my cock still inside her - but still kissing.

Not wanting to be caught out - and possibly reported because my neighbour is a bit of a prude - we moved into the house and up to my bedroom which over looks the back.

Sarah went straighto the window which is quite tall, being an old victorian house, and placed her hands against the wondow and pushing her arse out towards me as I stood behind her. I knelt down, gently parted her feet to open her legs and started to lick her pussy from behind. The harder I licked, the more she pushed back against my face. The combination of her excitement and my licking made her very very wet and I was able to slide three fingers easily inside her tight pussy.

With three fingers inside her pussy, I pressed my thumb against her arse. This as met with a moan of pleasure and whilst she said not to push it in, she enjoyed the feeling of her hole being touched. My cock was literally throbbing at this point.

I moved my thumb away and using my tongue, moved up from her pussy and started to lick her rim, again, her arse was pushed back to get a better feeling from my tongue, her legs getting weaker.

I licked and fingered her for a while before standing up behind her. I then realised that she had slipped her vest op from her shoulders and was rubbing herown tits very hard. This was too much, I pushed her forward onto the window and slid my cock into her from behind. Pumping hard into herm she was moaning so loud she was drowning out the slapping of my balls!!

She stopped me then turned arond and sat onthe window sill, opening her legs wide, rubbing her clit before grabbing my cock and sliding it back inside her. Despit her being 'under' me, she was taking control and was dictating to me the pace we went. It was an awesome feeling, fucking this young pretty girl against my window.

The thoughts got the better of me and I was going to cum. One whisper into her ear to tell her and she started to on the same course. We came together in a groaning and hot, wet heap. But again, she had the energy to lick me clean.

We composed ourselves and went back outside to finish our drinks. The neighbour flicking a look at us - one of disapproval, not because she saw us but because of the age difference. Not that I am worrying, because although Iknow this wont last forever, we are making the most of it while we can.