Written by Daniel P

29 Dec 2009

My Fiance Sarah and I recently had our initiation into the world of swinging when we ventured to a Sandwell Valley dogging spot back in November, Since then although we've often had some fantastic sex just recounting the day, we've not really had the chance to go back there, until the other day.

Sarah phoned me at lunchtime and said she'd got the rest of the day off work as the bank she works in was having some security work carried out. my work has been a little slow due to the christmas period so I had no problem with taking the afternoon off myself. I Pulled up outside the bank at around 12.30. Sarah came out and jumped in the car and we went to the pub for some lunch. As we chatted during lunch Sarah asked what we should do with the rest of the day, "How about dogging" i replied jokingly, she looked at me alertly, "shall we" she said, I was surpised at her response and asked her if she was serious, "I am if you are" she said.

We didnt bother to finish the rest of our lunch and headed to the car, Sarah threw her coat in the back seat. We headed towards Sandwell Valley, I could see Sarahs mind working in anticipation, I reached over and felt under her dress working my hand under her knickers, her fanny was hot and wet, I took my hand away and gave her a knowing nod.

We pulled up in the car park and it was drizzling a bit outside, there was only one other car, with nobody in it. We waited a few minutes to see if anybody surfaced, nobody did so I said i would go and have a wander round, Sarah said she'd stay in the car. I walked the tracks that we'd been on before but there wasn't anyone all, I went back to the car, Sarah was gutted, "where else can we go" I didnt know anywhere local, but I suggested a swinging club in Birmingham that we'd read about, Sarah had never been too keen on the idea of paying to get into a place, but she agreed that this was probably going to be the only way she would satisfy her.

We pulled up at the club and fortunately it was open, We ventured inside and found ourselves at the desk. I asked how much it would be for us and the lady said if we were a couple it was free. She handed us a towel each and asked if we wanted to have a look round, We accepted and followed her as she led us around the club, We hadn't seen anybody else until she open the door to a room, where there were about 15 guys with towels queueing up to wank over a couple of girls dressed in lingerie, who had got come dripping off their faces, The room smelled of cock, Sarah and I looked at each other, The Lady showed us to a couple of tables at the back of the room, "just have a watch and see how you feel" she said, Then she went back through the door.

Sarah Sat down first, She was taking in the sight before her there were all ages of men and a lot of them were asians, we sat and watched them all wanking their cocks in line while the girls at the front gave Blowjobs gratuitously. Sarah began to attract a lot of attention as she sat there and a few of the guys casually glanced in her direction and wanked in front of her giving her a smile or a wink, there was so many cocks around i dont think she knew where to look, I asked her if she wanted to go, "no, why dont you go and get in line, so i can see you wanking over her face" she said, looking over at the older of the two girls. I took my towel and went to get my clothes off, I came back in with the towel around me, Sarah still sat there in her black fitted dress, She smiled at me and told me to start wanking, I felt uneasy about it and my cock wouldn't rise to the occasion, she shook her head laughing, then got up with her towel and walked out of the room, I thought she was leaving, so I started to follow, but she gestured back to me to wait there.

A minute or so later Sarah came back into the room with her towel around her, there was now a lot of attention from the men in the room, and they all began wanking in her direction, she walked straight past them to the two girls at the front, and knelt down beside them, then she flicked the towel open and it dropped to the floor, exposing her tits and fanny to the entire room.

Very quickly a young white lad went and stood in front of her, holding his cock in front of her, she looked up at him and then leant forward and put her mouth around his cock, as she started sucking a few other men began gathering round her, they were wanking in her face as she sucked this guy off, within seconds an asian guy began spraying spunk all over her hair and shoulders, she turned to him just as he let another jet fly straight onto her face, the guy she had been sucking began wanking furiously over her face, then he too started shooting his load all over her, she held her head back and opened her mouth, he was squeezing his come out into her mouth, soon enough another guy stepped forward, he was an older asian guy he positioned his cock right over her mouth, and his come just dribbled out of the end into Sarahs mouth. Sarah began spitting the come out of the corner of her mouth, so that it dribbled down her chin onto her tits, then one of the girls began to lick it of her tits, Sarah glanced down briefly, then waited for the next load, I could feel myself coming and made my way to the other girl, as i got there i unleashed my load all over her face, it was thick and plentiful, and it slowly dribbled down her face, I then diverted my attention back to Sarah, There was an old guy crouching down beside her rubbing all the spunk into her tits, another asian guy began spurting into her open mouth, the old guy beside her began massaging the spunk down her belly, he began brushing against her pubes, then lower every time, his hand stopped, then Sarah positioned herslef with her legs apart, he reached under and delved his fingers into her, Sarah dribbled some more come from her lips and he quickly recovered it and massaged it into her squelching fanny.

Out of nowhere a black guy turned up in front of Sarah, he could have only just arrived, He began wanking his flacid cock over Sarah, it gradually began to grow, until before long it was a fucking truncheon. It must've been 10 inches long and easily put all the other cocks to shame, Sarah wrapped her hand around it and began wanking it whilst licking at the tip, I could see her looking straight up into his eyes, The old guy was still fingering her pussy, she began to stand up, everybody stood back to see what she was doing, she sat on a raised platform and spread her legs, still staring at the black guy, he moved forward and knelt in front of her, he began to push his cock into her fanny, there was a look of lust in her eyes as she stared at him, he continued to slide into her stretching her fanny as wide as it would go, he soon began thrusting into her the old guy who had been fingering her was now wanking at her face, in between breaths she sucked him off, then he pushed her head back, she opened her mouth and he started ejaculating into her mouth, there was jet after jet of come, Sarah stared at him and gulped as she swallowed the whole lot. The Black guy was still pounding at her, she pushed him back onto the floor then squatted on to his cock and began riding him, she lowered her head and began to kiss him, he responded and they were in a passionate clinch on the floor, her arsehole was gaping open as she rode him and soon another guy stood behingd her and started wanking at the site of her arse, he pointed his cock down and began shooting his wad right into her arse crack, soon another asian guy was doing the same, the come was dribbling into her arsehole as she carried on riding, the black guy began to grunt and started bucking his hips hard into Sarah, bouncing her up and down, then he lay there motionless, Sarah had her face buried into his neck, they lay there still breathing heavily, an old guy began rubbing his cock in the spunk up and down her arse crack, every now and then the tip would go into her arsehole and out again, she still lay there still, eventually he began to push it into her arsehole, she let out a moan and lifted her head, he started fucking her arse, the black guy was still lying on the floor with his cock inside her. The old guy was spreading her cheeks apart as he stretched her arsehole, he began going faster and faster then gave a final thrust into her arse as he came, another guy - a younger asian - was ready to take his place as he pulled out of her.

Before the other guy moved in Sarah got off the black guy, he got out of the way as Sarah spotted another big cock being wanked in her direction from another asian guy, she told him to lie down, as he did she straddled him, then the other guy moved behind her and began to push his cock into her arse, she began moving back and forth onto both asian cocks, another asian got round the front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth, he was making her gag as he thrust it in, before long she was goingfaster and she let out a moan the guy began spraying come onto her face, and the other guy started thrusting into her arse as he released his load, as the two of them moved away, Sarah climbed off the other guy, she lowered herself down his body, and started licking his shaft, then she grabbed his legs and lifted them, she began sucking his balls, then moved further down and started rimming his arsehole with her tongue, she wanked him off as she licked his arse, before long he began coming all over her hand and head.

As Sarah stood up, come dribbled from every orifice in her body, her face was bright red, she looked at me, and gestured to go. we headed off and got our clothes on without showering, then drove home and spent the rest of the day fucking and sucking each other clean.