Written by Rigsby

21 Jul 2018

Having an industrial injury which left me unable to work in the steelworks again, I had to think again. My wife and I had always wanted our own business and the compensation and sale of our house enabled us to move away and buy a property and start a bed and breakfast business on the coast.

Getting it completed to the right specifications was quite expensive but the end result well worth it. My pride of place was a small bar which became my evening retreat if anyone wanted to imbibe after a long day.

I had no notion of how much hard work and effort is required to keep the place in good condition for our customers. The summer season is short but with offers and good marketing we got through the first couple of years, which were lean in the winter but had peaks around Christmas, Valentines day and Mothers Day and most weekends we were full.

In our third year a growing business asked if we would be prepared to put up some visitors who might be from abroad or the south and here for up to a month at a time. We jumped at the chance and the extra income started to make a lot of sense. Last year, our fifth in the trade, we got a young man (about 35) who was seconded to the research department of the company and he was to be there for a full month. He was quiet and polite, happy to sit and chat after his day was done. My wife said he was good company and that she quite fancied him.

Not being the jealous type I suggested one night that perhaps she would take over the bar for me when he came down for his evening drink. Elizabeth is quite gregarious, perfect as a landlady, friendly, smiling and eager to please. He was our only resident from Monday to Thursday, but after that we were full for six days due to school holidays. She gave me an inquisitive look and said ok. Don't ask me why, but my cock perked up at that. I spent the rest of the day having increasingly dirty ideas of what could happen to two people cast together in a bar exclusive to them.

We had our evening meal and Shaun had arrived as normal, gone to his room and then out to eat, his usual time of return around eight to half past. I said I had been thinking about her all day and I wondered if she was up for fun. She said she couldn't possibly, but I kissed her and did my usual trick of whispering in her ear dirty thoughts and rubbing her pubic mound the way she loves which always got her going. I felt it working as she started breathing heavily as I pressed home my advantage by suggesting she wore one of her revealing dresses that she still had from years ago and incidentally looks gorgeous in. Having got her on edge, I reminded her of a guy she had a six month fling with almost fifteen years ago. I said I was happy to allow her to do it because she was infatuated by him and she had been happy to do it to him while I took a back seat. She said that was ages ago and times have changed, but I retorted that she admitted liking him and if she wanted to, she had the green light. I saw her inner torment, she was torn between me and him. I kissed her and said I would like her to have fun if she would, even if it was more for me than her, but added that I loved her no matter what.

She left the room and went upstairs. I thought I may have gone too far but after half an hour, she came down in one of her dresses and asked if it would do. She looked fantastic, her hair all done up, her eyes made up, lipstick, the lot. She looked like a woman in a casino, dressed up to the nines. Her dress had a built in bra system, the material hanging low in a cobweb of strings and her breasts thrust together giving deep cleavage. It was a long dress but with a wicked split to her waist and the stockings held up by suspenders, she looked fuckable in the extreme. She was also four inches taller courtesy of her heels. I gave her a hug and smoothed a hand across her breasts, which gave away the eagerness of her plight as her nipples were rock hard.

She said she could not promise anything would happen and maybe he would be scared off. I said we would cross that bridge if and when it arises, but for now she was a lovely woman serving a customer from behind the bar. It was close to half eight and Shaun was due in more or less any time. I said I would be in the kitchen preparing the breakfast pots and checking our stock for the weekend. That way I was just behind the bar the other side of a stud wall, and if I was quiet enough, might catch some conversation.

I heard the front door open and knew he was coming in. I heard Elizabeth greet him and ask if he was wanting a drink. Then I heard him say how lovely she looked to which she replied she hoped he liked it because I had gone to a meeting and would not be home for a while. He ordered his beer and he said it would make a nice change from talking football with me as he was not really interested in it. (Note to self, don't assume everyone likes football). They made small talk and I wished I was the other side of the wall. After an hour I started to think this was a waste of time but then wondered why little talking was going on. Then I caught a couple of words 'Oh God' come from my wife, then 'Beautiful' from a male voice. This had my cock straining and me wondering what could be happening.

After another half an hour where it was mostly quiet I heard some shuffling and some heavy breathing. Was he fucking her I mused. By now I was confused, so little positive, but so many possibilities. I had her naked in his arms in my mind, but eventually heard him going upstairs. Elizabeth came into the kitchen with her breasts out. She told me they had been sitting across the bar in the window and her breasts were almost out when he moved the straps to one side and tugged her dress down and felt her breasts and nipples, then spent most of the time sucking and playing with her breasts. She said he was worried about me coming back and throwing him out in the street, I said she must go to his room and explain that I was happy if he wanted to fuck her. I told her to stand up. She did. Then I undid her dress and pulled it down. She stood in stockings and suspenders and heels 'Now go to his room and fuck him', I said. As if in a trance she walked out of the bar and up the stairs. I heard her knock on his room and he opened it. The door quickly closed again and I was once more on the outside.

I got the lowdown around three in the morning although I had heard pretty much what happened via the banging of the headboard. He was wanking on his bed when she got upstairs he opened the door and dragged her in, smothering her naked body with kisses and his wandering hands. She took his cock in her hand and she told me it was perfect, very clean and with nice veins which pulsed as he fucked her (at least it felt that way). They screwed several times and found time to suck and lick each other. He tried her arse but she said they required some lubricant which he was going to buy for tomorrow. 'So there's going to be a tomorrow is there?' I asked. 'Sure is, I did not realise what I have been missing all this time, so watch out we might have to make this a B &B and F,' she said laughing. Well I got my pleasure and she got her libido back from hibernation. The business flourishes.