Written by Jon

21 May 2010

Sarah was delighted to see the first part of the story on here, so that everyone would know what a slut she has become. She has gone from being an uptight business executive, who conformed with the norm to a complete slag. Six months ago she had only been fucked by one person besides me, now she is an uninhibited cum slut who doesn't care who fucks her or sees her being fucked and can't get enough cock.

Well, there we were, 11 at night, outside a unit on a trading estate in the middle of nowhere. On the short journey Sarah had told me that the bloke who'd fucked her over his bike at the service area was Doug and she'd met him whilst being tattooed, adding that he was one of the men I'd seen taking her in some of the photos. Doug went in the unit and I said to Sarah "What now?" She said "I'm going to be fucked rigid, and have my cunt stuffed with cock, while you watch", using language she'd never used until recently. She had already wriggled out of her skirt, sitting playing with her clit piercing when Doug reappeared with a mate. Opening the car door he lent in saying to his mate "This slut is Sarah. She's got the tightest cunt I've had for ages, though with the cock she's had lately not for much longer". Then to me, "You've come to watch your slag, fucking hell she loves cock, bet she'll hardly be able to walk by the time we've finished with her cunt". Taking Sarah by the arm he pulled her from the car, ripping her flimsy top off as he did and led her naked into the unit.

The unit was a workshop, complete with inspection pit, and inside were about a dozen blokes of varying ages and two girls of about 20. One girl, was being held spread eagled, four naked blokes holding an arm and leg each while a fifth fucked her and a sixth stuffed her mouth with his prick. The other girl, who was tattooed and had numerous piercings, including rows of rings through her pussy lips, was being taken from behind whilst sucking off another cock. Of the remainder one got Sarah's immediate attention, a look of pure lust in her eyes. A tall, muscular black guy, who was completely shaved, standing stroking his erect cock, a good 8 or 9 inches and thickly veined. Doug pushed Sarah towards him, calling "Nat, this is the slut I told you about. Her cunt is fucking tight, you'd better get her sexed up before you fuck her". Sarah's cunt was already looking well juiced, gaping open, the tops of her thighs shining with cunt juices. I lent against a workbench listening to the sounds of sex as the 2 girls both came in quick succession as they were shafted, taking another cock as soon as the first had cum inside their cunts.

Turning my attention back to Sarah, Nat had pushed 3 or 4 fingers in her snatch, vigorously finger fucking her, whilst she wanked his prick, which was to thick for her to enclose in her hand, sucking and licking his nipples. Her cunt was dripping juices and she moaned loudly when he crouched lower, then slid his thumb in with his fingers, pushing most of his hand in her pussy. Her clitoris was poking out as she started to orgasm, almost collapsing onto his hand "Oh god, just fuck me. I want your prick in my cunt now". He pulled his hand out leaving her cunt spread open, lifted her by the waist, as she wrapped one arm around his neck. Reaching down she took hold of his prick and as he lowered her, guided it to her pink hole. The bulbous end of his cock penetrated her, forcing her open, she moaned, holding him tightly, as she felt her first black cock, slowly stretching her cunt, sliding into her fuck hole inch by inch until with a sigh, she lent back so we could all see she had taken his length, her cunt filled with his huge black prick as he began to pump her. He gave her a couple of slow strokes. She gasped "Fuck me hard, I want to feel your cock, spunk in my cunt". My prick was straining in my trousers, being present at last to watch my slut Sarah fucked. Most of the others were watching them, Nat's cock pistoning in and out of her slippery hole as she shook with the most intense orgasm, Then as it subsided grinding her cunt down on his prick, exciting her clit, rubbing it against his smooth shaved pubis as they both built to a climax as he steadily shafted her, keeping her simmering on the edge of orgasm for 10 or 15 minutes. Sarah shouted out, cumming again as she felt him tense, his prick throbbing in her cunt, then him thrust in her hard as he shot several jets of sperm in her.

They stood with his prick still inside her for a couple of minutes. Doug called the two girls over. To one he said "Lick her cunt clean, suck the spunk out" and to the other he pointed at me and said "Suck him off or let him fuck you. He's probably ready to cum after seeing his slut wife fucked". Sarah had never been with a girl but she lent back legs spread being licked out and enjoying another womans tongue lapping her cunt. The other girl had my prick in her mouth, I had to tell her to take it slowly, Doug wasn't wrong, it wouldn't take much for me to cum. I watched Sarah had her cunt cleaned then the girl moved up her body kissing her on the mouth letting her taste some of Nats spunk before she was pulled away by 3 of the blokes who wanted to fuck her. Sarah knelt on the floor a cock in her mouth, being taken from behind. I came in the girls mouth and she got up, grabbing a couple of blokes to fuck her as I moved closer to Sarah. Her cunt was being shafted hard, after Nats cock she was taking the others easily. She had a stiff prick either in her mouth or cunt without a break, almost getting impatient if her cunt wasn't being stuffed with cock. Spunk dripping from her pussy, pools of it on the floor between her legs, running down her thighs, on her face, in her hair. She felt one flood her cunt with jizz and she demanded another, telling them "Don't stop. Cum in Sarah's slutty cunt". I lost count of how many times she was fucked 10, 15 maybe more. Certainly most of them had her.

I hadn't noticed Doug fuck her again until I noticed him talking to Nat whose impressive cock was erect again, something Sarah had not missed as they called her over. Doug had his hand on her bum then moved it lower, forcing her cheeks apart, fingering her arsehole. I didn't catch what was said but Sarah grinned and nodded her head before being led to one of the cleared work benches. Nat lay on the bench, Sarah bent forward legs parted, sucking his prick. Someone produced a tube of lubricant which Doug poured in his fingers. Sarah reached back holding her arse cheeks apart, obviously not the first time she'd done this, as he worked his fingers in, lubeing her arse hole. For several minutes her finger fucked her arse, getting 4 fingers in her. He then told her to get up on the bench as Nat poured lube on his cock. Everyone crowded round watching, I glanced down as I felt one of the girls slowly wanking my prick. Sarah crouched above Nats cock two blokes supporting her as she pulled her cheeks open, using her fingers to pull her dark lubricated hole open, lowering herself until the bulbous end of his cock touched her arse. Feeling his cock she pulled, using her fingers as a guide to help him push his prick in. Slowly he fed his cock in. Beads of perspiration ran done her body, dripping off her stiff nipples. Feeding his prick in her bit by bit, crying out as he stretched her arse hole to take his rampant black cock, pulling back a little asking for more lube until with a look of triumph his thickness slid smoothly in as she took him to the hilt, his cock buried deep in her arse. He pumped her arse slowly, pulling about half his length out, with her lent back on top of him, her fingers playing with her clitoris, spunk still running out of her cunt. The girl wanked my prick faster and I spunked as Doug climbed up and rubbed his cock along her gash. "Ready for this Slut" he growled. She thrust her cunt towards him in answer. "Just fuck me hard you fuckers. Do what you want, make me cum". He thrust his cock into her wanton cunt, forcing more spunk and cunt juices out. Both holes stuffed full and she was soon cumming, shouting at them to fill her with spunk, writhing almost in ecstasy when they continued fucking her, almost a continuous orgasm until Doug pulled out, stood over her jetting his cum over her face and tits. Nat with a bit more freedom arse fucked her until he gave a load shout "Take that you slag" as he shot his load in her arse.

By now it was the early hours. I went to the car found her skirt and the top she'd worn earlier at the airport giving her them. She dozed in the car most of the way home. We went straight to our bedroom. She stripped off, headed for the shower. I had to have her before she showered, pulling her to the bed I spread her legs, burying my face in her pussy licking and sucking her before mounting her and fucking her beautiful used cunt finally adding my spunk to the copious amounts she received earlier.

Since then she has met up with Doug and his mates again, letting them do anything they want, including being arse fucked by several of them in one session. On the coming Spring Bank Holiday I will be away, but she is going to a motorcycle rally somewhere with them and is looking forward to being fucked by even more blokes, then telling me all about it and hopefully sending me photos. The joy and pleasure of now having a slut for a wife.

PS. Hope you enjoy this Sarah.