Written by Carol

4 Jan 2010

My name is Carol, I was a forty-nine year old widow living on my own, I'm proud of the fact that I have retained my figure and that I'm still looking good enough to turn a few mens heads. I have a part time job, basically I work five mornings a week, it's not for the money for my husband left me well provided for, but for the social interaction, I'd hardly see anybody otherwise. My husband, Toby died five years ago and the hardest thing to bear, quite frankly, was the loss of sex because we had always been pretty active in that area. In fact I had always been keen on sex right from the first time I had it when I was sixteen, from then until I married and, I must confess, during my marriage, I enjoyed a variety of partners. That was what made it so hard for me after he died, for men seemed to shy away from me rather, which is not to say that I went completely without.

However, last year when what I am about to tell you happened, I had actually not had a lover for well over a year and, believe me, I was very frustrated. I know a woman can always pleasure herself, but it doesn't matter how good the orgasms are, it is never the same as the real thing. What happened is this.

I was at home one afternoon early that summer when there was a ring at the doorbell, I went to open the door, a good-looking man I estimated to be in his thirties was standing there. He said good afternoon and announced that he was the new man who had taken over the area for a well-known domestic appliance company and that I was on his records as having the six-monthly service they operated. I was used to a much older man but I invited him in to carry out the service on my cleaner and washing machine. I asked him to do the cleaner in the hall as I did not like it done in the kitchen if there was a likelihood that there might be dust flying about. He asked for some newspaper and laid it on the floor in front of the stairs. I decided to sit on the stairs and watch, I was always fascinated at how efficient these men were.

After a few minutes I noticed him look up from under his lowered head, then I realised that he could quite possibly see up the skirt of the light summer dress I was wearing. My heart skipped a beat. We were chatting while he worked and at one point I asked him why he did what appeared to be quite a manual job when he looked as if he was capable of something much better. He laughed, 'Oh, this is just one side of what I do, Mrs.Jones, I actually spend more time demonstrating and selling.' 'Oh, I see!' I replied, 'You must work pretty long hours then, there must be some compensations.' He laughed again and said, 'Oh yes, calling on so many attractive women like yourself is one!'

'Oh, but I'm not attractive,' I commented, 'I'm too old for that.' 'Oh,' he replied, 'believe me, you are a very attractive woman indeed, pretty, with a lovely figure and great legs, any man would fancy you!' 'In that case, I imagine that you have a lot of conquests?' His eyes twinkled as he looked up at me, 'You might be right, Mrs.Jones.' Then he asked me what my husband did, 'I'm a widow,' I told him, 'have been for four years.' 'I see, how do you feel about it?' he asked. 'Well, I have to confess that I like being on my own, but there are some things I miss obviously,' I told him. During this conversation he had taken several glances up and I had made it a little easier for him to see up my skirt by letting my legs move apart a little. My heart was thumping, he was an attractive man who, by the sound of things took his fun where he found it.

He finished the cleaner by getting up, plugging the machine in and moving it over the carpet. 'There we are,' he said, 'good as new, now for the washing-machine.' I took him into the kitchen where he washed his hands and I offered him a cup of coffee, 'Great,' he said, 'just what I need!' He pulled the washing-machine out and took the back off preparatory to beginning to service it. I put two cups of coffee on the table and sat on one of the high kitchen stools, he took another one and we sipped our coffee while continuing to talk. I found out that he was married and had three young children, I said, 'Being married doesn't appear to affect your liaisons.' He shrugged, 'It's just one of those things, I've always been extremely active in that direction, I have a very high sex drive.' 'So do I,' I told him, he raised his eyebrows and got down off the stool and started on the washing-machine. I turned my stool to face him and let him have a generous view of my upper thighs... and more probably.

He worked quickly, I said, 'Have you much more to do this afternoon?' He shook his head, 'No, I was going to go home and give my wife some.. er... attention, shall I say? I have a women's club demonstration this evening.' The conversation had taken on a distinctly sexual tone and my sex-starved body was responding, I felt my nipples erect and my fanny engorge, I couldn't help breathing hard. He finished the washer, ran it, then washed his hands and completed the paperwork. I had to sign that I had seen him complete the work and that I was satisfied with it which meant that we were standing close to each other. I pushed my breast against his arm and he turned as I finished signing, we looked at each other and the next moment we were kissing. 'Is it yes?' I asked, 'It certainly is,' he responded putting his hand to my breasts and caressing my nipples through my thin summer dress and bra.

I took his hand and locking the back door took him upstairs to my bedroom. 'Nice room,' he commented as I unbuttoned my dress, there was no false modesty we both knew what we were about to do. I was stripped before him, he had more to take off, so I lay on the bed and parted my legs, ' please you?' I asked him. 'It's beautiful,' came the reply as I watched him slip his pants down to reveal a nice looking prick. It was about seven inches long, almost straight but with a slight upward curve and quite thick, I thrilled at the sight.

He got on the bed, he smiled, 'My name's John,' he said and kissed me, this time it was really passionate and I returned it equally passionately. I murmured that my name was Carol as he caressed my breasts. He kissed my mouth, then my cheeks, my forehead, my eyes and my neck, I was already becoming aroused and felt for his prick. I moved so that I could see it, 'You've a lovely prick,' I told him, 'Very suitable for a woman with a beautiful cunt,' he replied. My late husband had never used language like that but some of my other lovers had so I wasn't upset, quite the reverse really.

We continued kissing and caressing each other and I loved it when he sucked my nipples, his hand caressing down over my stomach to feel my fanny. He was incredibly gentle, most unusual in my experience, he explored my now open fanny before slipping a finger inside and fucking me with it, then he slipped it out again and touched my clit. I gasped, 'Like that?' he asked, 'Need you ask,' I panted. 'This might be better then,' he murmured and he burrowed down between my thighs and kissed my fanny. Then he began using his tongue, he licked up one outer lip then down the other, then reversed it. Then I felt him sucking at the soft flesh of my inner thighs and the groin either side of my fanny before tongue licking my inner lips. I heard myself moan as the thrills coursed through me. Then his tongue was inside me and he fucked me with it, he had quite a long tongue, and I came quietly, that didn't last because he promptly licked my clit then sucked it and the surrounding delicate fllesh into his mouth and pulled it out through tight lips. I thought that I'd faint, nobody had ever done such a thing to me before and I could hardly stand the intensity of the thrills that roared through me before I had a convulsive orgasm. 'There, darling,' he murmured, 'do you want me to fuck you now?' 'Oh, God yes!' I panted.

I spread my legs as wide as I could and, getting between them, he let me feel his prick nosing between the lips of my fanny. I urged upwards craving to feel his lovely prick pushing into me. I felt his knob stretch me and then he was inside, he pushed right up as far as he could go, his balls trapped against my bum. Then he stopped, 'Feel that,' he said, 'is that what you want?' 'Oh, God yes, John, fuck me!' He started quite gently but I told him that I wanted it as hard as he could do it and he began ramming it into me. I have a well padded mons so the almost brutal thrusting did not hurt where my pubic bone is. By now thoroughly aroused, I could feel my juice oozing round his prick.

He fucked me just the way I wanted but, of course, he couldn't last like that and he was soon gasping, 'Where do you wnat it, Carol?' 'Inside, inside, for God's sake!' I cried and immediately felt the first fierce spurt of his ejaculation. I cried out again as five more spurts filled my fanny with his seed and I came again. He collapsed, gasping for breath, on top of me. I held him tight, crooning love words in his ear and stroking the soft hair on the back of his head.

After he'd recovered he said, 'I hope you enjoyed that, Carol.' 'It was wonderful,' I replied, 'I have to tell you that I have never had anyone kissing and licking my fanny before, I had so many comes!' He kissed me, 'You have to thank the woman who taught me all I know about pleasuring a woman.' I said, 'I would if I knew her!' 'Oh, she'd be a little older than you now, I was only fifteen but she always insisted that a woman's pleasure had to come before a man's.' 'I'm very grateful!' I told him, Is there any possibility that you can do me again?' 'Oh, of course! That was something else she taught me and I can tell you that, as soon as you can get me hard again, I'll be able to fuck you until you tell me that you've had enough!'

I don't know that I believed him but I asked him how I could get him hard again, all the lovers I'd had could only ever do it once. 'Oh,' he said, ' that's easy, you just suck my cock into your mouth, suck and lick all your juice and my spunk off it and, I assure you, you'll get me hard alright!' I said, doubtfully, 'I've never sucked a man's prick just after he's been inside me, doesn't it taste awful?' He shook his head, 'Not usually, but if you don't like it we'll try something else, sex is about pleasure not pain.' So I bent over him and did as he asked, I was surprised that, in fact, it didn't taste awful, I knew what my own fanny tasted like but I had never tasted spunk, I can't say that I loved it, but I certainly didn't hate it and it did get him hard.

As soon as he gave an indication that he was getting hard I slipped his prick out of my mouth and lay on my back with my legs open, he immediately pushed it inside me. All the contents of my fanny squirted out onto my thighs, it was messy but incredibly erotic, I said, 'You can do it more slowly now!' He began to move, the familiar thrills started and it wasn't long before I was in a world of my own. My mind was filled with pictures of pricks, fannies and fucking, I completely lost any sense of who was making me feel that way, all I knew was that I was having the most sexually satisfying fucking of my life. I was having little 'comes' all the time and he was right about how long he could go on and I just let him get on with it because I was having such a wonderful time. In the end, of course, I became exhausted and, coming to my senses, pleaded with him to come, 'Do it over me,' I murmured, I want to see it come out.'

He gave about another half dozen hard thrusts then gasped, 'I'm coming, I'm coming!' and pulled his prick out. I raised my head and saw him grab his prick and pump it a couple of times then a great spurt of thick, bobbly, spunk shot out of his prick to be followed by five more gradually decreasing ones. I was astounded, I''d seen men come before but never like this! It was all over my face, neck, breasts and stomach, the very last dribblings dripping into the open mouth of my fanny.

Not surprisingly John collapsed on me, I rolled him of and cuddled him as he struggled for breath. After he'd recovered I told him how much I had enjoyed what he had done with me, he laughed, 'Go on, most of the time you were away with the fairies! But, judging by the noise you made you must have been enjoying it!' 'Oh, I was!' I agreed fervently, 'I have never, ever, felt like that in my life!' Eventually we got up and went in the shower together and I washed him, believe it or not he got hard again when I washed his bits!

He had to go, he'd been with me far too long, but of course he came back many times and we've done it in every position you can possibly imagine. We also went out together and fucked in the open air, another first for me, I've done things I would never have believed that I would do and in places I would never have believed I would have the nerve to do it. But he still came for more and he totally transformed my life, I had no illusions about him, I knew that he had sex with his wife at least twice a day and that he very often fucked other women both before and after me, but I don't care, he made me feel alive.