Written by Anon

27 Oct 2008

It was sat morning and I woke up feeling horny and in need of some good sex, I went on line and started to chat in a different chat room than normal I put my cam on and l sat in my bra gently stroking my breasts and teasing the men in the room.

I then had a message from someone who ive chatted to in the past asking me what I was doing and was I feeling horny, I replied that I was and he then proceeded to chat to me in a very horny and suggestive manner.

By this time he had me feeling very excited and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter at the thought of the things he was telling me he was going to do to me.

I asked him to open a private room so we could chat freely, we went to the private room and we started chatting again and he asked me to remove my bra which I happily did, he then asked me to show him how wet I was. I pushed two fingers into my wet pussy and held them up to the cam so he could see them glisten.

The excitement and anticipation was building inside me so much that I went and got my faithful Rabbit, I moved my laptop onto the floor between my legs, he asked me to pull my panties to one side so he could see how for himself how wet my pussy was and how my clit was swelling at the thought of what was to come.

The things he was saying to me finally got me so horny that I picked up my rabbit and slowly pushed it into my soaking wet pussy, I turned it on so the ears were vibrating fully and laid back to feel the full effect.

It didn’t take me long to have a full shuddering leg shaking orgasm right there on the living room floor.

He watched and encouraged me to make the most of it and enjoy it to the full.

We then decided that we wanted to listen to each other so I went upstairs and he rang me whilst I was laid on the bed fully naked. I was still feeling very horny from my earlier orgasm and he talked to me telling me what he was going to do to me when we meet. Once again I pushed the Rabbit deep inside me and slowly fucked myself while I listened to him wanking himself until I moaned loudly and came to another shattering orgasm