Written by Flanker

30 Nov 2009

My wife and I had for years taked about sexual adventures and what sort of things we would realy like to see and do, My wife is a very very fit 38years with a body to die for, natural blond and so sexy. Anyway while in bed she often talks dirty to me living out fantasys, I always encourage her to be as dirty a little whore as she can be, she often say's while lying in bed after a session that she may suprise me one day.

Little did I know that Saturday would be the night! She dressed as normal in a lovely tight short dress, no bra and cute little thong and off she went out with her best mate. i sat in the house sinking a few bottles watching tv etc. At about 1am sue text me with "Hi what ya doing" I text back "watchin tv you". "Put on msn" she text back. I did so and was soon viewing sue and her mate sat at the PC, suprise! she typed then began to kiss her mate, they were at it like they were both as horny as hell, her mate then released her tits and sue began to lick them, sue stood up and Rach her mate peeled off sue's dress, Rach then stood behind sue and slowly ran her hands down sue bodt then inside her thong, sue leaned forward and typed in, "Like the show baby" "O yes" I replied, "How dirty shall I be baby" She typed, "VERY" was my reply. "Ok then you asked for it!" she typed laughing. The next thing I knew the web cam had been picked up, but not by sue or rach! As it came back into focus I almost fell off my chair, My wifes sweet mouth was now wrapped around a very large cock she was looking directly into the came eagerly sucking on this strangers cock, the cam then moved again and in shot were the stranger sue and rach, Sue was bent over still sucking cock and rach was behind sue fingering her, My cock was bursting, Then typed in came, "Hi mate your wife sucks cock superbly and I and my mate am gonna really fuck the arse off her now, so watch and wank lol" Rach now walked over and took the can from the 4th person who then walked in to shot totally naked, his cock was hard not as large as his mates but still impressive, He got behind sue and slid straight in to her hot pussy, watching my wife being spit roast by two athletic younger men was fucking superb, the guy fucking her beckoned to Rach who positioned the cam and then joined them, Rach was still fully clothed, but soon had her clothes off and joined them, The guy in sue's mouth then withdrew and wanked his cum over sue's face which rach then licked off, the guy then typed again "Enjoying this mate? your wife is! lol" they then fucked my wife in every position you can imagine for about two hours, rach however was having no cock for some reason! So two hours later Sue looked well and truly fucked and so dirty, she glistened with sticky cum which seemed to be all over her, The guys typed out a message "can you come give us a lift home now mate" Cheeky buggers! but I found myself agreeing, so I pulled up outside rache's and in they piled, the lads lived about 20 mins out of town, Rach sat in the front with Sue sat in the back between the lads, One guy said Hi mate I'm Steve and We both loved fucking your wife and I'm gonna do her again now, is that cool with you, Ok mate I replied, it was quite cramped but he eased his cock up her from behind while his mate pulled her head onto his cock once more, Sue had been well and truely fucked again by the time I dropped the lads off. As we got back home Sue spoke for the 1st time in the car. Only to say God I'm Knackered, But Rach however is not so yor fun starts when we get in! that story is soon to follow, along with how dirty my sweet wife iis going to be now she's taken that 1st step!